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How to Improve Learning and Memory

Here are some outreach tools developed by PSY2260 Learning and Memory students at Central New Mexico Community College!

The Effect of Sleep on Learning and Memory

"I chose to present about the effects of sleep on learning and memory because I feel it's extremely important to our functioning. The majority of people do not get enough sleep, and I think that we often push sleep to the side or ignore its importance. Targeting college students, I think that it's most important that they know the effects of sleep and the physiological changes that occur while we sleep. Sleeping is so important in learning new information and also in studying- sleep can improve how we take in information and store it, thus potentially aiding us in success. I chose to create an Infogram because I was able to organize the information in an easy way, and add graphics to make it more appealing. I was attempting to appeal to those that like to read information or visualize, because the graphics add to the project, inviting those to read the information. "

Priming to Prosper: Success in College and Beyond

"I chose priming because it makes us feel as though the information is coming to us naturally and that in turn makes us feel confident with the material. I also chose this topic because it can be applied to multiple aspects of our lives beyond school which means it will be a tool that we can take with us once we are finished with our degrees. I created a blog because I have never used any types of social media before and I thought that it would be the easiest to understand without compromising the quality or quantity of information that I wanted to present. I hope you enjoy it. "

Procrastination: The Dark Side

"Heres the blog I made! The reason I chose the concept of procrastination is because I am a major procrastinator. I thought that if I looked into procrastination and did some research on it, it would not only help me but help my fellow students who have this problem. I chose my media source to be a blog because I felt like it blended the visual and the auditorial complexes quite nicely and I felt like it was an easy read."

Conditioning Your Behavior Outcome For Success

"I chose this psychological concept because it really applies the learning behavior modification to an advantage. I believe that shaping our studying habits is beneficial in many ways. Many times we overlook that if we really put our mind into it, all it takes is a little effort. This concept really ties psychology in a positive aspect in applying it towards our life. I chose the media piece of a blog because I feel like it integrates both the text and visual well."

Level of Processing Effect- the importance of DEEP processing

"Based on the research conducted in these articles and the experimental findings, deep processing is undoubtedly beneficial for learning and memory. The word recall tasks that we have performed in Psych 2260 Learning & Memory have also provided strong evidence that when mental connections are made to stimuli that we are processing, and semantic meaning is attached to the stimuli, we are more likely to retain and be able to recall the details of this stimuli when asked to do so. It is a matter of considering the semantic content of the given stimuli. When we take in new information, we can apply deep processing by writing notes or making mental representations. Something as simple as a remembering a name can become an easier task by making a mental representation. In this way, deep processing is essential to learning and the level of processing effect holds true. In order to further elaborate on the importance of deep processing to learning and memory, and identify its usefulness as a student, I have included an infographic with more information."

Stress: Learning and Memory

"I chose to cover the topic of stress. I feel that this will be a very informative and helpful topic not just for me, but for my fellow CNM students as well. Everyone stresses about something, but I feel that one of the most times I begin to stress out is during school. Many students at CNM stress out during the school semesters and especially during times for finals. I wanted to do my final project reviewing stress and how it affects learning as well as how to control stress in order to be able to focus and learn for school."

Best Way To Study!

"I chose the testing effect because I felt that this was the most beneficial information. There was a lot of research support for this concept that showed its usefulness. I learned this concept this semester and found it to be the most beneficial tool I have been given."