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Headline for Don't Mess With The Power Of Nature - Just Look And See What Happens To Those Who Do!
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Don't Mess With The Power Of Nature - Just Look And See What Happens To Those Who Do!

The Wild West of Nature and the Animal Kingdom - Curated and Compiled By The Solid Bar Company - Not To Be Missed!


Blue Planet II's bird-eating fish horrifies viewers

If you need an idea for a Halloween costume, why not dress up as a giant trevally?

The Delicious Flavour With A Toxic Secret!

Tonka beans have an intense flavour that chefs and food manufacturers have enthusiastically embraced. There’s just one problem – it contains a chemical that could kill.

The deadly germ warfare island abandoned by the Soviets

During the Cold War, Vozrozhdeniya Island was a top-secret testing ground for deadly Soviet super-pathogens. Despite over two decades of abandonment, their legacy lives on.

Killer whale culture

What makes some savage mammals while others are happy to play with humans?

Orcas and whales seen in fight to the death

New research reveals how orcas attack baleen whales, and how the whales fight back

Are massive squid really the sea monsters of legend?

For centuries people have spun tales of sea monsters with giant tentacles that drag people to their doom. Is there any truth to the stories?

Amazing deep sea bioluminescence

Weird and wonderful creatures with bright ideas

Which Animals Can Swim Up Your Toilet?

When a man in Thailand went to the toilet, a python sank its teeth into his penis. What animals can navigate the sewers to pop up in your loo?

What were the legendary man-eating snakes of Borneo?

Hundreds of years ago, eight children were taken from a village in Borneo - by "dragons". What were these terrifying beasts?

A Baby Iguana Runs For Its Life Being Chased By Crazy Snakes

In this stunning and tense sequence from Planet Earth II, a newly-hatched marine iguana must make its way to the sea, but to do so it must run a gauntlet of racer snakes

Volcanoes could erupt much more, thanks to climate change

On the face of it, climate change and volcanic eruptions are completely unrelated. But in fact our warming world could trigger extra volcanic eruptions

The newly-discovered spider with ninja dance moves

Jumping spiders are known for their intricate courtship displays. Now five new species have been named

On rare occasions, the Grand Canyon fills with thick cloud

This strange phenomenon is called a "cloud inversion", and when it happens the results are spectacular

The ocean is a strange place after dark

Moonlight triggers the world’s biggest orgy

Baboon troops clash in epic battle

In a fight for territory, dominant males settle old scores

Amazing Footage of Killer Whales On The Hunt

You have to see to believe this - how smart this pod of killer whale act as a hunting team after their seal prey who have little, or no, chance of escape!

The most electric place on Earth

At one lake in Venezuela, lightning flashes 28 times a minute

Where is the windiest place on Earth?

Oklahoma, Antarctica, the Southern Ocean and a small island off the coast of Australia are all in the running

The terrifying tsunami that devastated Britain

Some 8,000 years ago, a tsunami with a run-up height of up to 25m swept Scottish islands and the coastline at 80mph. It may have been caused by climate change. Could it happen again?

The places on Earth where nature is most likely to kill you

The world is full of natural hazards, from volcanoes to floods and storms. But where is the risk to human life greatest?

The most powerful punches and kicks of all time

Muhammad Ali may have thrown some pretty powerful punches, but there are animals in the wild that could beat the stuffing out of him


Road Vs Nature - No contest!

Road Vs Nature - No contest!

There really is ever only going to be one winner; nature knows best!

The Power of Nature HD

Great Video of Nature and its power!! subscribe if you like! Music: Tune of Soul - Planet Boom

Using A Shampoo Bar Is Child's Play - Here's How!

It's so easy to use our personal hair care items that even a very young child can do it safely easily and to prove it here's our 18 month old to show you all...