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Lago Mar Country Club

Lago Mar Country Club offers one of the finest golf experiences found anywhere. Expertly designed by an award winning architect Mr. Kipp Schulties, this outstanding club offers magnificent panoramic views and a challenging play experience for golfers of every skill level.

4 Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Are you looking to improve your golf skills? The next time you’re at a Plantation golf club, these are some tips to easily improve your game : Discover your weaknesses, build up a pre-shot routine, clubface control& practice putting.

Why Take a Golf Club Membership?

Are you searching for the best golf club in Plantation? Your task can be quite a challenge, as the number of golf clubs in Plantation has grown in recent years. Most golf courses strive to provide customer-centered service and are more than willing to meet the needs and demands of the current market and customers. Getting a membership at a renowned golf course is highly beneficial if you like to play golf regularly.

Lago Mar Golf Course

Lago Mar Country Club offers the finest private golf course in South Florida. Our members live in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, Davie and throughout Broward County. Members take part in our private club and enjoy our Plantation private golf course which had a multimillion dollar renovation in 2009.

Important information about Golf Clubs

The info-graphic titled as “The Key things to know about golf clubs”, describes important things one should know about Golf Club. If you have a keen interest in playing golf and looking for some key features to understand the basics of it then first thing you must understand is about proper golf stance and then how to grip the club.

How far you should hit the Club

The info-graphic titled as "The Key things to know about golf clubs", tells you the important things about golf clubs. Golf club and average distance (yards) is very important to understand if you wanted to get success in the golf.

Looking for a Golfing vacation this holiday season?

If you are interested in spending a golfing vacation during the coming holidays, I would suggest that you head to South Florida this season. Apart from being a top tourist attraction in the entire North American region, South Florida also boasts of having some of the most picturesque and lavishly designed golf courses in this part of the world.

Hone your Tennis skills at Fort Lauderdale's finest facilities!

For hardcore Tennis enthusiasts who seriously want to take their tennis skills to the next level, heading to South Florida this coming holiday season can definitely be a great idea. In south Florida’s tennis Fort Lauderdale, you will find some of the most exclusive and well stocked clubs having the best tennis practising facilities for tennis lovers of all age groups to hone their skills.

According to a recent survey of local golfers, a golf course in Fort Lauderdale was judged the number one golf course in South Florida. Another survey also showed that Florida has more golf courses than any other state in the U.S. This demonstrates how much Floridians love golf. Many people perceive that golf is only for the rich, however, there are many affordable golf courses available in South Florida. Thus, anyone who loves this sport can enjoy it.

Tennis is an exciting game. It has been one of the most followed sports for over a hundred years. The rules of this game are easy to understand, and once you get used to them, you won’t want to put your racket down. It demands a lot of physical exertion too, which in turn helps you stay fit and healthy.

Lago Mar Country Club is one of the finest private country club in Broward County’s. For further information about membership opportunities, and to schedule a personal tour, please contact.

Lago Mar Country Club offers the finest private golf course in South Florida. Our members live in Plantation, Fort Lauderdale, Davie and throughout Broward County. Members take part in our private club and enjoy our Plantation private golf course which had a multimillion dollar renovation in 2009.

Not all golf courses provide these kinds of facilities. But there are many golf courses in the U.S. which offer similar features. Lago Mar Country Club, located near Fort Lauderdale in Plantation is one of the most ideal golf courses in Florida making golf a memorable experience for all its members.

Lago Mar Country Club is located in Broward County, Florida and is situated minutes away from Fort Lauderdale in Plantation. We are South Florida’s finest private golf and country club, offering spectacular well-manicured championship golf and tennis facilities, aquatic center, indoor and outdoor dining with breathtaking panoramic views for weddings and private parties.

Ace your tennis skills at Fort Lauderdale’s best tennis club

If you are a tennis lover who wants to take up this sport at a professional level, then you will need to hone your tennis skills by learning from the best and playing with the best in this sport. For learning purpose, you could search for a good tennis learning facility located in close vicinity of your residence, and you would be able to find a facility that not only suits your budget, but is also located close to your residence.

Enjoy a golfing vacation in South Florida

If you are a golf enthusiast, then what could be more interesting than coming to South Florida for a golfing vacation? A haven for golf amateurs and aspiring professionals alike, this region of America has more golf courses and resorts than you will find in any other part of the globe.

Learn the Art of Holding the Golf Club

Ever wondered how the professionals play so well at golf, those who are just beginning cannot even hold the club so well? Learning how to hold the club is almost half of what you need to learn in this sport. If you know which club is right, how you need to hold it, how you need to hit with it, and what factors may affect the flight of the ball.

How Much Do You Know About Your Tennis Racquet

Tennis is an exciting game, and probably one game that’s played the most all around the world. It’s a fun to watch, but you can enjoy it even more when you are yourself on the side of the net. You would find the entire experiencing thrilling, right from the time you see the ball coming towards you to the moment when you perfectly deflect it with your racquet and see it go over the next to your opponent.


Things You Must Know About Golf Clubs

Things You Must Know About Golf Clubs

The infographic titled “The Key Things to Know about Golf Clubs” talks about important issues related to golf clubs. It provides important information about proper golf stance, how to grip the club, and the average distances for golf clubs. A golf stance is comprised of several elements, including the right width of stance, the right amount of knee flex, the angle of the feet, and overall posture.

Why You Should Join A Country Club

One of the hallmarks of the prosperous American was his country club membership. It was the very ‘essence of upper-class America’ and a ticket to the hallowed success that the rest of us were struggling for. But country clubs have come long way from its rather stiff and stuffy beginnings.

Why You Need to Sign up with a Golf Club Right Now

Golf is not a conventional game. If you think about it, this also happens to be one sport that’s not similar to any other game at all. Most of the other sports have some other similar sport in some form or another. But there’s just no game like the golf. Playing it can be very exhausting and time-consuming, but only those who actually understand the game can tell how all the efforts are indeed every bit worth it.

Golf Club In Fort Lauderdale, The Perfect Place To Host Events

What comes to your mind when you think of a golf club? Well, it must be a green field and breath-taking scenery ahead? But that isn’t always the case. A golf club is much more than that, especially when it comes to the golf club Fort Lauderdale. This golf club hosts a lot of activities besides providing a green golf course.

Golf Club Trends For 2018

For those who think that golf clubs are stuck in age old management style, the reality would be a rude shock. In a world where long networking sessions in golf courses have been replaced by other ‘group building’ and gender sensitive exercises, golf courses have had to fight their own battle to stay relevant. 

There are few sports that give you a full-fledged workout experience like tennis does. You can only make your experience of playing this game even better by signing up with a good local club in your area. However, how can you determine if the tennis club Fort Lauderdale is everything you’re looking for? After all, you are most likely to pay an annual fee upfront, and you want to be sure you’re getting a good value for your investment.

Years ago, golf was a sport for only a handful of people. However, its charm is no longer a hidden fact, with numerous people around the world taking up golf both as amateurs and as professionals. If you want to test your skills in the game or are just learning it from the scratch, you’ll want to find a place that can meet your desires. You may seek a large golf course in South Florida, or you may seek a smaller course that offers coaching and every other aid to help you learn the game.

Tennis club Fort Lauderdale- one of the best and largest of its kind

Are you looking for the best tennis club in Fort Lauderdale? Then you have come to the right place. Tennis club Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place for tennis enthusiasts. From beginners to learners to the experienced players, everyone can come and practice here. You can also book the court for events.