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PillsBills - India's First Speciality Online Pharmacy, is the India’s first specialty pharmacy, supplying medicine and bringing customized medicine treatments to individuals with specialized needs, Our staff is accessible every day and all night for any sort of medication related inquiries. We are prepared to answer questions, offer help and deliver medications at very decent price. We are dedicated to the patients we serve. It will be our honor to support and assist them in their health related matters.


Hepatitis C Symptoms, Treatment and Medications

Hepatitis C is a liver infection condition. Around 30% of infected persons clear the HCV within 6 months and the remaining 70% develop chronic HCV infection. Learn more about the hepatitis c, stages, symptoms, testing, diagnosis, treatment and medication.

All You Need to Know About ZECYTE

If you are a prostate cancer patient or looking for the medicines to treat it, ZECYTE may be the best option for you. Here are the full details about ZECYTE tablet that you must know such as its ingredients, manufacturer in India, authenticity, side-effects of zecyte, available strength in the market, how it works, form of the medicine, how to take and when not, and the price (zecyte 250 mg tablet and zecyte 500mg tablet) and where to buy from. This will help you in making any decision or you can know more about your medicine if you are using it.

Why do Cancer Specialists Recommend Zecyte 250 mg Tablets?

Zecyte is a prostate anticancer medicine and is generally recommended by cancer specialists to stop the growth of cancer cells. This medicine can be used with certain other medicines as part of combination chemotherapy and approved in most of the countries to use. Having a few side-effects you can treat your cancer. To know more about the zecyte 250 mg tablet read the full blog

Sovihep V Tablets Cost in India

PillsBills presents Sovihep V Tablets online for patients struggling with chronic HCV (Hepatitis C Virus). A chronic HCV is a condition of serious liver damage but you can avoid it with Sovihep V tablet. Sovihep is a combination of two antiviral medicines- Sofosbuvir & Velpatasvir. Sovihep V tablets cost is Rs.10,900/ of one bottle. One single bottle content 28 tablets. Place your order for this medicine online by just uploading your prescription and pay via COD.

Zecyte 250mg Tablet for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that usually occurs in men. Let's find out what the prostate cancer is, what are the symptoms, causes, risk factors, preventions, diagnosis and treatment process, and what are the medications that can be used to treat it such as Zecyte 250 mg tablet, Enzamide 40 mg capsules, Casodex 50mg Tablets and more.

Resihance 40Mg Tablet for Colon and Rectum Cancer

Resihance 40Mg Tablet is a prescription medicine and used to treat cancer of colon and rectum. This cancer growth blocker is also used in slowing down tumor growth and stop spreading. To know more about uses, side-effects, prescription, process, price and alternative of the tablet read the full blog on "resihance 40mg tablet".

Buy Zecyte 250 mg Tablet in India

Zecyte 250 mg Tablet is an anticancer medicine used to treat prostate cancer. Now you can buy zecyte tablets online in India from online specialty pharmacy- PillsBills. To know more like zecyte 250 mg price, home delivery, payment, and discount, call at +91-9953330666 or WhatsApp us at +91-7065950658 or you can directly visit our od=fficial website and find out all the information to order online.

Buy Zecyte 250 mg Tablet in India

Zecyte 250 mg Tablet is an anticancer medicine used to treat prostate cancer. Now you can buy zecyte tablets online in India from online specialty pharmacy- PillsBills. To know more like zecyte 250 mg price, home delivery, payment, and discount, call at +91-9953330666 or WhatsApp us at +91-7065950658 or you can directly visit our official website and find out all the information to order online.

Buy Resihance 40 mg Tablet Online

Resihance is a prescription drug used for cancer treatment. The main job of this drug is to stop cancer cells proteins that support the growth of such cells and that is why its also known as cancer growth blocker. Resihance usually comes in tablet form, taken once a day, every day, for 3 weeks, after that a 1-week gap. Now you can order resihance 40 mg tablet from PillsBills at up to 50% discounted price in India. For more detail call at +91-9953330666 or WhatsApp at +91-7065950658.


Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

Identify the symptoms of type-2 diabetes and take a step to treat it. Buy diabetes medications from online specialty pharmacy- PillsBills at up to 50% discount and get 5% cashback to your wallet. To know more visit us at

Government Rules on Online Pharmacy for 2019

To buy/order prescription drugs online you need an authentic online pharmacy as many fake online portals are running online. So, to solve this issue the new draft rules for online pharmacies have come at the beginning of the year 2019. Every online pharmacy has to act according to these rules in order to run its pharmacy without any hassle. Let's know what are these rules. Call +91-9953330666 to order prescription drugs online from PillsBills.

Online Pharmacy Laws in India

Online pharmacy is the biggest business in India but now new laws and rules have come that restrict the sale of online medicines from the online portal who do not have the required license and authority to sell these prescription medications online. Let us find out what are these rules that are affecting online pharmacies running in India. Although these are only draft rules applied in 2019 but can cause a great effect on these online portals.

Online Medical Store in India to Buy Medicines

PillsBills is India's first trusted online medical store for specialty medications. Now you can buy cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, Arthritis medication from PillsBills online medical store at the discounted price. Order prescription/OTC medicines online from 10000+ products, 100% authentic medicines from India's most trusted manufacturers, 1+ million trusted users, covering all states of India. Buy now and pay on delivery. Download the PillsBills app and get refill alert and upcoming discounts and offers. Call +91-9953330666 to know more.

Buy Prescription Drugs Online in India

The most difficult task that comes in a user's mind about purchasing online medicines is how to trust an online pharmacy. So here is the list of some suggestions that you can follow while ordering medicines online on the internet. To order prescription drugs online you can also call/Whatsapp at +91-9953330666 or email at

How to buy prescription drugs online in India

Purchasing medicines online can save you a lot of your valuable time and money as almost every online pharmacy is offering prescription drugs at a discounted price with cashback offers in India. But the main problem that arises about online pharmacies is how to choose the best online pharmacy to order online. Here are some suggestions that you can follow while purchasing online prescription drugs. To know more about it read this blog or call/WhatsApp at +91-9953330666 or email at

Online Specialty Pharmacy by PillsBills Pharmacy - Infogram

Buy medicines online from India's first online specialty pharmacy PILLSBILLS, established in 2016 at New Delhi, India with the aim of providing easy access of medicines to all customers who are suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, etc. Contact us at +91-9953330666 or email at for more information.


A Guide to Identify Cancer by Ribbon Color

A Guide to Identify Cancer by Ribbon Color

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world. There are more than 100 types of cancer currently present including lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer and many more. This life-threatening disease is symbolized by a ribbon. Different colors for different types of cancer. So, how are you actually going to identify the type of cancer according to the color of the ribbon? This is all about it. See the image given here or visit the original one by visiting the link To buy cancer medication online call/WhatsApp us at +91-9953330666.

Online Pharmacies in 2018 and 2019 - OnlinePharmacyIndia

Online pharmacy is an online platform for patients who want to buy medicines online. This is an easy way to get your medication but 2018 was a crucial year for these online pharmacies as DHC (Delhi High Court) issued an order to ban all these online pharmacies running in India. But the next year was just opposite it and bring new energy to these online pharmacies by applying new rules to the health sector. In fact, in 2019, most of the big players of the field expand their coverage to reach most of the people of India.

Buy Generic Medicines Online In India

Generic medicines are as effective as branded and also very low in price but still, these medications are struggling to make an impact over the customers. Why? It's just because physician and the healthcare service providers do not feel confident about these generic medicines and that is why these medicines still have lack of efficiency. But there are online pharmacies like PillsBills from where you can get generic medicines for various life-threatening diseases. To know more WhatsApp at +91-9953330666.

Best Online Specialty Pharmacy India

PillsBills is the Best Online Specialty Pharmacy India for Specialty Medications. Buy medicines online for cancer, hepatitis, arthritis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and many more chronic conditions. If you are looking for an online specialty pharmacy who can stand by your side throughout your medication then PilsBills is the one you can trust upon. All the special medication are 100% genuine and available at the lowest price in India. Upload the prescription and get discount on specialty medications. PilsBills pharmacy is fully dedicated to its customers by providing complete health support during your treatment. Now service is available all across India. Enrich your health, order online, and talk to our experts to resolve any query by email, WhatsApp +91-9953330666 or dial our toll-free number 1800-123-6515.

Starting Your Own Online Pharmacy in India

Online pharmacy has a great future especially in India so if you are also thinking to start your own online pharmacy in India and don't know how and where to start from then this is the best guide for you to start from the very beginning. This guide gives you the brief information about this business for example what will be your target audience, what basic skills you need, drug license, business planning, business registration, business insurance, promoting business, separate teams for ready to act, drug storage, regular expenses, etc.

Buy and Order Medicines online with discount from Specialty Pharmacy -

Buy medicines online in Delhi, India at the lowest price. Order prescription medicines online for rare diseases such as Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV, Arthritis etc from a Specialty pharmacy like PillsBills. All medicines are examined by our pharmacist before the ship and delivered within 2 days. We ensure that you get your medicines on time when you need them. We are New Delhi based specialty pharmacy, get free shipping from East to West and North to South, we provide home delivery all across India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai. Trusted by 40000+ satisfied customers. Change your chronic condition and make it healthy by ordering genuine medicines. Contact us by WhatsApp +91-9953330666 dial our Toll-Free no 1800-123-6515.

Best Indian Online Medicine Store

In India we have a lot of** online medicine store** to buy medicines online so here is a list of India's best online medicines stores from where you can order your medicines within a few clicks. These medicines store not only offering medicines online but also providing quick and fast delivery all across India. They are also offering some more services including the path lab test, quick sample collection from your home, book appointment and consult with a doctor, online offers and cashback deals. For more info WhatsApp us at +91-9953330666.

Best Online Medicine Store to Buy Medicines Online

PillsBills- Best online medicine store to buy medicines online. Spend less, save more with PillsBills by downloading PillsBills mobile App. 24x7 customer support, 100% genuine medicines from trusted manufacturers, easy processing to place an order, cancel order and track order, get automated refill notification. Find and buy medicines online with PillsBills Pharmacy for chronic diseases. Ready to serve you anywhere in India with free shipping. Order prescription medicines online and pay via suitable methods Cashback, Net Banking, paytm, etc. If you have any query then talk to our experts at toll-free number 1800-123-6515, WhatsApp at +91-9953330666 or drop an email to us at

Indian Online Specialty Pharmacy

PillsBills is an Indian Online Specialty Pharmacy specializes in medications for rare and chronic diseases. To order specialty medicines online, search your medicine, upload a prescription, choose shipping method, billing address, and payment mode. Check your order status, you may get your medication between 2-4 days at no extra cost. Get refill reminder cause we believe to help the patients living with chronic conditions by offering specialty medication at the lowest price in India. Join us, you can talk to us if you have any query. PillsBills encourages you to fight back against your chronic condition. For more info drop us your email at, dial our toll-free no. 1800-123-6515 or WhatsApp at +91-9953330666.