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Updated by Stephanie on Sep 21, 2018
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15 Actionable SEO Tips You Can Put to Use Right Now

A Lot of bloggers view Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, as something huge and complicated. It's actually pretty simple once you know how to play the game, which is more like just writing your posts as usual anyway.

There are a few technical things, too, but they're not complicated either. Some are one time setups, and others you can use plugins or checklists to make sure you've added to every post.

So let's go ahead and look at these tips!



Write naturally


Structure your posts

Having a structured post satisfies your primary goal of creating a post people will actually read AND makes it easier for search engines to read as well.

No one wants to read a huge wall of text. You need to separate your thoughts into short paragraphs and make use of those heading tags to give people a skimmable sense of what's going in your posts.

If you're not using headers, you'll also be missing out on opportunities to tell search engines what your post are about. It's 2017. Search engines are smart enough to decern context from what you write. Subheadings and bolded text enforce that context.


Write long form articles


Add internal and external links


Use keywords


Research long tail keywords


Include at least one image


SEO your images


Write a meta description


Customize the meta title


Use a plugin for guidance (self-hosted WordPress users)


Use this checklist (non-WordPress users)


Understand what duplicate content really is

Two major things you should realize about "duplicate content".

  1. You're not penalized for having the same content on multiple domains, but you don't benefit either unless you're the original source.

  2. The duplicate content "rule" is for content on your own website. It's so you can't make a bunch of pages about the same thing using the exact same content to try to make your website more relevant for certain keywords.

Yes, that means that sharing this list of SEO tips on your website is totally okay! While it might not provide a huge SEO bonus, it will provide your readers with awesome SEO knowledge. That's the more important thing, anyway.

It also means that you should make sure you don't have any empty pages with too much of the same content, such as pages for your blog categories or tags.


Encourage people to link to your post

Backlinks, links that lead from another site back to your own site, are the most coveted ranking signal in the SEO world. You need to do all you can to encourage people to link back to your post.

Some good ideas include:

  • Creating an "ultimate guide" and asking people to share it
  • Guest posting on a blog serving your target audience
  • Asking people to add your link to a list post on their site
  • Creating an infographic with a short summary that links to your site
  • Using engaging content like a poll or quiz with a CTA to share it

What you don't want to do is try to buy backlinks. If you're caught, you will be penalized by Google and possibly other search engines. They want a somewhat fair playing space when it comes to organic traffic.

If you're looking to spend cash, you're better off purchasing ads.