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Fasting Support Groups and Pages

The Dr. Jason Fung Fan Club

The Dr. Jason Fung Fan club is more of a support group for those following Dr. Fung's teaching. So it's not just fasting but Keto Low Carb as well. No fasts over 7 days but less exclusionary if you occasionally go longer as long a you don't discuss it.

Fung Shweigh for Diabetes/Metabolic Issues inspired by Dr. Jason Fung

Good group, but not supportive of fasts over 7 days. Really more of an intermittent fasting group now. Was the first fasting group I joined though.

Fabulous 21 Day Water Only Fasting Support Group

Great group. Not a huge group which has advantages and disadvantages. Supportive of fasts shorter than 21 days but another group that's good for longer fasts.

Water Fasting Support Group

A great facebook support group for fasting for weight loss. Friendly to longer fast and still open. Prefers strict water but open to others.

Fasting: General Fasting Support Forum, Page 167, : This is the New Forum Homepage. Complete messages are Expanded, a...

Good with longer fasts but a bit overly much on detoxing and other aspects of fast that I find less well supported by evidence.