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Authors Who Blog

What do you blog about? Please tell us about your blog (and your book - if applicable) and post a link to your blog. This is a great way for authors in the community to get to know one another while getting lots of exposure and free publicity.


Book Marketing Made Easy by D'vorah Lansky

Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online

Alpha Chick, 5 Steps for Moving from Pain to Power | Book by author, coach Mal Duane

Book Alpha Chick, 5 Steps for Moving from Pain to Power by author, coach Mal Duane. Alcohol , addiction recovery, self-help, motivation, inspiration, empowerment.

Story Quest Children's Books - Jo Ann Kairys, Author —

Story Quest Children’s Books is a special place for authors, parents, educators, illustrators and publishers who share a love for children’s literature. All of our books help make learning about science and nature fun, with information from top experts.

The Seventh Major Understanding | Jordan Gray, Author, Speaker —

Joshua's book shares how together we plant the seeds leading to a Golden Age. Discover practical steps of new age living. The Seventh Major Understanding shines a light on our path into a brighter personal and shared reality – a new Golden Age.


Connie Ragen Green

Connie Ragen Green

I've written nine books and am currently working on the 10th - it's called The Weekend Marketer: How To Leave Your 9 To 5 Behind And Become An Online Entrepreneur

Dr. Dorothy Sharing Wisdom

Sharing the wisdom acquired from decades of walking the spiritual path with all the challenges and successes provides me with the joy of giving back and supporting others as they walk their own journey. Each of walks are so different and yet so similar, walk with me as I share what I have learned and experienced over the years as an orphan, an adopted child raised in the housing projects of an inner city, a catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, a wife, mother, single mother, psychotherapist, teacher, healer, author, and most of a all, a woman fully living her life and her dreams.

Three Ghost Friends by Eric VanRaepenbusch

I am a stay at home dad of FOUR young children. I read to them....a lot! My first blog, Happy Birthday Author, inspired me to write picture books of my own. Oh...and I like to do crafts and activities with my kids. So, my blog, Three Ghost Friends, shares lots of fun ways to use my FOUR eBooks with your kids. Enjoy -- and my books are only 99 cents!

Kate Loving Shenk — Prayer Prescriptions That Give Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

Prayer Prescriptions That Give Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

Go Forward Downsize by Moreen Torpy

This week we welcome the Downsizing Diva as our guest blogger, offering a different slant on downsizing.

Summertime and the livin' is easy!

You may be so busy thinking about short day-trips, long weekends and different routines that you may let down your guard. This may be when burglars are … [Read More...]

C Kay Brooks - Over the Road Tales & Tour Bus Adventures

May 12, 2012  Gold Canyon Steak House                  in Dayton's Historic District, 11am-2pm.Come Vote for your favorite art work! Bonus ballots with every book purchase, so stuff the ballot box! With the hope of winning the contract to be the Artist for

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for Free

Learn how to sell ebooks. Jason Matthews teaches to self publish, make and sell ebooks online at Amazon, major retailers, own sites and more.

Take Action! Revise Later Book Bob The Teacher Jenkins

How To Succeed In Business Through Trial, Error, And Adaptation

Raychelle Writes

Posts about the publishing industry, author interviews, book reviews, editing, and more!

CHERRIES – a Vietnam war novel

Ever wonder why young soldiers return home "changed" or "different" after their deployment to a war zone?

Hugs & Nightmares from Savannah Rayne

 Thank you Dave for sharing your thoughts with all of us today and for being a guest in The Reader’s Spotlight! Hugs & Nightmares from,Savannah

Free Christian Books Online

Sharing daily blog updates for free Christian book promotions on Kindle as well as book giveaways. Sign up for our e-mail notification list to find out about our special promotions, giveaways and more!

Treasure of My Heart: An adventure in Costa Rica

Luz, Janet and Ben stumble upon a great historical find that draws them into the life of Anabella, one of the early settlers of this lush tropical paradise.
There is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Can you find the clues?

Captivated By the Heart of God

40 Daily Devotionals From the Life of a Worship Leader

PA Davis - Author

PA Davis is an award-wining architect and writer living on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Your Soul Sings - Your Body Dances

A frequent talk I give is called “How Your Personality Impacts Your Health.” This book provides all the background information you will ever need to understand just how that happens – and – so much more. It is not coincidental who gets what disease; it is not an accident. Our personality, more than genetics, impacts our health negatively or positively. The choice is ours. This book explains how and why.

My goal in writing this book is to support you in claiming all this and more. This book will help you understand how to hear, how to really listen to, your soul’s messages as they are shared through your body. You can hear them, and feel them, and know what the messages are saying through your energy field and through your body awareness. When you choose to listen, and learn the language, the message is as clear as those you hear on your cell phone and yet so much more real, personal, exciting, and freeing.

Through numerous case examples, personal sharing, and the results of NIH funded research on fibromyalgia that I have completed, this book shows again and again how the soul speaks to you through health, illness, emotions, and passion, letting you know what is happening and what needs to be done even when you choose not to hear. Enjoy the adventure and the you that is discovered along the way…

Project:Me | Celebrate Your Journey!

Project:Me is designed to empower and inspire you to pursue greatness in every area of your life!

Daddy, Come & Get Me: a dad’s adventure through a guatemalan adoption

"Daddy, Come & Get Me: a dad’s adventure through a Guatemalan adoption" is the first memoir of an American dad’s adventure following his calling to adopt a daughter of Guatemala.

Widowhood Is Not Funny

Guidebook for widows to help them deal with their grief, find a new purpose & face their new future.

To Become A Writer - Tips For Indie Authors

We indie authors face tough challenges.  No one knows who we are or anything about our books.  We try all kinds of different things for book promotion.  But does promotion really work?  I’ve read some fascinating posts about the topic of book promotion, both the pros and the cons.  I’ve had varied success with different types of promotion and I’m not sure why.  But some things do seem clear…