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Must have Productivity Apps for Android

Must have Productivity Apps for Android, Mobile Phone

Sales Tracking Calendar for Android, iPhone and iPad

How amazing would it be if your schedule book or calendar was so smart that it could use your everyday scheduling data to calculate your pipeline report, closing ratios, track your objective, create a sales plan for you AND send them all to you and your sales manager with one click? Meet Sales Tracking Calendar - created FOR Salespeople BY Salespeople. Oh and now… it’s FREE!
Find it on Google Play at:
or on iTunes at:

Pocket (Formerly Read It Later)

When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. Use Pocket to share and open up on another device or on your computer.

Daily Planner

What makes it so special?
There are two lists in this app 1. Daily and 2 Weekly. In daily list I have pre-feed all the routine things that I do everyday. Everyday before sleeping at 11:40PM when my mobile alarm rings I pick up my android phone, go to Daily app tick-off all the things that I was suppose to complete for today. On same lines I do my weekly review for those repetitive things which I was suppose to do in the current week. This app keeps record of all the previous days and weeks data, it helps me to evaluate my progress and bring gamification in my life.


What makes it so special?
TimeBox is a lethal combination of Pomodoro (like to mighty desktop app) + Daily Routines (like Daily Planner app)

If you have to finish your work in a row , without distraction using this app will get you straight to home. All your have to do is to pre-feed how much time will be taken by the daily routine work and start with the first item in the list to all the way down to last. Except for high battery consumption this app is a gem




Organize anything, together. Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, know what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

Google Keep - Android Apps on Google Play

Quickly capture what's on your mind and be reminded at the right place or time. Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it. Everything you ...

Ultimate To-Do List

What makes it so special?
After scanning all the GTD apps in the market for android phone, I zeroed down to this App. This app is true winner in all the aspects. UI is very intuitive and simple. App is rich in features yet nothing is cramped. High expectation of context based task, location aware task are fulfilled by this app. Different view, filters and rules can be set for all the tasks. It synchronizes very well with toodledo and google.

This is the app for which I purchased android mobile phone and is going to stay with me for life long. Everything that I want/have-to-do/ideas/etc. I capture it in my Ultimate to-do app and after processing the lists on this app, I take things to execute one action item at a time. This is an app which makes my life move toward my goals as per my design.

To Do Tree

What makes it so special?
Which is an android app that synchronizes tasks with desktops, data can be stored in cloud, is free, and can also maintain the hierarchy of parent-child relationship for different tasks the answer is To Do Tree + Google task is the best combo, even on the go. Another winning alternative to TO Do Tree is GTasks from Android Market

All my goals and project are expanded and drilled down into action items using Google Task, every day I take these action item from To Do Tree App and complete the action item one at a time, thus my current projects are always on the move even if the progress is slow.


Scan a product, See what's inside, Make healthier choices!

Android Speed Booster FREE - Android Apps on Google Play

Get this tool today to speed up your Android telephone. Bring some more power into your CPU and GPU, optimize your Internet connection whether it is WiFi or 3G. Clear out some of unnecessary memory and accelerate your usage experience today.




I use Speek for conference calls. It's easier than tying your shoes. Sign up for free today!

Call Reminder Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

Reminders for every occasion! Call Reminder provides a fast and convenient way to schedule reminders for virtually any occasion. Great for professionals or anyone else...


Fronto(Your favorites at the front)

Fronto(Your favorites at the front)

Fronto is the app that I found few days ago. And it is so far productive in my daily life. It offers me promotion code for special deals, and useful contents.




A work management app that helps you track and organize all of your tasks and thoughts while on the go.

Top mCommerce Trends For 2018 – You Should Know | ShopyGen

Augmented Reality will dominate the dominion of mCommerce

Thousands of Android apps can track your phone - Tech4uBox- Upcoming Technology

Thousands of Android apps can track your phone
Thousands of Android apps can track your phone, even if you refuse permissions, Android Q may have fixed, but when do you get them?.

When you explicitly tell the Android app, "No, you do not have permission to track my phone," you might expect that it will not have the capabilities to do so.

But researchers say thousands of applications have found ways to trick Android's Android system, phone calls with your device's unique identifier, and enough data to detect your potential location as well.

Even if you say "no" to an application when asking for permission to see these bits personally identify the data, it may not be enough: the second application with permissions that you have agreed can share these bits with the other or leave them in a shared storage space where an application Another - potentially harmful - application to read it.

The two applications may not appear to be linked, but the researchers say that because they are configured with the same SDKs, they can access that data, and there is evidence that SDK owners are receiving it.

It seems like a child is asking for candy and a parent tells him "no", so they ask the other parent.

According to the privacy 2019 study, we're talking about apps like Samsung and Disney that have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times.

Using the software development tools (SDK) created by the Chinese search giant Baidu and an analytics company called Salmonids that can transfer your data from one application to another (and to its servers) by storing it locally on your phone first.

The researchers saw that some applications that use the Baidu SDK may try to get this data quietly for their own use.

Secret channels and side channels
This is in addition to a number of side channel gaps found by the team, some of which can send home the unique MAC addresses of your router, network router, wireless access point, SSID, and more.

"It is now well known that it is a very good alternative to location data," said Serge Egelman, research director of the ICSI Security and Protection Group at the launch of the private study.

The study also assigns the Shutterfly application to send the actual GPS coordinates back to its servers without permission to track the sites - by collecting data from the initial EXIF ​​data of your images - although the company denied that it collected the data without authorization in a statement. CNET.

There are fixes coming up for some of these problems in Android Q, according to researchers who say they told Google about vulnerabilities in September.

However, this may not help many current Android phones that will not get the Android Q update. (As of May, only 10.4% of Android devices have the latest version of Android P installed, and more than 60% Android N, which is about three years old)

Researchers believe that Google should do more, and may introduce urgent fixes within security updates at the same time because it should not be only new phone buyers who get protection.

"Google claims publicly that privacy should not be a luxury, but it seems to be doing well here," they say.

Google declined to comment on the specific gaps but confirmed that Android Q will hide location information from image apps by default and will require photo apps to tell the Play Store whether it can access primary data for the site.

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