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Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs For Sale in Singapore

Profit From Cryptocurrency Mining!
Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs for sale, produced here in Singapore with 3 years warranty. Lots of buzz around cryptocurrency. Whether the price goes up or down, it's best to get in early into the new 'digital goldrush' 3-5 days delivery to anywhere in Singapore, and we'll set up the software and optimize the mining rig for you based on your preferred alt coin to mine.
GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 GPU available.

[Purchase online]

Tech specs: Rig #1 = $3,500 SGD ??? 3x GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Intel processor 3.5GHz CPU
Hashrate = 75 MH/s
(USD$300-350 per month mining profit based on ETH)

Rig #2 = $5,000 SGD ??????
6x GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060,
Intel processor 3.5GHz CPU
Hashrate = 150 MH/s
(USD$600-700 per month mining profit based on ETH)

Frequently Asked Questions 1. We underclock the mining rigs by 50% so that the power consumption (watts) is reduced by 50% - but this does not reduce the effectiveness of the GPU and mining. That's the service we provide for all our customers. Electricity cost per month for each standard mining rig: GTX 1060 GPU rig = SG$30/month

  1. we also edit the mining software to mine the most profitable coins, so it's flexible based on your requirements. Each mining rig can mine 2 coins at once. Currently its set up to mine Ethereum and Siacoins.** Call now +65 9488 8669. *** Email: For viewing of the mining rigs, please call us in advance to arrange for viewing. +65 9488 8669.

BITCOIN CHAINCOIN Song Pump & Hodl Animated Video by Master CryptoSkrilla
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  • Earn daily interest of an average of .9% (30 day average) How much does your savings make daily? - Be your own bank! - It only takes $100 to get started. - More opportunities to use your crypto to make more return. - Full trading platform - Referral bonus program - Plus more... - Free to join website, loaded with Bitcoin information if you'd like to know more. - I'll even give you CASH back to do it. That's right, 3% on your first investment, and you start earning interest right away. - Just use the link below. Sign up. Check it out. You will be surprised. I think this is one of the best opportunities, ground floor with the currency revolution. Any questions, please email: Yobit: Buy & Trade Cryptos Cryptopia: Buy & Trade Cryptos
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Id: W24QWenqYKa
Check out Crypto Blood He Solid as a rock

Is Gold and Silver A Good Investment in 2017? (888) 747-3309 Terry Sacka made an appearance on the Wealth Transfer News Show with Dr. Charles Vance, discussing why the manipulated gold and silver market will soon show true price discovery as the global economy melts down, exposing the lack of physical supply. This will ultimately determine if gold and silver are still a good investment in 2017.

The Great Wealth Transfer is Coming: Your Assets Are At Risk (888) 747-3309 Terrorism, a Volatile Stock Market, Natural Disasters, our American Economy is at risk but your assets should NOT be! Join us for Wealth Transfer news and learn what you need to know to protect you, your family, and your assets. Every Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST. Visit TV Schedule:

The Power of Silver as an Investment in 2017 (888) 747-3309 Is silver still a good investment in 2017? Since the dawn of time silver has been used as a means of exchange. It will never become worthless. It requires little to no maintenance and most importantly - physical silver is inconspicuous and liquid. Silver is in the stages of a long over-due price explosion. The power of silver as an investment can not be overstated. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose to invest in gold or silver. It depends more upon what you can afford to invest. There is something very powerful about connecting with the actual metal.

Skin in the Game: Who Pays for Divorce Mediation Costs? Call Toll-Free 877-822-1479
Family Divorce Mediator Matthew Brickman explains who pays for the cost of a divorce. iMediate Inc. now Offers Fast Divorce Mediation in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Broward & Dade County.
For information on having Matthew Brickman conduct your divorce mediation Call Toll-Free 877-822-1479 or email and visit

Introduction to Helen Sands from Hushababy Consulting (Baby Sleep Consultant and Parenting Coach)

Helen Sands is a baby sleep consultant and parenting coach.
Healthy sleep habits are essential for babies and children to ensure healthy growth and development. If your baby or child is not achieving her maximum sleep potential, Helen can help!
Visit: for more details.

Posture correction hub

Read posture correction tips and brace review at

Honest user feedback base reviews for people who are looking to buy posture braces and correctors. Helpful tips and pro and con details.

Lemongrass House Singapore

International Award-Winning All-Natural Freshly Handmade Spa & Beauty Products.

What Are Best Acid Reflux Herbs | Natural Remedies for GERD and Heartburn

What Are Best Acid Reflux Herbs | Natural Remedies for GERD and Heartburn

How to Rid Acid Reflux Fast Naturally - Treat Acidity (GERD) Permanently

Easy eradication of Gastro Oesophageal Reflux (GERD) with Home Remedies

What are the best acid reflux herbs is shared describing:

1) the real underlying problem of acid reflux, heartburn, GERD

2) presenting characteristics of acid reflux
3) Best diet for heartburn
4) the ideal lifestyle for correcting GERD

5) the proven herb formula that works in an hour

The Best Fitbit for Kids

Read reviews here:
We have compiled a list of the best fitbit for kids. If you ask me what is my favorite kids fitbit, the answer would be Fitbit Zip. If you want to spend more, you can go for Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker.