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Unexpected things to do in Mackay – Activities You Won't Believe

About 600 miles north of Brisbane is the beautiful region of Mackay in Queensland. In addition to her natural splendour and many attractions, Mackay is considered the sugar capital of Australia.


Swim with a Platypus

The platypus is one of the world's most fascinating creatures. It is a biological enigma, being a creature with the body of a beaver, yet also showing features of ducks. If you were to visit Pioneer Valley you can come across an eco-tourism entity that will allow you to have an experience beyond imagination. After donning the necessary gear, you can dive into the freshwater habitats of these intriguing animals and swim with them. You also won't be diving in some tank in an aquatic museum either, but one of Australia's most iconic bodies of water, surrounded by beautiful sugarcane fields.


Hang out with Kangaroos and Wallabies

Kangaroos might be famous throughout the world, but their close relatives, wallabies, would be considered a bit more obscure. Wallaby isn't a formal designation per say, and is used to refer to any macropod that is smaller than a kangaroo. They are usually from the same taxonomic family as kangaroos, and occasionally even the same genus. There are about twenty different species of wallabies in existence. By venturing to Cape Hillsborough, especially if you go to the Nature Resort locate there, you can find many of these captivating creatures by the beach. The wallabies and kangaroos found here can be quite unperturbed by human company and can be easy to interact with.


Fly Through the Forest

If you enjoy adrenaline-fuelled activities then this is definitely something for you. It is in fact one of the most iconic experiences in the region and many hotels in Mackay such as the likes of Oaks Rivermarque will recommend this experience. Once you're harnessed you can soar more than twenty metres above the forests. The cables are usually around 350 metres long, and you can control your speed using a hand-braking system. You could even hault your travel entirely and just hang out, pun intended, over the forest for a while and enjoy the view.


Visit the Land of Clouds

The Eungella National Park is one of the most beautiful landscapes Australia has to offer from a massive selection of geographical wonder. The park's name, pronounced 'young-gulluh', translates into 'land of clouds', and you will discover why upon a visit. The altitude of this landscape will result in wisps of white blowing through your car windows should you leave them open. Two of the park's highlights are the awe-inspiring Araluen and Wheel of Fire waterfalls which are sights to behold.


Food Glorious Food

The Mackay region is renowned for sugar production, which means that you're bound to discover an immense selection of expertly prepared sweet treats. One of the most popular and definitive eateries of Mackay is the Church Cafe Pinnacle, which you may have guessed is a church that has been converted into a cafe. It is one of the best places in the area for Italian food in particular. 'The Old Station Tea House' also comes highly recommended since the restaurant was fashioned out of a vintage train station built more than a century ago.

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