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Political Views

Insight on Donald Trump and Politics

Go online and visit the site on Dr Bars Rossi Ph.D. if you want to get comprehensive insight into current American politics. From videos about Donald Trump to views on his latest decisions and policies, you can gain lots of insights from his comments.

Comments on Priebus’s Departure from Office

The last 6 months have seen a number of people being ousted from the Trump run administration. With the recent casualty being Reince Priebus, political psychologist and commentator Dr Bart Rossi observes that Trump may be a difficult boss to work with

Discussion On The Psychology Needed To Fight ISIS

Dr Bart Rossi Ph.D. who is a political psychologist, recently discussed his views on the right psychology that is needed to fight ISIS. He suggests that these terrorists do not necessarily follow ISIS ideologies -- but are driven more by retained anger turned into rage that simply needs an outlet.

Understanding USA Politics

Ever since the election of Donald Trump as President, USA politics and the economic scenario of the nation have been through a major upheaval. In order to have a better understanding and clarity about the same, you may refer to the websites of Political Psychologists.

Regarding Political views on Donald Trump

There are different Political views of the Trump administration. According to some, it has turned out to be significant in some ways, while for others it has been a complete disaster. By referring to the information and stories presented by different Political Psychologists, you may get a better insight.

Recent Moves by Donald Trump

Trump’s approach to immigration and health care, in the past few days has been a matter of concern especially for political psychology professionals. His so called policies have actually triggered the illegal immigration which he claims to prevent.

How important is Mental Health?

Generally, physical health is accepted, while mental health is considered as some sort of weakness or disease. Even in the military, mental health is sometimes ignored. However, it needs to be understood that mental health is equally important as described by some noteworthy societal and political views.

Regarding Mueller Report

According to the Muller report, no criminal “collusion” was found between Trumpworld and the Russians, though the report outlines an exorbitant number of contacts that they hid, then lied about, then dismissed as ‘fake’ news.

Understanding Political Psychology

Political Psychology is a flourishing field for social scientific inquiry. It has its roots in Political Science and clinical Psychology, with connections to a range of other social sciences such as sociology, economics, communication and many other fields.

About the Mueller Report

There are certain Political Videos that provide insights into Trump’s position on the Mueller Report. Whether you like Trump or don’t, it’s must see reality T.V..