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The Carlin Law Firm, PLLC

The Carlin Law Firm, PLLC was founded with one goal in mind: excellence in all we do. Whether fielding a phone call, drafting a lawsuit, or preparing for or representing a client in a jury or non-jury trial, we endeavor to provide our clients with a most exceptional level of service throughout all phases of our clients’ matters.

Keeping Trade Secrets Secret”—Part 3: Enforcement of Trade Secret Rights

In my recent articles, I provided a general overview of the laws of Florida that govern the protection of trade secrets. Part I of this series began by discussing what a trade secret is, and how to identify it, while Part II discussed strategies for keeping those trade secrets secret. Nevertheless, the question must be asked: What happens when, despite your best efforts, your trade secrets are stolen?

Mistakes that Can Render a Contract Void

In contract law, a mistake is a incorrect belief, at the time of contracting, that certain facts are true. It can be argued as a defense and, if raised successfully, can lead to the agreement in question being found void abinitio or voidable. Alternatively, an equitable remedy may be provided by the courts.

How to find an Experienced Business Litigation Attorney

Litigation attorneys,also known as trial lawyers,can represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. They manage the litigation process from investigation to pleadings, pre-trial to trial, and then settlementsand appeals.

Why You Should Hire a Business Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

The infographic, “Why Hire a Business Attorney in Fort Lauderdale,” describes how a good business attorney can assist you with your business, from basic zoning compliance, to formal business incorporation, lawsuits, and liability.

Explaining the Uniform Commercial Code”: Myth 1: The U.C.C. Only Applies to Merchants

As Fort Lauderdale business litigation lawyers, we frequently deal with contracts pertaining to the sale of goods. Outside of the legal profession, it is a common misconception that a contract for the sale of goods is subject to the same rules that would govern any other contract.

You should make sure that if you are looking for a lawyer that you are picking the best business litigation attorney Fort Lauderdale to represent you. They should be in the right industry and they need to have the right experience to be able to assist you with everything that you need.

Hire the Best Contract Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Doing business is very exciting and profitable. But when it comes to legal proceedings, things can take daunting and stressful turns. You would need professional skills to handle such issues. However, even with the necessary skills, businessmen fail to find time for taking charge of everything themselves or even handing over work to employees.

Finding the Best Business Litigation Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Considering the many advantages of having a business attorney, it is pertinent that you find the one who can secure the best outcome for you. You would surely want the person to be well versed with all the laws applicable for business in the State of Florida as well as Federal laws. Further,

A Business Dispute Attorney Fort Lauderdale- The Right Guide For Your Business

A highly organized and experienced business dispute attorney Fort Lauderdale would first execute all legal measures within which the business can be carried on without hassles.

Problems from Which a Business Attorney Ft Lauderdale Can Save You

While most of the business start-ups might discount the idea of hiring a business attorney in the very first instance, there cannot be a bigger mistake than this. Whether you are planning to set-up a new business in Florida or have one running,

Why A Business Attorney Fort Lauderdale in Indispensable?

If you are planning to start a business in the state of Florida in United States, it is always a good idea to hire a business attorney. It would certainly cost you some amount but all legal matters can then be taken care by him, while you focus solely on growing business.

Why Business Attorneys is the Best Choice to Make While Settling Disputes

A business is a very rewarding venture but it also entails several hassles every now and then. Such complexities are usually law-based and can put you in a stressful position. Business disputes are extremely common and recurring nowadays and can lead to several losses in investments and stocks.

Probate litigation – what is it?

Probate litigation is a court proceeding that arises after the death of a person who wrote the will. It essentially involves a challenge to the Last Will and Testament of a dead person. The challenge may be to the entirety of the Will and the testament or to a particular codicil to the Last Will and Testament.

Top Reasons You Need to Hire a Business Litigation Attorney Right Now

When it comes to managing issues related to business litigation, no one can handle matters than a seasoned attorney. If you secure the services of a proficient business litigation attorney in Fort Lauderdale, your chances of winning any legal outcome go over the roof.

As a businessperson, you can come across infinite kinds of troubles at some point or the other. If those troubles include legal consequences you need to have a legal attorney to assist you with the same. A business dispute attorney in Fort Lauderdale can help you understand the current scenario and what your available options are.

At times, situations leave you with no other option but to seek services of a legal advisor. If it's related to your business, it will be Business Attorney in Ft Lauderdale who will have the tools to help you out. If you can afford it,

Benefits You Can Avail by Hiring a Good Business Attorney

There can be a host of reasons why you could avail services of a business attorney in Fort Lauderdale. For instance, if you are about to set up a new business, your attorney can help you set up the entire paperwork. He can also help you deal with all the legal aspects and issues so that you can focus your energies on business-oriented goals.

Business firms usually have a litigation attorney in their company to face any legal issues and solve them. There are various legal disputes that can hurt the complete reputation of a company. The only thing that can help any business is having a Business litigation attorney Fort Lauderdale so that they can take care of all such legal issues so that they won’t cause any harm for your company.

When you transfer your assets, that may be personal or business, from your name to a trust fund, a trust fund is created. The fund may be created to provide financial help to a dependent like for example a granddaughter or grandson.

Hire a good Business Attorney to safeguard your business interests!

Those days are long gone when competing with competitors meant doing things fairly and squarely on even grounds. Today businesses compete with each other with vengeance, and winning is more about hurting the other one as much as possible, so that the entire market share can be all yours, while others sink to the bottom in anonymity.

Business lawsuits can hurt, if not handled by a good attorney!

Dragging competitors in business lawsuits has become a pretty common practice these days. No matter how fair or straight you might be in your business dealings these days; the legal aids hired by your competitors do somehow manage to dig out some legal irregularity in your business operations, and slap a lawsuit on you to slow down your business.

A good business attorney is your best chance to handle business litigations

Please feel free to take a closer look at the Infographic provided underneath on ‘reasons-hiring-business-attorney’, which sheds light on the various services offered by a business attorney in handling litigations related to your business. So do go though the contents of this Infographic at least once

Hiring a good business attorney will be half your battle won!

If you are involved in a business lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale, then the first smart move you will need to make is hiring a good business attorney to handle your case. Because believe it or not, the cost of hiring a good business attorney Fort Lauderdale is going to be way less than what you might have to incur later on

Are you looking for a trust litigation Fort Lauderdale attorney? Then you have come to the right place. The attorneys here expertise in solving and handling all sorts of business disputes, commercial litigation disputes, real estate litigation and property disputes, divorce litigation, labor and employment litigation, property litigation, etc.

Benefits of Hiring a Contract Lawyer

It is really hard for the small firms to hire a business law attorney and pay a fortune for them, contract lawyer Fort Lauderdale is the perfect solution for them. Any firm needs a lawyer but not all the time so you can just hire a contract lawyer for some time and then just pay them for it.