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Diving Places in Bali – Nothing Short of Magnificent

Bali 'Land of Gods' and Eternal Sunshine's, a fabulous getaway for the ultimate diving holiday. The experience is surreal; read on for some of the best sites to check out the deep blue depths.


Amed for Beginners

If you are a fan of muck and macro diving, Amed is the best place. The waters here are home to all sorts of curious little creatures; the place is also super for snorkelling since the shallows are home to a marvellous collection of colourful fish while all manner of marine life is waiting to be discovered. Besides all this, the coral reefs are located very close to the shore; enabling one to easily explore these sanctuaries of beauty.


Padang Bai One More for the Amateurs

One of the best scuba diving experiences are to be had in Padang Bai; most of the dive sites are located close to shore and come highly recommended for novices or those learning the art of scuba diving. Of course, if you are interested in more challenging locations Padang Bai can still deliver; check out sites boasting sightings of reef sharks, large schools of fish and many varieties of pelagic fish. The destination is loved by macro divers as well as underwater photographers. The 'Blue Lagoon' is a popular location here for night diving; during which you will come across ghost pipefish, leaf scorpion fish, pygmy sea horses and many more. The rare cat shark is known to make an appearance here as well. Check out major hotel chains if you are considering scouring the many dive sites on the island; judging by the collection at Minor Hotels the little island of Bali is capable of offering world class accommodation options at competitive rates.


Pulau Menjangan for Wall Diving

This fabulous site is loved for its deep wall diving thrills; since one can enjoy a deep dive from a mere 20 to 60 metres. The walls are indeed beautiful sights; covered in sponges and great gorgonian sea fans. In addition, there are little caverns one can explore while there. Mind you Menjangan Island was also famous for its coral reefs which sadly due to El Nino effects and previous bombing incidents have depleted in numbers. On a bright side, it's safe to say the coral is slowly regenerating.


Nusa Penida Home of the Mola Mola

A dive site that's just plain fabulous, Nusa Penida is where one can spot the famous Mola Mola or Oceanic Sunfish of Bali. Go diving between August and October for the most sightings; since the Mola Mola resides in very deep water and are rarely spotted they swim to shallower waters during these months; in order to be cleaned of parasites. It is wise to book your dive in advance due to large crowds of divers that throng these waters during the season.


Candidasa for Diving Amongst Rocky Islands

Look forward to amazing adventures as you dive around the rocky islands of Candidasa. The best sites are centred around the islands of Gili Biaha, Gili Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and Gili Selang. Visibility around these dive sites is excellent adding to its ranking as one of the best dive sites in Bali.

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