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Updated by prosyn on Aug 22, 2017
Headline for Five Essential Steps to Help Your IT Team with Cyber Security
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Five Essential Steps to Help Your IT Team with Cyber Security

Cyber criminals never sleep. They consistently look for new and improved ways to gain access into business systems and sensitive data. They steal consumer information, credit card numbers, and even funds directly out of different bank accounts and ATMs.


Review what employees are clicking on

Employees are the biggest risk when it comes to business security. Lack of knowledge and understanding of the different types of cyber-attacks make employees vulnerable to all types of phishing schemes. This can include clicking on links in a fake email, downloading what appears to be a legitimate file and much more. Train employees not to take action on anything that appears suspicious, and to check with your internal IT team before installing or clicking on any unexpected links.


Beef up your passwords!

Constantly changing passwords can be a pain, but consistently updating and using strong passwords is an incredibly easy way to keep cyber criminals at bay. Using phrases as passwords (ILoveSummer!) is an easy way to remember passwords, but still keep them strong enough that they aren’t easily guessed. Do not leave passwords around your computer, and do not email passwords to anyone.


Run frequent updates

Operating systems are consistently updated to prevent the latest cyber-attacks. When your system is ready to be updated, run the updates, or better yet, set them to run automatically when you are out of the office after hours. Not only will you not have to think about running the updates, but they won’t cost you precious working hours and productivity.


Lock all of your mobile devices. Laptops, phones, tablets

all of these should be locked with a password, security pin, or better yet – a fingerprint identifier. There will come a point where you will lose one (or all) of these items, and having extra security is vital to keeping your data safe.


Become Cyber Essentials Certified

When you obtain this certification, it shows that you have provided evidence that your business is protected from internet based cyber-attacks. Different IT firms like Prosyn hold their own certifications, and are a perfect resource to utilize to gain your certification.