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05 Most Underrated Cultural Holiday Destinations in Asia – Let's Explore the Exotic

Asia is well known for its fascinating culture, exotic people and places is a land of mystery and tradition. Here are 05 cultural holiday destinations well worth visiting. 🎎


Kalasha Valleys – Pakistan

Kalasha Valleys – Pakistan

Toward the middle of December when the crops are stored and it's time to relax the Kalasha Valleys of Bumboret, Rumbur and Birir in Pakistan come alive.

This is the largest celebration that takes place amongst the Kalasha people staunchly resisting Islamism that seems to engulf them from all sides. Festivities spell a time of never ending feats, dances, music and visits.

*Birir *will celebrate to the accompaniment of musical instruments while the other two practise cappella style singing. Women engage in songs to the demigod Balomain; believed to travel through the valleys at this time.

Staying for a period of four days within the valleys the demi-god is believed to partake in celebrations and take back a collection of prayers to Dezau – the creator. The men of course bake bread in the shape of goats at a time when mass slaughter of the actual animal takes place. Hiking across the gorgeous vales is an added bonus.

manalahmadkhan, Kalash women traditional clothing, CC BY 2.0


Yakushima Island – Japan

Yakushima Island – Japan

Arakawa trail, Yakushima island , Casey Yee , (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If you are already familiar with the stunning beauty of Japan Yakushima will not disappoint. Located about 37 miles from Kyushu this is the country's third largest island.

Some of the world's top vacation destinations are located in Japan and Yakushima should be one.

Home to huge mountains and ancient forests this place is an unspoilt oasis. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993; although the Japanese revered the island as a natural wonder long before that.

Tourists are only now starting to discover the almost enchanting environs of this magical island which is soon to be a top spot on The Vacation Gateway.




Laos although familiar to many is often overlooked for its more popular counterparts. A real shame since the small country is a treasure trove of culture, tradition and scenic beauty. Centred around the Mekong River the place was always in the backwoods due to war and isolation from the rest of the world.

Due to this Laos is yet unspoilt by modernisation; hence an old fashioned charm is reflected amongst its people and environs. Expect a friendly laid back attitude to life here while exploring the mountainous forests that border Vietnam and Thailand will prove to be more than rewarding.


Da Lat – Vietnam

Da Lat – Vietnam

Like Laos Da Lat too is overlooked for the country's more popular cities; but Da Lat is a precious gem waiting to be discovered. Located in the southern highlands of Vietnam this city is based around a gorgeous lake and golf course.

The surroundings consist of verdant hills, lakes, waterfalls and lush pine forests. Its nicknamed the 'City of Eternal Spring' and is more so, enhanced by its temperate climate and fresh surroundings. The French developed Da Lat as a resort way back in the 1900's and have left behind many reminders in the form of colonial buildings and culture.

Photo By Diane Selwyn (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Pulau Ubin – Singapore

Pulau Ubin – Singapore

Sengkang, Pulau Ubin 3, Aug 07, CC BY-SA 3.0

We all know and love Singapore but have you been to Pulau Ubin? If the answer is no, here are a few reasons to plan a visit to this luxurious island habitat. Located to the northeast of Singapore's mainland this island is out of an ancient story book.

Traditional kampongs or villages dot the countryside framed by granite quarries and rolling hills. Bicycle paths mark a criss cross pattern across the hills and countryside while Chek Jawa wetlands home to flatlands and mangrove forests are home to kingfisher and bulbul birds