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Headline for 6 Interesting places to visit near Wattala Area – Attractions Around Wattala
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6 Interesting places to visit near Wattala Area – Attractions Around Wattala

Wattala is a suburban city located approximately 12km from Colombo. Somewhat distant from Colombo's hassle, and with several attractions located in close by, Wattala is an interesting place to visit.


Gampaha Gardens

Gampaha is a town located about 40 minutes away from Wattala. While the town itself is vibrant, one of its top attractions is the Gampaha Gardens, The Gampaha Gardens is a luscious garden containing close to 1500 species of trees and plants. A typical green lung, the Gampaha Gardens is a great place to explore if you wish to escape the concrete jungle and hassle of city life and take breather amidst luscious greenery. A highlight of the Gampaha Gardens is the remains of the first rubber tree ever planted in Sri Lanka, symbolizing the birth of Sri Lanka's thriving rubber industry.


Pettah Market

The Pettah Market is one of the most exciting attractions located close to Wattala. Approximately 11km from Wattala, the Pettah Market is arguably the most vibrant and expansive market in Sri Lanka. Spread across several streets, all interlinked by several smaller streets, the Pettah Market has hundreds upon hundreds of stores and shops selling pretty much anything you want! The market is extremely popular due to its highly competitive prices and culture of bargaining, making it a great place to shop for cheap clothes, fabrics and materials, traditional Sri Lankan garments, jewelry, cheap electronics & toys, fresh produce, footwear, and accessories. It is also a great place to visit to check out Sri Lanka's street food.


National Museum of Colombo

The National Museum of Colombo is another great attraction that is well worth visiting. Located in the heart of Colombo, the National Museum is Sri Lanka's most comprehensive museum. Housed in a stunning building boasting Victorian and Italian architecture, the National Museum of Colombo contains a priceless collection of records, artifacts, relics, and other items of immense historical and cultural importance. The museum is separated according to the various eras of Sri Lanka, including the pre-historic era, the era of the Sinhala Kingdoms, the Colonial era, and the Post-Independence era. Some of the highlights include the throne, crown, and regalia of the last Sinhala King, statues dating back 2500 years, ruins of important historic structures, historic paintings and masks, and ancient weaponry.


Negombo Beach

The Negombo Beach is located about a 40-minute drive away from Wattala, and is, without a doubt, one of the best beaches you can visit easily while staying in Wattala. The Negombo Beach is a blissful and undisturbed stretch of golden sandy beach that has gained immense popularity as being a great beach to visit for a relaxing and tranquil experience. Apart from moderate amounts of locals and a few tourists, the Negombo Beach isn't a crowded beach, meaning that visitors can have plenty of space to engage in any activity they please. The beach itself is great for all manner of beach sports, beach activities and working on your tan, while the waters are great for swimming, fishing, and several water sports.


The World Trade Centre

Located in close proximity to the Pettah Market is the World Trade Centre (WTC). WTC is one of Colombo's premier commercial hubs, and is housed in twin towers, standing 152m tall. The iconic twin towers of WTC are a highlight of the Colombo skyline, making it one of the popular attractions that are easily accessible from Colombo beach hotels such as the Pegasus Reef Hotel. Housing some of the biggest offices in Sri Lanka, such as the Board of Investments and the Colombo Stock Exchange Headquarters, WTC is well worth checking out.


Wadduwa Beach

The Wadduwa Beach is not exactly close to Wattala, but nevertheless you can get there in about an hour's drive. This, however, is sure to be worth it, as the Wadduwa Beach is one of the best beaches on the western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. This beautiful and pristine golden sandy beach is ideal for beach and water sports, and is lined with several restaurants and attractions too!