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Headline for Top 05 Food Experiences to Try in Negombo Sri Lanka – Food and Ocean at your Fingertips
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Top 05 Food Experiences to Try in Negombo Sri Lanka – Food and Ocean at your Fingertips

Sleepy fisher village Negombo is the closest beach resort to the international airport. The place apart for its beach vibes is fab for trying out local cuisine. Here are few dishes well worth a taste.


Rice and Curry the All Time Winner

Rice and curry is an exotic combination of rice, vegetables, meat, fish and other Sri Lankan food that is an absolute treat. In Negombo just about any little food kiosk will have rice and curry by lunchtime. In fact, just about every Sri Lankan beach hotel will serve a tantalizing array of rice and curries at their lunchtime buffet. To serve yourself a plate of rice and curry first decide on the type of rice you desire. There will usually be about two varieties which are the polished white and wholesome red rice called 'country rice' at many Negombo resorts similar to Jetwing Blue. Serve a mound of rice and around it a variety of curries that consist of vegetables cooked in coconut milk or tempered with onions and other spices. To this add a piece of meat, fish or an egg


Egg Hoppers are Heavenly Treats

Hoppers are little bowl shaped pancakes cooked in mini wok like pans. The batter is made with rice flour, yeast and coconut cream. Deftly twirled around the pan the hoppers are cooked until the edges are crispy and centre is a soft mound. Egg hoppers are made by cracking open an egg into the centre of a half cooked hopper and leaving it to poach slightly. The egg is seasoned with salt and pepper and the hopper eaten by soaking it in delicious thick gravy. In Negombo, you can enjoy this meal for breakfast to sights of the pounding surf and smells of other exotic dishes being cooked.


Fresh Seafood by the Sea

Negombo is famous for its fresh seafood; besides this, the place is home to the huge Negombo Lagoon popular across the island for yielding the tastiest mud crabs and lagoon prawns. Hence it is no wonder the place has a number of little restaurants offering the freshest of seafood dishes; many are located on the beach or overlooking the sea and provide the right ambience for enjoying devilled prawns, crab curry and spicy fried squid. You could stop a passing vendor and try a sample of isso vade; isso meaning prawns and vade being a flat patty made out of red dhal seeds.


Stop for Some Fruit

Fruits in Sri Lanka are utterly delicious and although many are seasonal you can taste some of the best all year round; these are mangos, banana and papaya. There are many varieties of banana grown on the island and any little tea kiosk in Negombo will have a few bunches of these hanging outside for you to choose from. Do indulge and try the many varieties offered at roadside boutiques and you will not regret it. Look out for rambutan, durian, mangosteen and custard apple for variety in taste although these are seasonal fruit.


Do Try the Short eats

Just about every other eatery in Negombo will offer a good selection of short eats to choose from. These are very popular across the island and vary depending on the place you are visiting. Muslim hotels will have delicious beef roti while Tamil eateries will have the likes of wade, alla bondi and others. You should also try the patties, Chinese rolls and vegetable roti.

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