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Indazo - SEO Company India

Indazo takes pride in offering exception services for businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t matter what products or services you offer, you need to have SEO in place to rank well in the search engines and to generate new business.

Embrace Digital Marketing for Unmatched Business Growth

Global marketer always strive to achieve greater reach and improve their brand awareness.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses By Indazo

Whether you are a small business owner or a new start-up, you need to adopt smarter marketing techniques/ideas in order to improve: Sales ROI Business image ...

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking Quickly and Successfully

Your lack of effective SEO could be holding you back. Consumers can't make the decision to buy from you if they don't know about you. Getting the message out there through social media and your online search engine ranking matters.

Smart Tactics to Promote a Blog

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or a content marketer, you will need new techniques to improve the overall visibility of your blog or content. Today, there are many proven tools and techniques to promote a blog. Here are a few blog promotion techniques:

Technical SEO for Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are one of the best ways to market a business in a cost effective manner. However, you need technical SEO if you want to improve the overall usability and functionality of a website. Things to consider:

Things to consider while doing an On-page SEO

On-page optimisation helps a website to gain prominence in search engines. In other words it is all about ranking and conversation. Please go through this article to know the integral elements of on-page optimisation. Here are a few on-page optimisation elements:

Why does Organic Traffic Drop?

SEO industry is dynamic because its parameters are ever changing. Marketers often fail to understand the exact reason behind the drop of traffic. Here are a few reasons why a website loses its traffic:

Worth Focusing SEO Strategies

Building a strong, versatile and responsive website and promoting it across the web is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, efforts and strategy to build a website user and search engine friendly. SEO professionals and online marketing experts often use a wide variety of strategies to gain optimum advantage. Here are a few strategies worth focusing:

Proven SEO and Internet Marketing Techniques

To transform your normal website into a money generating machine, you need to understand various known and unknown concepts of SEO and internet marketing. You also need to know your buyers’ behaviour and psychology to gain substantial advantages. Here are a few SEO and internet marketing techniques to know:

Online Marketing Techniques to Build a Brand

An effective way for online businesses to build their brand is to use relevant online marketing techniques. Of course, it needs an innovative approach and a good understanding of your business, industry, consumers as well as the current online marketing techniques and trends. Here are a few online marketing techniques:

Insightful Techniques to Increase Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimisation techniques are important. Though techniques vary according to the nature of online business, yet there are something common to carry out. Here are a few techniques to increase conversion rate of a website:

Search Engine Optimization Specialist: Top SEO Companies India

SEO is unpredictable and somewhat obscure to most of the online marketing experts. That is why, it is essential to utilise the proven and effective ways to improve the overall visibility of a website. Here are a few proven and effective ways to follow:

Easy and Valuable SEO Techniques

In today’s scenario, SEO techniques can easily improve a website’s rankings and attract visitors. It includes different types of proven techniques such as creating high-quality content, adding relevant tags, optimising a website, fixing issues, making a website fast and much more. Here are a few proven SEO techniques:

Know About the Top Social Media Platforms |

Social media have facilitated the creation and sharing of information like never before.



Know About the Top Social Media Platforms – Anoop Krishnan – Medium

Social media have facilitated the creation and sharing of information like never before. “Know About the Top Social Media Platforms” is published by Anoop Krishnan

Know About the Top Social Media Platforms | Social media hav… | Flickr

Social media have facilitated the creation and sharing of information like never before. Visit

5 Serious SEO Issues that Hamper the Credibility of a Website

If you want to improve your website’s rank in search engines, it’s important for you to have complete knowledge of search engine optimization. For more infor...

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