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Here is the collection of popular news and articles on various domains. Explore here for news and articles on technology, finance, business, travels and more..

Dr. Paul Lubitz Talks about Living and Practicing in Bow River Valley

A highly educated and trained dermatologist, Dr Paul Lubitz is now practicing in Bow Valley Dermatology in Canmore General Hospital.

Iran vs. Eye-ran - Video

Jian explores how alt-pronunciations like "Eye-talian", "Ay-rab" and "Eye-ran" can been used as pejoratives, and as a way to telegraph alliance with others who want to hear words said a certain way.

The Ideation Project - Podcast by Jian Gomeshi

The Ideation Project is Jian Gomeshi's new podcast series.

An Excerpt for The Ideation Project by Jian Gomeshi

Check the exclusive excerpt from Jian Gomeshi's brand new podcast, The Ideation Project.

Adam Richmond and Claude Stuart at The Full Charge Power Hour

Adam Richmond comes at Episode 90 of The Full Charge Hour to talk about his recent experience with the justice system

Joey Houssain, Entreprenuer and Philanthropist, shares his experiences in the Middle East

Alongwith UNICEF, Joey Houssain travels to Middle East to get a first hand look at the human rights crisis happening in that part of the world.

How Top Companies Get and Keep Top Talent, explains Andrew Rasheed

Finding and keeping exceptional talent at a company can be tough. Andrew Rasheed shares how Top companies to do the same.

Denis Vranich Emphasizes on Hard Work for New Entrepreneurs

Denis Vranich, Canadian Executive, shares his struggle first-hand and

suggests new entrepreneurs to focus on Hard Work.

Hamilton, Ontario Developments are Positive, explains Denis Vranich

According to Denis Vranich, Hamilton and Ontario is in the midst of an economic and development boom that is helping to fuel the Ontario economy

Spray Foam Insulation Critical for Net Zero Energy Construction, suggests Denis Vranich

One of the biggest trends in the green building sector in recent years is

the realization of net zero energy buildings using Spray Foam Insulation.

In recent years, there has been growing movement of celebrities turning away from traditional media and news outlets to reach their audiences. New on new social media alternatives like ConnectPal draw in celebrities.

How Active Business Services Works with Ontario Businesses to Mitigate Energy Costs

While energy is now cheaper to produce in Ontario than it has been for decades, business owners aren’t rejoicing, mostly because while many expected the reduced rate to impact their bills in a positive way (driving costs down), in fact the exact opposite has happened and business owners across the province are now wondering how they will keep the lights on.

Paragon International Wealth Management: Investing in Fancy Colored Diamonds

When people think of diamonds, many think of the clear stone used in the majority of engagement rings. However, the truth is, diamonds come in a range of colors, from pink to blue to orange, purple and black. These colors appear as a result of trace chemical elements and particulates during the crystallization process of a gem.

Paragon International Wealth Management, other firms note colored diamond demand uptick post ‘Pink Star’ record

Colored diamonds come in a wide array of hues, with pink being among the rarest. Their appraised value is based on the stone’s hue and color intensity, clarity and weight. Fancy intense and fancy vivid are the highest quality categories of colored diamonds.

Paragon International Wealth Management Highlights Green Diamonds' Upward Trend

The heightened attention the exquisite diamonds are attracting comes on the heels of last year's sale of the "Aurora Green" diamond, a very rare 5.03-carat fancy vivid green

diamond. The magnificent piece was sold at auction for a record-setting $16.8 million by Christie's at the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale in June last year.

Jarret Reid Speaks to Goals of New Junior Cougars Hockey Program

Jarret Reid, Scott Mifsud, C.J. Morrison and Tyler Flemming are applying their years of skating and hockey expertise to help young players in the program not just grow their skills and capabilities, but advance their appreciation of sportsmanship and fair play.

Zabeen Hirji receives 2014 Catalyst Canada Honour for leading women in business

Zabeen Hirji honored Catalyst Canada Honours which recognizes exceptional individuals who have demonstrated commitment, passion and results by championing the advancement of women and minorities in Canadian business.

RBC aims to build Bank of the Future with Diversity and Inclusion.

RBC’s journey from diversity to inclusion is central to our efforts to build the bank of the future, and it begins with open and creative minds.

Why Quality Nutrition so Vital for Young Hockey Players

It’s not just a breakfast of champions that helps develop young hockey players. It takes good nutrition at lunch and dinner and maybe not so much pre- or post-game refueling at the Golden Arches to ensure their peak performance.

Jian Gomeshi is back with new podcast 'The Ideation Project'

Ghomeshi returns to the spotlight with his latest podcast featuring words, original music, recording and production by Ghomeshi himself.

Tanzanian-born Zabeen Hirji shares Tips for Immigrant Jobseekers in an Interview

Royal Bank of Canada's Human Resources head, Zabeen Hirji, shares her

theory about diversity and tips for immigrants to get a job.

Demand for Green Construction on Rise, says Denis Vranich

Much of Canada’s success in the green building sector is a result of the

Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) which has resulted in increase

in demand of Green Construction.

RBC projected back in March that Ontario will experience steady economic growth, with a 2.5 percent increase; but, that was before the government announced a host of initiatives designed to slow down a rapidly escalating and unaffordable housing market.

Toronto's Paragon International Wealth Management: "Much To Be Excited About by Argyle Everglow"

Paragon International projects unprecedented demand for a fancy red colored diamond at this year's Rio Tinto Argyle Diamond Tender.

Between questions over what lies ahead for the Argyle diamond mine and the rarity (and increasingly high prices) of the fancy pink diamonds the mine produces, anticipation over the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is on the rise, even though the exclusive event is months away.