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Vacuum pouch Manufacture

Perfect for showing organic products, vegetables, meat, and fish, our Soaker Pads meat fruit make an impeccable bundling answer for retailers and property holders.


These soaker pads are normally found in the meat or fish bureau at your neighborhood general store, engrossing undesirable fluids from your hamburger, pork, chicken, sheep or fish ...


SOAKER PADS (Meat / Fruit Pads)

SOAKER PADS (Meat / Fruit Pads)

Our Soaker Pads quickly and effectively absorb the juices of the foods while arranging them in an appealing way. Its high absorbency performance reduces the possibility of leakage and contamination of food products, resulting in increased shelf life


Best Quality Vacuum Pouches

Best Quality Vacuum Pouches

Make your food more safe with our latest food vacuum pouch and retain the life your food 50 times. Here you read out the various benefits of vacuum pouch and you should try it. Hope you go through and soon visit our site.


Stand Up Pouch Bag Checkout our latest food Packaging Product

Stand Up Pouch Bag Checkout our latest food Packaging Product

Stand Up Pouches make perfect holders for an assortment of strong, fluid and controlled sustenance's and additionally non-nourishment things. Nourishment review covers help keep your eats fresher for more, while the plentiful surface region makes an ideal announcement for your image and can be utilized to show appealing logos and illustrations.

Economy latex gloves

Low Powder Economy Food Grade disposable latex glove

For food handling, cleaning and other non medical uses

Good stretch and feel

Ambidextrous and non sterile
Check Out our Economy latex gloves specially made For food handling, cleaning and other non medical uses.

Best Cook in pouch By Epack – epacking suppliers – Medium

Our Cook in pouch are an excellent choice for people “on-the-go” since they can be used to create grab ’n’ go ready meals. They are also perfect for retailers and homeowners since they can be easily…


Vacuum pouches bag

Vacuum pouches bag

The food you acquire should be hot and tasty and if food is in wrap or in pouch it maintain the food stability. Here we offer different ranges of pouches namely VACUUM POUCH - 3-side sea, Embossed Vacuum Pouch, Standard Gauge 70 micron, Sous Vide Pouches.

Polythene Pallet Cover

The pallet covers are mostly used on top of normal packing for large sized products. In order to secure the packing from any weather works, these special top covers are utilised. Hence, most of the courier companies use these pallet covers for delivering large or fragile good items.

Plastic Strapping Tools

A Plastic Strapping Tools consists of strap sealers and strap tensioner , these are used to strap the food package so to provide a good sealer to your food bag. Checkout our various food sealers and buy today.


Technology that works behind a Vacuum pouch

Technology that works behind a Vacuum pouch

Extension of the shelf-life of food products is one of the food technology areas that need to meet the demands of consumers. With this in mind, the packaging industry has put increasing attention on remodeling food storage concepts. Vacuum pouch is the implementation of vacuum packaging technique that completely removes air. After all, you can prevent the aerobic growth of bacteria and mold if you keep them away from air. More specifically if it is away from oxygen. In addition to that, it is a known fact that vacuum pouches extend food shelf life minimum 3 times more than food stored in normal plastic containers like bags or food containers. However, how long it will last that depends on the category of food. Additionally, it depends on food storing area like whether it’s stored in a freeze, a refrigerator or at normal room temperature.

Standard Gauge 70 micron by Epack

Read here the full description about the vacuum pouch Standard Gauge 70 micron and checkout various important key points of it.

Multilayer construction - nylon resins and special LLDPE
Thickness - 70 microns (standard)
Superior oxygen barrier properties
Sealed on three sides
FDA and EC approved