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Updated by Nandini Sharma on Apr 25, 2018
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9 productivity tools I use to add more hours to my day

Since I’m a married woman who works from office as well as home, it can be hard to be productive, especially when I’m balancing my work, my studies, and other responsibilities.
Being in the field of marketing, I thought about researching out some tools online to solve my time management problems and increase my productivity. In this post, I want to share the list of tools that I use on a daily basis and I am sure they will help you too — try them!





I love this tool. Canva is a powerful tool used to prepare any promotional visuals to be used on your website, blog, social media pages, email marketing, guest post, etc. This tool includes a handful of templates, backgrounds, images, and icons that you can customize and edit in order to match the look and feel of your own brand. Using their wide variety of graphics, fonts and templates, anyone can create an eye catching design in just a few minutes. I use this tool to create graphics for email marketing campaigns, social media, website, presentations, infographics. I also use this tool for my Smart art Stuff shop.


Hootsuite is a social media management system that manages all of your company’s social media networks from a single dashboard. It helps me to track and manage my social media engagement for clients and products. I use its free version and can access Twitter, Google+, Facebook & LinkedIn, making posting updates incredibly quick and easy. I can also monitor what people are saying about my projects and can instantly respond as well. With this tool, I can schedule updates with ease. And, that’s what makes me fall in love with it.


Last but not least! Again Neil patel’s articles helped me to find out this tool. This content marketing tool allows you to discover the type of content that gets shared the most. You can enter your own domain or your competitor’s domain, and see what content has been shared the most socially. With this you can Track your competitors and perform an analysis based on their content. Buzzsumo helps you in content marketing decisions and allows you to create the content your users are actually sharing. I use this tool to find the topics for content marketing that actually attract customers and more importantly engage them.


This tool is my life-line(Full disclosure: I happily work here and use ProofHub daily for both business and personal projects.). It can save your marketing team time and boost efficiency by allowing team members to manage projects from one place. It is project management software that helps me to plan, organize and deliver my projects effectively. As I put my hands on various things like managing my office work, college assignments and my Craft shop, I badly needed a centralized place to bring everything under one roof.

Enter — ProofHub — the lifesaver. I use it to manage my projects, college tasks and my craft shop. It helps me to be organized, to check the work of interns, send reports and assign tasks to my marketing team. I can easily see which tasks are done and which ones are due.

Google Drive

Google drive is the best productivity tool that allows you to store and share any file from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the help of this tool, I can share files with friends and colleagues. This makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same document or file. I use this productivity tool to share blogs, articles, images, documents, college project files, college assignments & presentations. The major benefit of Google Drive is that it allows you to access your files from anywhere. I remember I used to email my files and documents to myself so that I can access them whenever I wanted to, but with Google Drive this is no longer the case.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool takes productivity to the next level by providing quick and easy reports on traffic, goals and performance of our online website. I use this tool mainly to monitor Daily Visits, source of the traffic coming to the website (referrals), and which pages are being visited. It helps in measuring the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Google Analytics shows you how people found your website, how they explored it, and lets you determine how you can enhance the visitor experience. It helps me understand the user flow of my website, where people are bouncing off, and what’s engaging them.




I found this tool while checking my traffic sources in Google analytics and found it quite interesting. So, I started using it for my academic and office work. Pocket allows you to save content to read later, and it takes just one click. With this tool, you can grab links, images, and videos, and it also removes the clutter from articles and presents them in an easy-to read format. For example: You found an interesting blog post or online article, but do not have time to read it immediately. You can save this blog post or article to read later. The best part is that I don’t even need an Internet connection for using it. I can use it on my mobile, laptop & iPad also.

Hello Bar

I am a huuuuuge fan of Neil Patel and I read almost every post from his blog. I got to know about this tool through its blog post: How to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers. Hello Bar is a web tool that will help you create a simple “attention grabbing” bar at your site that directs visitors anywhere you want. With it, you can direct traffic to your social media accounts, other pages on the site, or get visitors to subscribe to your email list. I use this tool for my client website to promote our products and it really helps us to derive potential customers. The tool is also available as a WordPress plugin.




Quora allows users to ask questions that are answered by a wide-ranging community. Close to 775,000 people access Quora each month in the U.S. alone; that’s how big the community is. Quora makes you utilize your mind and you get to learn new things everyday. You can follow interesting people and topics. Write an answer to the questions asked on this site. And, increase your knowledge. With Quora, you can gain new information by researching topics, people to follow, popular questions, answers and comments. It’s a great place to advertise your product/services, and get traffic to your website. I use it to find ideas for my blog posts, learn new things, answer questions about my product, find out the questions people are asking about my product or industry and lots more. I’ve made it a point to spend at least a couple of hours on quora daily. And, it has helped me immensely in broadening the horizons of my knowledge.