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Pool Filters

Pool Filters carries an extensive range of high quality replacement pool filters and spa filters from leading brands like Jacuzzi, Doughboy, Hayward, Pentair, Coleco, Watkins Mfg and many more.

With high quality pool filters, you can swim with confidence and enjoy with your friends and family. Get in touch with our experts to get the perfect solution for your pool, give us a call at 888-300-2552


Pool Filters Replacement cartridges Product

Pool Filters Replacement cartridges Product

Here at Pool Filters we have a fantastic collection of replacement filter cartridges for you which is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our experts know how that difficult to find the right product for your pool therefore we have worked hard to make it easier for you. When it comes to
providing affordable price along with reliable customer service, Pool Filters name comes on the top of the list in the USA market.

The Best Pool Filters & Spa Filters - Buy Replacement Filter Cartridges

Pool Filters is the leading supplier of spa filters, unicel pool filters, pool filter cartridges, replacement filter cartridges and other quality pool products. Call us now (888)300-2552

Pleatco Pool and Spa Filter Cartridges Replacement

Pleatco pool filter cartridge replacement is a unique filter cartridge that will surely put a smile on your face from the moment you install it. Pool Filters offers the guaranteed fit pleatco pool and spa filters replacement cartridges which comes with plenty of extra pleats to make sure you’re getting crystal clear water all the time. Our cartridge filters meets or exceed OEM specifications and are perfect for residential, commercial and industrial pool and spa applications. Relish our comprehensive range of pool and spa products at rock bottom prices

Pentair Pool Filter Cartridges Replacement

Pentair is a global leader in pool and spa industry. These filter cartridges are renowned for providing high performance and energy-efficiency all the time. At Pool Filters, we carry a wide variety of replacement Pentair pool filter cartridges which work hard for you by capturing more dirt and debris than other alternatives. You will fall in love with our world class pool and spa products when you see the prices going on. All our Pentair replacement cartridge filters come with warranty period if you find defects in material or workmanship. Shop with confidence!

Safe Swimming: 10 Ways to Avoid Health Hazards at the Pool this Summer

Nothing beats the summer heat more than spending long days splashing around in the pool. But did you know that the average swimming pool can be more dangerous than you think?
Pool Filters and pool water that is poorly maintained or chemically imbalanced is a breeding ground for microorganisms that can cause some severe health issues, from rashes, infections, and even deadly water-borne diseases.

The Baleen Perfect Spa and Pool Pre-Filter What You Need to Know – Benefits & Usage

Pool and spa owners that live in areas of “hard” groundwater or use well water have an array of issues to contend with, such as murky or cloudy water, odor, and calcium deposits that line the sides and bottom of the pool. These issues make pool and spa water a little harder to work with, and require more chemicals to balance out the deposits in the water.

This is where Baleen Pool Filters comes in. Baleen offers a handy, innovative gadget a pre-filter that lets you filter the water BEFORE you fill your pool or spa.
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Cartridge Filters - Making Pool & Spa Maintenance Efficient & Affordable

Pool Filtration systems that use cartridge filters are increasingly becoming the popular choice when compared to sand, glass, and DE filter grids. In today’s article, we list the benefits of cartridge based filtration systems and provide some cleaning advice to make them even more efficient.

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Viking Spa Parts & Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges – Pool Filters

Are you looking for Viking spas filter cartridge replacement? Pool Filters are one of the trusted swimming pool and spa filter cartridge suppliers in the USA. We carry the best replacement cartridge filters for Viking spas that are durable, washable and easy to install. It helps to capture the even smallest debris and provide clean and clear water. Find the best selection of cartridge filters only at Pool Filters. Order online now

Doughboy Pool Filter Replacement Cartridges

We at Pool Filters, offers a full range of Doughboy pool filter replacement cartridges at most affordable prices. It is created of the highest quality material that helps remove unwanted bacteria and contaminants drastically. Find all types of replacement filter cartridges no matter what size pool you have. With fast shipping, secure payment and high quality products we are sure you will enjoy a unique shopping experience. Shop with confidence!

8 Pool Care Hacks You Need to Know

Keeping the pool clean and healthy is not as complicated as many people think. While every pool and its maintenance requirements are different, the key to maintaining a pool in pristine condition is regular care and upkeep.

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How are Pool & Spa Filter Cartridges Made and What do They Do?

Are you finding it frustrating or challenging to locate the right pool filter cartridge replacement for your filtration system? Are you not sure how the thing works? When to clean it, how to clean it, or when to replace it? In today’s article you’ll find all that you need to know about cartridge pool filters, from how they are made, to when and how to clean them, and when you should replace them.

Keep your Pool or Spa Clean & Healthy with Baleen Filter Replacement Cartridges

A swimming pool is one of the best ways to escape the scorching heat of the summer months. And a spa is what keeps the chill of the winter months from getting into your bones.

One of the biggest advantages of Baleen Filters is that they are perfect replacements that can be used for all existing filtration systems including Unicel Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement, Filbur Pool Filter Cartridge, Pleatco Pool Filter Cartridge, and all other brands.

A Simple Guide to Testing and Balancing Your Swimming Pool Water

As a pool owner, you will need to regularly test and ensure that everything is well-balanced. If you are a new pool owner with no idea how to do this, this guide is for you. From chlorine free pool chemicals, hardness, to pH balancer, every important thing that you need and how the test is done is discussed in this post.

How Long Do Pool Filter Cartridges Last? A Complete Guide

Nothing brings joy to pool owners’ as much as crystal clear waters on a hot summer day. Yes, pool owners are obsessed with the clarity and purity of the water in their pools (and they very well should be).

Tuff Spa Filters Cartridge Replacement

If you’re searching for the high quality replacement filter cartridge of Tuff Spas, then no look further than pool filters We offer an extensive range of pool and spa filter cartridges of several top brands at very affordable prices. With our advanced search tool you can find the appropriate product without any hassle. Unlike others, our products are competitively priced and built to deliver flawless results for a long time. Get one year warranty against material defects and easy return policy if you’re not satisfied with the purchase. Order online now!

Unicel C 8316, Hayward CCX1500RE, Pleatco PXST150, Filbur FC 1286

When it comes to swimming, the safety features become worry thing for pool and spa owners. Put your worries away by selecting the appropriate Unicel pool filter cartridges replacement from Pool Filters. The replacement Unicel c 8316 has a 4” open hole top & bottom, and is 23 5/16” long. It is crafted of the highest quality materials which help to remove unwanted bacteria/contaminant 2x faster than other alternatives. Take a look at comprehensive range of pool filter cartridges on our web store and order online now!

What to Inquire from Your Pool Service Engineer?

Pool owners all over the world intend to have the best Pool Filters installed to maintain water clarity. Needless to say, they will also need some quality pool filter products along with those. These products mainly include cleaning solution, filter wands, filter grids and cleaning brush. Apart from these, you will also need products associated with other parts of pool equipment.

Backwash Your DE Filter the Right Way

Every type of pool filter involves a specific maintenance routine. Certain tasks in the routine are common among all types. Backwashing, for instance, is carried out for all types of pool filters.

How is Chlorine-Free Pool Water a Better Alternative?

Once the contaminants enter pool water, they won't stay in it for a long time provided the pool has an efficient system for water circulation and filtration. The Pool Filter traps these impurities, and the pump which is responsible for circulation keeps the water in motion so that it does not allow the impurities to settle down.

Latest Innovations For Your Pool Maintenance Routine

While some of these tasks are related to the cleanliness and clarity of pool water, some others are associated with well-being of pool equipment such a Pool Filter, pre-filters, pump and vacuum. Knowing what a filter or pump does is something very basic for both pool owners and those reading a whole lot about swimming pools on a daily basis.

Cut the Energy Consumption in Spas

Freeflow spa filter is an ideal choice if you are wondering which brand to choose. These filters have been crafted skillfully so that they can effectively clean your spa water.

What You Need to Know About Baleen Pool Filter Cartridge Media – The Benefits

If the pump is the heart of your pool system by keeping the water flowing, then the pool filter is the kidneys. It helps to purify the water and keeps your pool clean and tidy. Without the right filtration system, your pool can quickly turn into a bad zone where illnesses can germinate.

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Pool or Hot Tub More Energy Efficient

Did you know that your pool pump is only second to your air conditioner when it comes to energy use? There’s no arguing the fact that pools consume plenty of energy and with regular use, can shoot up your energy bills.

Here’s the good news – With a few smart tips and solutions, you can reduce your pool and hot tub’s energy consumption, thereby reducing your monthly energy bills. In today’s guide, you’ll find the top ways to save energy, while keeping your pool and hot tub in perfect condition.

Keeping the Pool Vacuum Line Cleared of Objects

Vacuuming is an important procedure that helps to remove the debris from the swimming pool water. Obstructions in the vacuum line may interfere with this process. It is thus necessary to keep the vacuum line clear of unwanted objects. Along with the vacuum line, pool filter cartridges too are an important part of swimming pool. Following measures can be implemented to keep the vacuum line clear:
Here are the tips for Keeping the Pool Vacuum Line Cleared of Objects

Aqua Tech Pool Filters Are a Perfect Choice for Every Pool Owner

A swimming pool is a great source of enjoyment after a long and tiring day of work. One can continue enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool if it maintained in the right manner. Also, along with maintaining the swimming pool, it is important to take care of all the pool parts too. Aqua Tech pool filters are well-known for their durability, reliability and top-notch performance.
Read more tips about why Aqua Tech Pool Filters are a perfect choice for every pool owner

  • Pool filters is well known shop of quality range of Pool and Spa Filters. Whether you’re individual or a retailer we have enough stock to provide based on your fundamental needs.

    We always strive hard to make our customers shopping experience unique and unforgettable. We carry pool filter cartridge products from top brands like Hayward in order to deliver the best value of what you spend on product.

    Browse our above ground pool filter selection and pick model to meet the needs; will not only be pleased but fall in love when you see the prices we put on the products. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve any query or doubts on any swimming pool cartridge filters.

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