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Suretegrity is a full service bonding agency dedicated to providing fast, efficient and pleasant service. Our main objective and philosophy is to be honest and fair in all our dealings, and to be truly interested in our customer’s insurance needs.

Why are Collection Agency Bonds Essential?

Also known as the debt collector bond, the collection agency bond is required for agencies that collect debt. The bond promises that the agency will follow all the rules and regulations of the business.

When to Apply For a Lost Securities Bond

Losing important documents can be stressful and damaging to a business. Itcan ultimately threaten a company’s investment. Luckily, a lost securities bond can help to protect against situations like this.

What is a Collection Agency Bond?

Due to the nature of its business, a collection agency is looked upon as a major risk entity. Since they are responsible to call people and ask them for money, people fear them or form negative opinions about their approach.

Who Benefits from a Fuel Tax Bond?

Fuel owners need a fuel tax bond for as long as they hold an active license. The bond is a guarantee that the holder (the fuel seller) will pay all the required taxes, interests, and applicable penalties.

What is a Fuel Tax Bond?

A fuel tax bond is a specific type of surety bond that those who sell fuel have to procure before they can get their operating licenses. This bond takes care of the taxes on fuel. Many people may correlate it to an insurance policy, but it is not so.

How to apply for a surety bond online

Many consumers find it challenging to apply for a surety bond online. Despite being an important document, surety bonds are not well known, which often leaves people guessing about the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Medicare Bonds?

Medicare bonds, also known as Medicaid bonds, CMS surety bonds, DMEPOS surety bonds, Durable Medical Equipment surety bonds, Pharmacy surety bonds, or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services surety bonds, are required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for all suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS).

Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Surety Bond Online

A surety bond is a three-party agreement. The obligee (project owner) requires the principal (contractor) to purchase the bond and comply with its terms and conditions. In case the principal fails to perform the contract, the surety (surety company) will complete the contract.

Get a Legal Tobacco Tax Bond for Distribution Security

Tobacco tax bonds are used to regulate tax payments in the tobacco industry. These bonds ensure that manufacturers and distributors of tobacco pay the right amount of due taxes.

Reliable Lost Securities Bonds for Your Misplaced Instruments

A lost securities surety bond is a bond that is needed by banks or other such financial instrument transfer agents for clients who have lost or misplaced their bond or stock certificates or even a pay check. The intuition/agent then agrees to pay that person the value of the lost material or provide a replacement.

Working around with a surety bond online can be a hassle. Thankfully, there are a number of useful websites that can do all the work for you. You just need to choose a surety company you want to approach and seek the bond from.

Learn How Mortgage Bond Companies Run Their Assessment on You

Mortgage bonds are a very regular kind of bond in the real estate industry. As a matter of fact, many project owners actively seek these bonds from the construction contractors before even assigning them work.

What to Know About the Types and Costs of Bonds for Fuel Providers

If you are going to be selling gas, then you would need to make sure that you have the right fuel tax bond for your location. There are a wide variety of options that you might need to purchase, to ensure that you know the types and the cost that you would be looking at.

What is a Collection Agency Bond?

Before knowing about the collection agency bond, it is important to get an idea about the collection agencies. What are the collection agencies? The collection agencies are the agencies who help the companies in the recovery of debts.

Everything to Know About What a Fuel Tax Bond Is

If you are a seller of gas, then you would need a fuel tax bond to get your business started. This ensures that the taxes on the gas will be paid in full and this protects the clients as well as the state rather than anyone else.

Why You Might Require a Lost Securities Bond

You need to understand how important a lost securities bond can be and know when you should be getting one. These bonds are issued in case someone loses the instruments and a replacement is required.

Top Reasons Why You Must Buy a Surety Bond Online

A surety bond is meant to help you in so many ways. You can utilize this bond in almost every way, though it’s usually the construction industry where this bond mostly comes into the picture. A company issuing a surety bond will assess three prime aspects before granting you the bond.

How Mortgage Bonds Work: A Quick Review

Used mostly in the real estate sector, mortgage bonds provide financial protection to some specific kinds of a purchase transaction. These bonds are basically meant to provide coverage to people who have bought a house or something in part payments (mortgage).

Collection Agency Bonds

Also known as a debt collector bond, a collection agency bond is a type of surety bond required from collection agencies. The bond is a promise that the agency will follow the rules and regulations of the industry.

Fuel Tax Bonds

A fuel tax bond is a type of surety bond required by fuel sellers to get licensed. The bond guarantees thatthe fuel tax payments will be met and to protect the state’s interests.

Lost Securities Bonds

A lost securities bond is a type of surety bond thatprotects a person or company when they have lost, misplaced, or damaged a security bond, stock certificates, payment check, insurance policy or other important documents.

Benefits of a Public Official Bond

How can you ensure that a public official will act ethically and responsibly? How can you be sure that a public figure is keeping the public’s interest as a priority?

Medicare and Medicaid Bonds

The Healthcare sector is a vital industry in the U.S. Almost every hospital and nursing home uses the services of a supplier for their medical equipment and supplies. However, medical facilities must make sure the supplier they work with are credible and reliable.

Court and Fiduciary Bonds

There are many different situations where the court may require you to secure a bond. One of the common bonds are a court & fiduciary bond, which guarantees that a fiduciary who is acting on someone else’s behalf will do so responsibly and within the terms of their agreement.

Public Official Bonds: What They Are and Who They Protect

Public officials, such as mayors and judges, take an oath to protect the public’s interest from fraud or unethical practices. However, what is put into place to make sure these public figures adhere to their oaths?