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Updated by Gursharn Bassi on Aug 15, 2017
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Why Should Your Customers Worry About Fake Delivery Cards?

If you’ve seen the news recently, you might have spotted that a batch of fake missed delivery cards are doing the rounds and conning people out of £45 a time.

At iCollect, we’ve put our heads together to come up with the top ways your customers can protect themselves against postal scams and fake missed delivery cards. Without further ado, they are:


Keep track of what you've ordered

Keep track of what you've ordered

Knowing what you’ve ordered is essential in spotting any unusual missed collection notices. If you think a missed delivery card looks suspicious, or can’t think what it relates to, ask your friends and family if they’ve sent you a parcel and where it has come from.


Know who you've ordered from and track your package

If you’ve ordered from somewhere like Amazon, they’ll have their own collection cards and will often attempt to redeliver if you’re not in. Not only that, but they’ll email you when your collection is out for delivery, or when the item is undeliverable. Many places offer this service, so make use of the tracking software available to you.


Check to see if there's a name

Check to see if there's a name

Having a name on the collection card is a key indicator of whether someone has sent something specifically for you, or whether someone is spamming all the houses in the area with the same dodgy collection card. If there’s no name on the card, inspect it very carefully.


Spot missing ingredients

Scammers can be very skilled at hoodwinking people and can have access to very professional software. Examine your delivery cards carefully because it may only be a tiny detail that gives the game away.

For example, the fake Royal Mail cards that have been circulating were very similar looking to the real McCoy except for one key difference – they didn’t contain the signature crest that’s on the real deal.


Never miss a collection by using an intermediary

Never miss a collection by using an intermediary

At iCollect, we work with the public and businesses to provide a quick, reliable and timely delivery service that keeps safety at the core of our ethos. We only deliver packages when you or your customers are at home, saving money on missing or damaged items and providing a smoother, more satisfactory experience all round.

If you need any further advice to give to your customers, or to find out more about the iCollect service, call us today on: 01384 624 756, or email: