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How to spend your vacation in Hilton Head?

Wondering where to go during the vacation? If you want to explore the unexplored essence of a native culture, then you can visit Hilton Head. The museum, Gullah neighborhood, the beaches, culture, tradition, and folklore of Gullah people- there are so many things to witness and experience that you will hardly get any time to be bored of. We, the professionals of Gullah Heritage Trail Tours will make the most of your vacation.

Four Major Things to See in Hilton Head

Long-time islanders joke how Hilton Head is just a southern extension of the Buckeye State. But if you visit the place, from charming historical walking tours to exploring the natural beauty, there's so much to do for all age groups in Hilton Head!

Hilton Head Vacation

Gullah Geechee Culture is the unique culture of the enslaved West Africans in the Hilton Head Island. Plan your Hilton Head vacation with Hilton Head Trail

Get Ready For An Authentic Vacation

Plan your next trip with the inhabitants of Gullah and explore the Hilton Head activities with the local residents. You can have the taste of everything ranging between tradition, lifestyle and tribal culture. Call them up if your next trip is towards West Africa.

3 Things in Gullah Geechee Culture You Can't Miss

The Gullah Geechee people form one of the most indigenous cultures of all time. Their distinct identity stems back to their legacy of being the descendants of Central and West Africans ethnic and social groups. Today, this group of Black Americans from South Carolina and Georgia lives in small farming and fishing communities along the Atlantic coastal plain.

5 Reasons That Make Hilton Head Tour Interesting

The Gullah Geechee culture that inhibits the Sea Islands of Georgia has maintained their indigenous traditions from West Africa since the mid-1700s. Language, spirituality, agriculture, festivals are some of the traditions which have been passed on from the earlier generations and are very specifically linked to the West African ethnic groups who were enslaved on island plantations till the antislavery laws in Georgia was passed.

Want to know more about Black History Month? Learn closely

Want to explore events in the history of African diaspora? Join in for Hilton head tours with your family to know more about this annual celebration. Contact them to book your reservation now.

4 Main Places to Enjoy in Hilton Head

To enjoy a charming historical walking tour in the Gullah Geechee corridor, you need to know a bit about their heritage. To recognize the indigenous culture of the Gullah Geechee people who now stays in the Sea Islands and coastal areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia, there is the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor established by the U.S. Congress.

How is Gullah Geechee different in culture and tradition?

Looking for a vacation to a destination that stands out for its unique culture and way of living? You must check out Gullah Geechee culture that has its very own African based system of traditions, customs, beliefs, art forms and family life. Contact them to schedule a vacation to Hilton Head Island.

Why Plan Your Next Vacay At Hilton Head

The exceptional culture of enslaved West Africans who reside in the Sea Islands of South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida and Georgia, has left the world fascinated. The Gullah Geechee Corridor, which includes the Hilton Head Island preserves the African cultural and linguistic heritage than any other African-American community in the US.

Why trip to Hilton Head is a perfect weekend getaway

Pristine sandy beaches, great golf courses and a diverse choice of activities, Hilton Head Island is a stunning touristy vacation in South Carolina. Interlaced with an extensive network of trails, this is a loved getaway place for those who love to explore places on foot or on bike.

Hilton Head Activities You Must Not Miss

Coastal discovery museum on Hilton Head has been responsible for preserving many of the Gullah art exhibits, crafts and sweetgrass baskets. Both self-guided and guided tours are available as a part of the Hilton head activities. Interested people can also take part in the cultural and natural excursions where if one is interested to learn how to weave the sweetgrass basket from a local Gullah basket maker at a nominal fee.

Planning for Hilton Head tours?

There is a common saying that Hilton Head is just a southern extension of the Buckeye State! However this charming historical place has a lot more to offer right from the walking tours to exploring the natural beauty, and people of every age can enjoy a day or two here at Hilton Head!

Simple Things to Make Your Hilton Stay Memorable

Hilton Head tours are so arranged that the visitors can have a complete understanding of the Gullah culture. Although there's so much to enjoy that it's nearly impossible to make a complete trip in just a weekend.

Bored? Plan an interesting getaway by the island

Right from the planning of the tour till the time a person gets to the location, the enthusiasm remains off the charts. However, few hours after reaching, the interest begins to fade. But this will not be the case when a vacation destination sits by an island and surrounded by century old heritage. To paint a clearer and bigger picture, take a look at these locations to go around exploring Hilton head activities that will leave one with lots of stories to tell in the coming future.

What makes Gullah Geechee unique?

The Gullah Geechee culture reminds the visitors about vibrant West Africa. The people here were able to protect their traditions and heritage more than any other African-American association. An enriching trip to the island can be a journey into the past. To know more about the trip to the island, contact them.

What makes Gullah Geechee an excellent weekend destination?

Located on the beaches of South Carolina, the Hilton Head is an ultimate family destination. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the Hilton Head tours offer families a time to relax and enjoy. The families can explore the lush beaches ideal for sea activities, or head towards the iconic landmarks of the island; one can never be bored at the region.

Want to plan a ground-breaking getaway by the beach?

If the idea of taking a trip doesn’t make you excited, you need to remake your decision. Hilton head tour offers one of the best neighborhoods to enhance the love for nature in you. Dial their contact details to have a conversation. Book your tour today!

4 Entertaining Hilton Head Expedition

Whether it’s a family trip or an individual getaway, it’s important to keep the activities of the place in focus. If one decides on staying close to nature during their journey, so be it. The Hilton Head tour will not be a disappointing decision at all. It has some of the most creative and natural sceneries to mesmerize anyone.

Three Activities that are the Soul of Hilton Head

Nothing attracts a tourist to a particular place than rich traditions and fun activities. The Hilton Head Island has both the things to offer. If you want a perfect getaway for the holidays, then stopping by in this serene environment would be the best decision you can make.

Why Gullah cuisine is the talk of the town?

The Gullah cuisine reflects the beautiful culture of the locals, which has been deeply rooted in their native African traditions. Food, made with the local ingredients collected from sea and land, defines the people and their culture living here.

Explore the Unique Activities of the Sea Island

Planning a family trip isn’t easy because every individual has a different vision for a vacation. However, there is a place where everyone’s requirement will merge. A place with perfect beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, relishing seafood, and ancient traditions, get to know more about the place right here.

Four Incredible Things to Try For Vacations

Nothing beats a well-planned vacation to the beach. A nature lover will find peace and solace at every point in such locations. However, to make sure you are not missing out on anything while you are in a heavenly beach, try to note down these things you must try when you visit Hilton Head.

Six Fascinating Facts about Gullah Culture

There are many fascinating things to know about the community, the Gullah people have largely evolved over the years and yet retained their values and traditions. Exploring Gullah Geechee culture is often preferred by the tourists due to its interesting history and heritage. The current community has successfully retained their cultural and traditional West African roots for over 300 years and counting.

Explore Incredible Attractions in Hilton Head Island

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this famous site in South Carolina. Hilton Head is a proud owner of stunning beaches and memorable locations, and it’s perfect for family holidays. People who keep beach as their first preference will find a perfect spot for their next getaway.

Top Reasons to Visit Hilton Head This Winter

There is no exclusive vacation time to visit Hilton Head Island. One of the most heavenly islands to make a vacation to, Hilton Head offers hundreds of reasons to make it your favorite gateway any time of the year. Here we go with some of the exclusive reasons why winter must be spent here.

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