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Suretegrity is a full service bonding agency dedicated to providing fast, efficient and pleasant service. Our main objective and philosophy is to be honest and fair in all our dealings, and to be truly interested in our customer’s insurance needs.

Top Reasons Why You Could Buy a Surety Bond Online

Surety bonds have of late become an important document in almost all kinds of business transactions. These bonds are easy to work with, and include the full cost of a project, while also binding the liabilities and roles of all those involved. In case of a default, the affected party can obtain the compensation through surety bonds.

Mortgage Bonds and How They Secure an Investment

Surety bonds are meant to provide a security cover to a project owner while safeguarding the interests of everyone else. These bonds are highly specific, so a bond may only cover a particular risk and a class of risks. Mortgage bonds form up one of those specific bond categories that provide a particular kind of cover.

Know all about public official bond

The public official bonds refer to the type of surety bond which allows a number of public officials to show that they are worth to be trusted for the services provided by them. It is often referred to as a crucial feature as the public official bonds are required because many people work with money and other sensitive information.

Reasons why license and permit bonds are needed?

License and permit bonds are the types of surety bonds which are often referred to as the commercial bonds. These are generally required by the government agencies in the form of pure licensing requirements for a large number of businesses.

Brief Guide on Collection Agency Bonds

There are plenty of things that you would need to do when it comes to getting your collection agency bond to set up your business. You should make sure that you are aware of what you need to do and how you should go about it before you start running the business.

License & permit bonds are types of surety bonds that are required for many businesses. Several federal, state, and local government agencies require these bonds when issuing a business its license.

Notary publics are required to have Notary bonds. Most States require these from their notary publics before they can be issued a license. This allows them to notarize a document, which serves as witness signatures or legally approved documents.

Also known as debt collector bonds, collection agency bonds are required of a collection agency before they can be issued a license. It is a type of surety bond that protects consumers from unethical actions of a collections agency.


Auto Dealer Bonds – How one can apply for it

Auto Dealer Bonds – How one can apply for it

The infographic below explains everything about auto dealer bonds and how one can apply for it. These type of surety bonds are designed to protect customers and the state from auto dealers that commit fraud.


Auto Dealer Bonds

Auto Dealer Bonds

The Infographic below provides an overview of Auto Dealer Bonds, their purpose, and how they help in the automotive industry. Not only do these bondsprotect customers, but they also assist the auto dealers in keeping their market reputation intact. Additionally, this Infographic lists the violations that auto bonds prevent from happening.


How to Replace Lost Stock Certificate

How to Replace Lost Stock Certificate

The infographic, “Lost Securities Bond: How to Replace the Lost Stock Certificate,” explains the process of replacing lost stock certificates. A Lost Stock Certificate Surety Bond is required by the issuing company through its transfer agent.

Buy Your Surety Bonds Online with Least Difficulty

The world has become a lot more advanced place than ever before. A lot of this has got to do with the evolution of the internet. However, the same advancements have also led to a widening uncertainty gap just about everywhere. When it comes to working with a contractor in any domain,

There can be all kinds of situations when you may need to enter a contract with someone. As the project owner, you may want to deal with a contractor who knows his work well and can deliver on the promise. It is very crucial when a lot of money is involved. You may be required to put in a lot of money, with the contractor requiring to only put in the efforts later on.

License and Permit Bonds: What to Know

You should make sure that before you start applying for the license & permit bonds that you know which type you would require. There are numerous businesses that would be required to get these, so you should do the research to figure out whether or not your state requires one.

If you are going to be working as a notary public, then you would need to ensure that you have one of the notary bonds. This is another layer of protection that is for the public in case any mistakes are made by the individual who is approving and signing their paperwork.

Everything to Know About Collection Agency Bonds

You should make sure that if you are going to be opening a company that is going to attempt to get old debts paid that you have a collection agency bond. This is because this is considered to be an extremely high-risk business and they typically have some negative reputations when it comes to the public.

All About Notary E&O Insurance

The Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance policy is an essential backup for you if your notarization ever gets challenged. In case these are missing then you are quite on your own and might have to face some grave challenges and problems.

Basic Facts to know about Tax Bonds

You can strengthen and balance the risk or return portfolio of yours by adding tax bonds. The market for bonds however still a bit unfamiliar to experienced investors, they seem to be confused about the terminology and complexity of the market and just tend to make casual ventures into these bonds.

Basic Facts to Know About Erisa Bonds

According to The Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), there must be a bond between the fiduciary of the benefit plan of an employee and the person by whom the funds of the plan are being handled.

6 Benefits of Buying a Surety Bond Online

A surety bond works like an insurance policy, even when it has nothing similar to it. In general terms, this bond is only meant to ensure that everyone associated with the project gets the work done on time and no one’s investment is put into danger. Thanks to the internet, you can now also buy a surety bond online.

Primary Reason Why Mortgage Bonds are that Useful

A mortgage-backed security is a common term in the real estate sector. Mortgage bonds are tools that facilitate the sharing of rights over a property by the bondholders. In case of a default by the property owner or builder, the bondholders have the right to sell the property to collect their money.


Get to Know the Importance of Lost Securities Bond

Get to Know the Importance of Lost Securities Bond

A Bond protects the obligee against losses from the principal. Lost securities bonds are needed when an individual or corporate has lost, misplaced, or mistakenly damaged an original document that is considered a proof of ownership.


Medicaid Surety Bonds

Medicaid Surety Bonds

A medical surety bond is a license and permit surety bond required by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS). It isrequired for suppliers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS).

Suretegrity is one of the renowned Surety bond agencies, located in South Florida where one can easily order for surety bonds online. They have a unique online bond request process which saves time and efforts.

Suretegrity is a licensed agency in the state of Louisiana and can deliver all bond types. Every Surety Bond application below is electronic and has the ability to be issued directly in your web browser. Simply fill out the application and, if approved, pay with your credit card to have your Bond instantly issued.

  • Suretegrity is a full service bonding agency dedicated to providing fast, efficient and pleasant service. Our main objective and philosophy is to be honest and fair in all our dealings, and to be truly interested in our customer’s insurance needs. Suretegrity is a respected surety bond company, providing quality surety bonding services. Our portfolio of surety bonds, including contract bonds, commercial bonds, court bonds and fidelity bonds has the flexibility to meet your business needs.

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