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VKC Footwears

VKC stylish and comfortable brand footwears for mens, womens and childrens.

Buy VKC Footwear & Shoes Online for Men, Women & Kids

VKC is the largest footwear manufacturer in India for both men and women. Buy online Shoes and Sandals for Men, Women, Boys, Girls and Kids

Mens Slippers Online | Ladies Chappal | Womens Footwear

VKC Skalino footwear for men and women are available at affordable prices in India and VKC provides the best range of ladies chappals and mens slippers across different


Ambition is best paired with hard work

Ambition is best paired with hard work

When a woman has a clear vision of her future, she needs to chase it with passion and sheer hard work. Then every dream becomes easy to reach.

Buy Ladies Chappals | Mens Sandal | Boys & Girls Slippers

Buy latest collections of VKC brand ladies chappals, boys & girls slippers, kids shoes, mens sandals, causal & formal shoes online at best prices in India.

Men Footwear Online Shopping | Women Slippers | Ladies Footwear

Choose VKC latest arrivals for men and women from a wide range of VKC pride footwear products. Check latest available designs for ladies slippers.

Children’s footwear is more about health, comfort and safety

Choosing the footwear for kids is a serious job! This is because their sandals and shoes can actually affect the health of the feet. Not to mention the shoelaces and soles that can slip them up! A little forethought and checking can help parents make a safer and yes, smarter choice. To ensure real comfort:…

VKC Presents its Highly Popular Footwear’s for Men, Women and Kids

VKC has launched a range of designs under key brand names which today stand for trending styles, smart fashionable looks, superior comfort and high level of quality footwear for mens and womens. Let us take a tour to know more about these brands that have captured hearts in India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Online Shopping Footwear Mens | Women Slippers | Ladies Footwear

VKC Slipons offers high quality branded slippers for ladies, mens footwear, and sneakers. Also V-Strap chappals available for ladies and gents

Buy Sandals Online| Men Chappals| Ladies Footwear Shopping

Buy VKC Stile sandals for men and ladies at best price with high quality. VKC online shopping sale for ladies footwears, men chappals, leathers sandals and etc.,

Buy Men Footwear Online | Canvas Shoes| Slippers for Men

VKC trendz offer widest collection of mens footwear, canvas shoes at best prices in India. Comfortable men slippers and flip flops are available at affordable prices too.

Why finding large footwear is a special woman’s problem?

On the face of it, this seems very insignificant. Women with large feet may have a smaller choice but no footwear? Nah! That can’t be true! However facts point out that those with large feet, especially women have now almost no choice in footwear sizes above 7 – 9 and a sizeable number have turned…

Best VKC Sandals for Men Who Want to Cover Their Foot

Yes, you’ve not had the time to do your toe nails or you’ve been walking more than ever and your heels are revealing that with more cracks! Or you’ve been having some corn problems or perhaps sprouts of hair that you wish never grew! Then it’s time to go for an occasion or an important…

Buy School Shoes for Boys and Girls | Kids Shoes | Slippers

Buy VKC Junior school shoes for boys and girls. VKC offers high quality slippers and shoes with great comfort and fit for kids.

Online Chappals for Mens and Womens | Ladies Chappal – VKC Lite

Online Ladies fancy chappals available in VKC-Lite. Designer chappal for women, flat chappal for men, light weight chappals etc.,

When a woman is on her feet 3/4th of a day, she does not need just any foot wear, she needs foot helpers!

Let’s face it, the average woman’s activities, especially if she’s juggling home and work, keeps her on her feet almost through her waking hours. If she’s on holiday, then too walking takes up majority of the activities. Now, when her mind is on love, care, work, play, fun and adventure, the feet cannot drag her down with blisters, aches and pains! That’s why choosing the right activity footwear for ladies is just so important.

Footwear for the lady carrying the weight of two!

Pregnancy is a time of gentleness and grace in a woman. Yet it is also a time when almost everything changes about her! This time of expectations and joy can be wonderful as long as the woman takes small precautions and steps to stay healthy and safe. Choosing the right footwear for women is absolutely critical.

Buy V-Strap Men Slippers | Online Mens Slipper - VKC

Buy latest collections of v-strap slippers for men. A VKC latest V-Strap footwear collection for men’s at best prices in India.

Buy Men Sandals Online Shopping India | Sandal for Mens

Buy sandals for men from a wide range of VKC footwear products. Online shopping for men’s sandal in available colours like black, blue, green, grey and etc.,

VKC Covering Men Chappals Online | Covering Footwear

VKC provides best covering footwear for men’s. And also VKC offers best and cheap prices for men covering chappal in India.

Buy V Strap Womens Slipper

Buy most modern available designs and collections of v-strap slippers for women. Best prices for latest V-Strap footwear collection for women’s at best prices in India

Women Sandals Online | Sandal for Ladies

Buy stylish and comfortable sandals for women from VKC. Choose from VKC latest collection of ladies sandals at best prices.

VKC Women Covering Chappals Online

Buy most modern designs and collections of covering chappal for women’s.

Best Running Shoes for Men & Women’s in India

While all this is exciting and in a certain way fun, running can translate into big health benefits only when certain parameters are taken care off. One of these is the footwear you use to run. You must wear shoes that ensure minimum stress is put on your joints especially the ankle, knees and muscles of the lower back. That is why running shoes must be chosen carefully. To know more details about this article click source link -

Shoes, no longer just fitness accessories but fashion statements!

So you thought walking/gym /sports shoes & footwear are good to play in, but as fashion statements, nah not really? Just playing shoes? These are shoes and other footwear you’d flaunt on catwalks and posh parties thrown by the rich and famous! For more details check source link -

No back strap? Then is that woman’s footwear a sandal or a chappal?

What defines a ladies sandal or rather should we rephrase that question to, what separates it from being a women’s chappal? And why are we getting strapped for answers over this? Now, for the genteel folk, the gracious ladies, it matters not what their footwear is addressed as! Unless they want to throw it at…