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Starks Pediatrics

At Starks Pediatrics, our goal is the absolutely best care for your child. We understand the importance of picking the right pediatrician for your family and pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable through every sneeze, bump, bruise and cough

Your little ones need vaccinations to fight several diseases beginning from infancy. These vaccines help them stay safe from a number of threatening diseases like polio, tetanus, pertussis, measles, You may have to take your infant for vaccination once a month.

Many prospective parents choose a pediatrician for their babies before they are born. Visiting your pediatrician regularly is critical if you want your child grow into a healthy adult. Pediatricians in Charlotte are trained to identify conditions and possible concerns with your child through regular check-ups.

Book An Appointment With The Best Child Immunization Doctors In Charlotte

Once, there was a time when children would often develop certain diseases such as polio, tetanus, measles, diphtheria, etc. however, due to lack of treatments, they suffered a lot at such young ages. That is no longer the case anymore. Now, you can immunize your children early so that they don’t develop such diseases in future.

For parents of newborns worry seems like a permanent condition. It could be their diet, their sleep patterns or their overall health. Some babies seem more active than other. Some babies seem to lead a fairly healthy life, while some may be sickly.

Minimizing the chances of SIDS!

This Infographic seeks the attention of all the young parents who have young infants aged less than a year in their house. From the day you are blessed with a new life in your home, your foremost concern becomes focused on ensuring the wellbeing of your child.

Things you ought to know about SIDS!

This Infographic given underneath is based on suggestions given by renowned Charlotte pediatricians for preventing cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS among infants. With the help of this Infographic, parents having infants will get invaluable insight on the reasons that cause instances of SIDS.

Get Your Child Treated by the Best Pediatrics from Charlotte

It is not an uncommon fact that the children are prone to diseases. However, it is also difficult to examine a kid. Children are sometimes unable to convey their problems, and hence you would require a professional who has years of experience in understanding children. Fortunately.

What to Check Before Taking Your Child for Immunizations

Immunization has been instrumental in limiting diseases among human populations. In fact, it is one of the prime reasons that our average life expectancy is decades more than our ancestors. As new parents, the immunization chart is often our holy grail, to be followed religiously no matter what.

Guide for Preventing SIDS

SIDS which is a short form for Sudden Infant death Syndrome is a life threatening phenomenon that endangers the life of young infants in the age group of 1-12 months. Also called the crib death or cot death syndrome, it is a silent killer that strikes infants during sleep and quietly snatches their life, leaving their young parents completely shattered and broken by grief.

Guide for Preventing SIDS

SIDS which is an acronym for Sudden Infant death Syndrome is the leading cause of death among infants between the age brackets of 1 month to 1 year. The info-graphic given below on “Guide-Preventing-SIDS” sheds light on key facts related to SIDS and vital suggestions for parents to ensure that their infants are protected from such a life threatening condition during their first year after birth.

What You Should Ask Your Prospective Pediatrician

For every new parent, finding the right pediatrician often seems like the most critical decision of their newborn’s life. Indeed, as their baby completes his/her first few months, the doctor is often seems to be the most valuable person in their little baby’s life!

Pediatricians For Your Children and When You Need To Approach Them

Who doesn’t like to see the little ones giggle and play around, even when they are not your children. They are adorable, full of life, and give you so many reasons to smile and look at life in a positive way. However, when your child falls sick, you would most likely feel the opposite.

Children make our life better from the moment they step into this world. Their lovely expressions, cheerful smile, and happy demeanor are wonderful. However, they are also vulnerable to sickness. And once they fall ill, they need the best care you can give. 

Parents are often uncertain of whom to visit to have their children treated. This is not unusual since many of us aren’t able to tell how a general physician’s advice for children can be different than that of a pediatrician.

Guide to help people find the best pediatricians in Charlotte

If you’re stepping into the role of parenthood for the very first time, then you ought to be serious about getting hold of one of best Charlotte pediatricians for your soon to be arriving baby. Since the initial months and years are extremely crucial in laying a strong foundation for your baby’s future growth, it is imperative that you spend this period under the watchful eye of a good pediatrician, so that every aspect of your child’s growth is well taken care of during this period.

Why you need a pediatric doctor in Charlotte for your baby care?

A pediatric doctor is specialized in the care and treatment of newly born babies, infants, small kids and growing kids as well till they get in their teens. If you are going to give birth to a baby in the coming days, even you would require the care and specialized services of a pediatric doctor Charlotte because the baby inside your womb is practically on your mercy, and whatever you eat or intake, would have a direct impact on your baby as well.

How to find the best baby pediatrician in Charlotte?

Now that you are virtually counting the days for the arrival of your newly born baby, you should also start thinking about hiring a baby pediatrician Charlotte for your baby as well. This will effectively ensure that your newly born is under the supervision of a well qualified child doctor from the moment she or he comes out of the protective shell of your womb in this world.

Quick Facts Related to SIDS That You Must Know Of

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (shortened to SIDS) is an unexplained death that devours infants during their sleep. The causes for it can be many, including missed vaccinations, infants sleeping sideways, sleeping alone, sleeping on a very soft surface and have a thick blanket on, little or no breastfeeding, and more.

Recommendations for Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

There are a number of reasons that can lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death. This happens during the child’s sleep, and is mostly due to the sleeping pattern of the infant, beside other factors. According to the Charlotte pediatricians, as many as 3,500 children die because of the SIDS in the United States alone.

Do you ever had any major tragedy or event which made life-long impact on you and hardly affect your life. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends parents, teachers and child care providers to share such stories with young ones so that they can be motivated and aware about how to survive in such events. Call Starks Pediatrics at 704-717-2826 with any queries.

Starks Pediatrics is organizing Flu shots clinics on November 3, December 8, and January 12 in Charlotte NC. The flu shots or half day clinics are from 8:30 AM to noon at the location 2315 West Arbors Dr, Ste 115 in Charlotte, North Carolina. for more details, log on to

Know why your kid needs a pediatrician doctor?

Talk to parents about the most precious thing for them in this world, and the first thing that you would hear out of their mouth is ‘our kids’. Kids mean so much to their parents, and especially when they are in their infancy, and the young parents too are overwhelmed with joy, there is no other bond that holds so strongly as the bond between the kids and their parents.

Ask Your Child’s Doctor about Development Goals and Vaccination

Monitoring your child’s development from his/her early days holds high importance. By doing this, you can ensure that your child’s development is on track and that you are not really doing anything that you shouldn’t do.

The child’s first moments give the parents a memory that they cherish throughout their life. However, despite the early excitement, you must not forget that your child is the most vulnerable during his/her early days, and can easily acquire some disease from even the bacteria in the air. For instance, Jaundice is a common problem that could be life-threatening, but it is easily treatable as well.

How to Choose the Right Pediatrician for Baby Care?

Choosing a pediatrician for your baby is as important a step as deciding to have a baby in the first place. So, it won’t be a bad idea to start inquiring about good Pediatricians in your area from the early days of your pregnancy. As a matter of fact, you can also speak to your Gynecologist about one, whom you must have acquainted well after your frequent visits during pregnancy.