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You've Spent Enough Time at War with Yourself

Anywhere from 8-10 million Americans suffer from some type of eating disorder. Obviously, this problem has reached epidemic proportions, and it’s crucial for those affected to get the help they need. Following is a list of articles designed to point you in the right direction.

Overcoming Eating Disorders

I’ve had a “starving, binging, and purging” problem since I was a teen. I feel guilty, ashamed, and dirty. How can I change?

The Truth About Eating Disorders

Learn what causes eating disorders, what the root of the problem is, factors that could lead to the development of an eating disorder, what the Bible says about beauty and how to avoid the trap of eating disorders.


The leading Christian resource for DAILY help with eating and body image issues, inc. self-tests, online support, curriculum and 600+ videos.

Mercy for Eating Disorders

Written for those desperate for help, Mercy for Eating Disorders addresses the bondage of eating disorders and offers hope for the millions of young women suffering from bulimia, anorexia, and binge-eating disorders. Starved encourages readers to acknowledge, identify, and obtain freedom from eating disorders while discovering the root issues behind the behaviors.

Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are very common today but frequently go undetected due to their secretive nature. It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms so you can recognize that you have a problem – or that someone you know may be struggling.

Hope, Help, and Healing for Eating Disorders

Heal your relationship with food. Eating disorders and disordered eating ravage and consume too many lives. In this powerful book for individuals suffering from eating disorders as well as those wanting to help Dr. Gregory Jantz comes alongside his readers with a well-tested and successful approach that addresses the emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual dimensions of healing from an eating disorder.

Is food your struggle?

It’s meant to give us strength and happiness but food so often becomes an enemy we battle. It wears on our health and relationships, our self-esteem and self-worth. Learn from those who have turned this enemy into an ally.

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

National eating disorder non-profit organization. Treatment referral, support groups, conferences, education, statistics and events.

Eating Disorder Hope

Resources for Anorexia, Bulimia & Binge Eating

The Day I Got Caught Binging

Christa Black shares about the time her Studhub Lucas caught her binging, and how his unconditional love brought her into healing.

Table in the Darkness

2014 Readers' Choice Awards Honorable Mention "Look who gained the freshman fifteen," a family member teased when I returned home after a few months of college. . . . When I heard the words my mind decoded it like this: You. Are. Fat. Fat was not good. No, fat was bad. I would not be fat. I stood in front of the full-length mirror in my dorm room and inspected the extra parts. These extra parts needed fixing my stomach, my thighs, and those cheeks that were round and puffy, like two big apples on the side of my face. I would fix this. Fixing was my forte. These were the thoughts that plagued Lee Blum during her teens and into her twenties.They drove her to an eating disorder and exercise addiction. Eventually, she found herself hospitalized with clinical depression. But that's not the end of the story: drawing strength from psychological, physiological and spiritual sources, she found her voice again. If you or someone you love has been at this dark table, you will find her story enlightening and encouraging."

Timberline Knolls

Timberline Knolls, a leading residential treatment center in the US, helps girls and women seeking lasting recovery from eating disorders, mood disorders, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, trauma and other co-occurring disorders. Timberline Knolls' highly respected, nationally known psychiatrists, psychologists and other healthcare professionals help individuals and their families meet the struggles of everyday life with renewed hope.

How Letting Go of Baggage Saved My Life

Do you feel like you are being weighed down by the hurts and insecurities you carry around? Find hope in Emily Wierenga's story of overcoming trauma and self-doubt, by learning to let go of her baggage.

Understanding Eating Disorders

Want to learn more about eating disorders or find help for yourself or a loved one? Check out our eating disorder eBook for information about the types, signs and risk factors of eating disorders, along with guidelines on how to find help.

Finding Freedom from Eating Disorders

Catherine Boyle, a Christian writer and speaker, shares her personal victory over the power of eating disorders, and she shared how others can also find freedom from this physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual struggle.

Learn about 6 common types of eating disorders and their symptoms.

Eating disorders are characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits, and they are quite common. This articles describes 6 of the most common eating disorders and their symptoms.

My Eating Disorder: Five Lessons for Men Battling Weight

If you struggle with an eating disorder, here are five lessons one man learned on his road to victory.

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