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Starks Pediatrics

At Starks Pediatrics, our goal is the absolutely best care for your child. We understand the importance of picking the right pediatrician for your family and pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable through every sneeze, bump, bruise and cough

Parents naturally become worried when their children are sick.Running a feveris common amongst children and a natural way for the body to fight off sickness; however, how can you tell when it is time to reach out to Charlotte pediatric clinic?

Allergies are quite common and most of the time, they can be easily managed. However, a severe allergic reaction can be life threatening if left untreated. As a parent, you must be aware of how allergies appear and know when you should take your child for medical attention at a children’s pediatric center Charlotte.


Dr. Walker has an incredible reputation as an exceptional Pediatrician in Charlotte and we are INCREDIBLY lucky to have her talent and experience join the practice to serve our patients.

Many children are afraid of doctor’s visits and it can be hard to get them to cooperate with procedures.Pediatricians must be able to know how to calm children down and help them to relax.

Allergies can feel like a cold and symptoms can vary,causing your child to be unhappy. Symptoms mayinclude but are not limited to a runny/stuffy nose, itchy nose and/or eyes, and sneezing. Some children may experience headaches or fatigue.

Immunizations are a critical and important process in a child’s development because it protects them from life threatening diseases during their early years of growth. Statistics claim that vaccines save nearly 2.5 million young lives every year worldwide. Additionally, many diseases prevented by vaccines are not curable.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Pediatric Clinic

For the parents, their children are their world and if anything happens to their health it is natural for the parents to become restless. Even if not, normal regular care is something which should be taken of the children to make sure they do not fall sick soon.

Tips That Help in Choosing a Trustworthy Pediatrician

Are you new parents or expecting a child in a month or two, then the first and foremost concern that is revolving in your mind is the “baby’s health”. Yes thinking about baby’s health is common and you have to go to a right pediatrician to make sure your newborn baby’s health is intact.

6 Facts About SIDS You Should Know

SIDS is the sudden, unexplained death during sleep of a child less than one year of age. Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions attached to this condition. If you are concerned about your child, do not hesitate to ask Charlotte pediatricians for clarifications.

Parenting Guide on Preventing SIDS

SIDS also known as crib death or cot death, is the sudden, unexplained death of a child during sleep. It is one of the leading causes of death among babies between 1 month and 1 year of age in the US. It accounts for approximately 3500 infants deaths in an year.

Know About Child Immunization Schedule

With the recent myths that have surrounded the child immunization, it has become hard for the parents to decide whether they should vaccinate their child or not. People are in a misconception that vaccination is giving rise to diseases like autism. But it is important for the parents to understand that there is no relation between autism and child immunizations Charlotte.

Signs That You Must Immediately Take Your Child To Pediatric Center

During the growing years of your child, the baby can acquire and contact different viruses and can be down with several health issues. The biggest delirium for the parents is to decide when they should take their child to a doctor’s place such as the children’s pediatric center Charlotte.

How Often Should You Visit Pediatric Clinic? – ITI Power Tech | Guest Blog | News & Article Guest Blogging

Child healthcare is no matter of joke. It is a prime concern for all couples who have become parents and are rearing children and infants of various ages. A pediatric clinic is a place where children and babies are taken for checkups and treatment of different ailments.

There cannot be a greater loss than losing your infant child in sleep due to unexplained reasons (called SIDS in medical parlance). Even in a medically advanced country such as United States, there are thousands of cases every year of infants dying suddenly.

It would be rather surprising to note that SIDS is one of the major reasons for death of infants or babies of less than 1 year of age. SIDS refers to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome wherein a child that young dies suddenly with plausible explanation for death.

Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Immunizations on Schedule

You should make sure that you are keeping a record of all of your child immunizations Charlotte that are given. This can be done in a few ways and you can make sure that you are keeping them on the right track.

Finding the right pediatrician for your newborn is an important decision you must make. You may ask yourself, “do I REALLY need a pediatrician, or can I just stick to my family doctor?”

Child immunizations are essential for protecting children from future infections and diseases. Here are some important facts about child immunizations Charlotte that you should know:

Finding the right pediatric doctor in Charlotte for your child is important. You want a reliable doctor who is local and can build a long-term relationship with you and your family.

Keeping your child up-to-date with their vaccines is a basic health care procedure for parents. Following the schedule your child’s doctor recommended for child immunizations in Charlotte is essential.

If you want to maintain your child’s health, you should visit your child’s doctor on a regular basis. Your child’s pediatrician can help you maintain your child’s health and when necessary, prescribe medicine and treatments. Additionally, he or she can help you with any other issues your child may have, such as illness, weird behaviour, and more.

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience: you must take care of your baby at all times. Your child may cry at 2 in the morning, or may not want to sleep at all. This type of behaviour is usually normal; however, when your child is crying too much, not crying at all, or is refusing to eat, you may want to speak with their Pediatrician about child immunizations in Charlotte to make sure they are covered for serious illnesses.

With the rapid advancements in modern medicine, vaccinations are credited to sustaining life. Not only have vaccinations protected people from different diseases, they have also contributed to raising the average life span in humans.

It is hard to ignore the cute, cuddly laugh from a baby. You can help keep your baby laughing and healthy with staying up-to-date on their immunizations. Following the recommended vaccination schedule is important to keep your baby healthy and protect them against the possible threat of a disease.