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Suretegrity is a full service bonding agency dedicated to providing fast, efficient and pleasant service. Our main objective and philosophy is to be honest and fair in all our dealings, and to be truly interested in our customer’s insurance needs.

Auto Dealer Bonds are primarily required by all those individuals or companies who wish to set-up an Auto Dealer business in US. Also known as Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds or a DMV bonds, these bonds are mandatory for auto dealers to obtain a business license for setting up auto dealership in every state across USA.

Keeping their important stock instruments safe is always on the top of people’s priority’s list. But there are several reasons that could cause a person to lose their stock certificates and bonds, including theft, fire, and natural calamities like floods or hurricanes as well.

License and Permit Bonds – The Complete Knowledge

License and Permit Bonds are a kind of surety bonds which are also sometimes known as commercial bonds or just as license bonds. No matter what the name, license, and permit bonds are issued by the government as a requirement for pre-licensing in many businesses.

All you need to know about Public Official Bonds

Public Official Bonds are also known as surety bonds which is a kind of obligation in statutory or legal form to fulfill the official duties towards the public with complete integrity.

Comprehensive Guide On Fuel Tax Bond

The fuel tax bond is a surety bond that is to be paid by the sellers of fuel so that they can get their due licenses of business. This bond ensures the payment of fuel taxes at the right time. This fuel tax bond protects the general customers and the state as a whole.

What do you do if you have lost a stock certificate? Luckily, a lost, stolen or destroyed stock certificate does not necessarily mean that your investments are lost! All you need is lost security bond. A lost security bond is a type of surety bond that is required by the issuing company through its transfer agent.

Why You Need Auto Dealer Bonds

Auto dealers are required to get an auto dealer bond in order to get licensed. The bonds are meant not only to protect customers, but they also help in safeguarding the reputation of the dealer.

Facts to Know About Fuel Tax Bond

If you are a fuel seller, then you need a fuel tax bond to make sure that you are paying your required taxes on time. You need a fuel tax bond in order to get a license. Unlike most of the insurance, fuel tax bonds make sure that your client is protected if you do not pay your taxes while selling or mixing fuel, also state can file a complaint against you.

How Do Utility Deposit Bonds Work?

Most of the bonds make sure that the customer receives their payment on time. If the organization is unable to pay the amount then the surety bond would pay the customers. But this is not the case for utility deposit bonds.

Particulars That Alcoholic Beverage Bonds Cover

When you start an alcohol business, then it is mandatory that you register yourself under the state or federal government, so that you could easily store and sell alcohol. For this, you need to obtain an alcohol tax bond. Alcohol beverage bond guarantees payment of any kind of tax related to alcohol and beverage.

Why and how the Fuel Tax bonds are used?

A fuel tax bond ensures that the sellers of fuel, operating their services within the state will make all the payments to the government like the taxes, penalties or any other similar kind of interest owed. All the fuel owners have to acquire a fuel tax bond now to keep their license active.

Know the Basics of the Lost Securities Bond

A lost securities bond is a bit different bond from the conventional ones. Mainly the banks and similar kind of financial instrument that generally work as transfer agents for the normal people,

Uses of Tobacco Tax Bond

In most of the states, it has been made mandatory to acquire a tobacco tax bond to continue the selling of cigarettes or any other tobacco products. Through this bond, you are promising to make the required tax payments to the respective agencies of the local government.

Top Reasons You Should be Buying a Surety Bond Online

Surety Bonds form up a great tool to protect the project owner’s interests in case of a default. They are also considered a mandatory document before the principal even gets to work on a project.

Insurance is a much popular tool used for ensuring reduction of liability on an individual or family in case of some mishap. In case of a business, a surety bond is used more often. More specifically, when it comes to real estate transactions, mortgage bonds have a very critical role to play.

Top Reasons Why You Could Buy a Surety Bond Online

Surety bonds have of late become an important document in almost all kinds of business transactions. These bonds are easy to work with, and include the full cost of a project, while also binding the liabilities and roles of all those involved. In case of a default, the affected party can obtain the compensation through surety bonds.

Mortgage Bonds and How They Secure an Investment

Surety bonds are meant to provide a security cover to a project owner while safeguarding the interests of everyone else. These bonds are highly specific, so a bond may only cover a particular risk and a class of risks. Mortgage bonds form up one of those specific bond categories that provide a particular kind of cover.

Know all about public official bond

The public official bonds refer to the type of surety bond which allows a number of public officials to show that they are worth to be trusted for the services provided by them. It is often referred to as a crucial feature as the public official bonds are required because many people work with money and other sensitive information.

Reasons why license and permit bonds are needed?

License and permit bonds are the types of surety bonds which are often referred to as the commercial bonds. These are generally required by the government agencies in the form of pure licensing requirements for a large number of businesses.

Brief Guide on Collection Agency Bonds

There are plenty of things that you would need to do when it comes to getting your collection agency bond to set up your business. You should make sure that you are aware of what you need to do and how you should go about it before you start running the business.

License & permit bonds are types of surety bonds that are required for many businesses. Several federal, state, and local government agencies require these bonds when issuing a business its license.

Notary publics are required to have Notary bonds. Most States require these from their notary publics before they can be issued a license. This allows them to notarize a document, which serves as witness signatures or legally approved documents.

Also known as debt collector bonds, collection agency bonds are required of a collection agency before they can be issued a license. It is a type of surety bond that protects consumers from unethical actions of a collections agency.


Auto Dealer Bonds – How one can apply for it

Auto Dealer Bonds – How one can apply for it

The infographic below explains everything about auto dealer bonds and how one can apply for it. These type of surety bonds are designed to protect customers and the state from auto dealers that commit fraud.


Auto Dealer Bonds

Auto Dealer Bonds

The Infographic below provides an overview of Auto Dealer Bonds, their purpose, and how they help in the automotive industry. Not only do these bondsprotect customers, but they also assist the auto dealers in keeping their market reputation intact. Additionally, this Infographic lists the violations that auto bonds prevent from happening.

  • Suretegrity is a full service bonding agency dedicated to providing fast, efficient and pleasant service. Our main objective and philosophy is to be honest and fair in all our dealings, and to be truly interested in our customer’s insurance needs. Suretegrity is a respected surety bond company, providing quality surety bonding services. Our portfolio of surety bonds, including contract bonds, commercial bonds, court bonds and fidelity bonds has the flexibility to meet your business needs.

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