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Updated by Jayden Coleman on Sep 20, 2017
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5 Donor Acquisition Mistakes Nonprofits Should Avoid

Every project in your organization may not be back with success. You need to keep few things in mind before, during, and after your campaign to get better outcomes.


Failure to cultivate relationships with donors

Organizations working for not-for-profit or charity should focus on developing relationships with donors before they ask. Acquiring donors to donate for your cause is not simple, as it requires building credibility in your nonprofit and its mission. You need to feel your supporters like a part of your ministry and tell them that their contribution will truly make a difference.

Don’t forget to say thank you immediately after giving. It is an extremely important for any interpersonal relationship. Expressing gratitude could help in fostering a strong and productive relationships with contributors. And you may get back your donors in future.


Unresponsive online donation platform

If nonprofits don’t focus on designing their digital giving platform responsive to every device besides computer, they’re making a big mistake. Today’s donors find it easy to donate through their smartphones, as it saves their time and energy. Organizations need to make their donation pages mobile friendly to capture the mobile audience on your website.

You must have user-friendly buttons and set up secure and easy-to-use payment process on your online fundraising platform. It will make your donation process more effective resulting in increasing donor numbers and collecting more money for your cause.


Limited source of revenue for fundraising

Having a limited source of revenue for fundraising is one of the biggest mistakes for nonprofit marketers. You should use multiple ways of fundraising to protect your organization such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, recurring giving, partnerships/sponsorships, contracts, events, corporate giving, and more. This will maximize your fundraising efforts to help support your charitable trust.

In order to make your fundraising effective and economic, you need to diversify your funding streams which may also help you to eliminate the financial risk and future uncertainty. You’ll be better able to sustain their operations during the time of resource scarcity and run your organization fiscally sound.


Neglecting social media presence

Nonprofits can’t afford to ignore social media. It is ranked as the 2nd most important communication channel for charities. In order to promote your campaign, you need to ramp up your association’s social media presence. It provides marketers an additional opportunity to nurture their supporters outside of the traditional channels.

Being social will provide more opportunities for nonprofits to tell a story effectively about their cause and share it on their social profiles through pictures, videos, blog posts, and more. With social networks, thought leaders can reach much broader digital audience to get support for your cause and accomplish their goals. Using the power of social channels, you’ll be able to attract, engage, educate, and inform current and future generation of donors with two-way conversation.


Lack of transparency

Nonprofits must inject transparency into their practices. It means telling the truth to your donors about who is benefitting from your campaign, how their money is going to be used, how much they’re getting donations, and more. It can keep your charitable organization out of trouble. It will strengthen your relationship with donors and help in increasing your donor acquisition rate in your organization. Your contributors will show their interests in your organization and give more for your social cause.

By avoiding these some mistakes, organizations can attract and retain more donors to get support. Donors with a good experience will help you to spread positive word of mouth for your nonprofit and they may ask to others for your good cause.