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Updated by Dennis Totten on Nov 20, 2019
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Dick's Auto Loans

Dick’s Auto Loans is an auto financing company that offers clients with customized finance programs, which take their every need and want into consideration. Our Zero Down Payment Loans for open bankruptcies and Special Finance programs set us apart from other companies in the industry. We don’t see your bad credit (or even the lack of it) as a hindrance to get you the new or used car of your dreams, rather we take it as a challenge to be overcome.

Get a Loan for Used Cars Despite Bad Credit All in Three Easy Steps

If your credit score is low, you might have given up on the idea of buying used cars with bad credit loans, but there are things you can still do.

Auto Lenders Offer Improved Payment Options to Help People Get Car Loans for Bad Credit

Auto finance companies are making every effort to help good people get car loans for bad credit as long as they can manage the monthly payments.

Car Buyers Can Improve Their Credit Rating with Assistance from Bad Credit Used Car Dealers

Aside from driving away with a new ride, obtaining loans from bad credit used car dealers can actually do wonders to improve your credit score.

Bad Credit Auto Financing on Brand New Cars Is Totally Possible, Say Experts

Au contraire! It is entirely possible to get bad credit auto financing assistance from lenders when it comes to a new car as long as you know how.

Is It Possible to Obtain an Auto Loan in Portland After Bankruptcy?

An auto finance loan service can help you get an auto loan in Portland after bankruptcy despite bad credit. Learn more about how they work here.

Here’s How You Can Find an Auto Loan in Beaverton After Bankruptcy

Finding a good auto loan in Beaverton after bankruptcy is possible as long as you put in the work and partner with a trusted auto loan service.

What You Should Know About Getting a Bankruptcy Auto Loan in Salem

If you filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may get a bankruptcy auto loan in Salem even before discharge. Learn more about the process here.

Hillsboro Bad Credit Auto Loan: How to Rebuild Your Credit Score

Are you looking to secure bad credit auto loan in Hillsboro? The first and most crucial step is to rehabilitate your all-important credit score.

The Secret to Getting a Bankruptcy Auto Loan Approval in Boise

Know the secrets to getting a bankruptcy auto loan approval in Boise. Get in touch with Dick’s Auto Loans and drive home in your new car today!

How to Spot the Best Bankruptcy Auto Loan Deals in Garden City

If you want to find the best bankruptcy auto loan deals in Garden City, check out the fast application and wide range of vehicles at Dick’s Auto Loans.

Expert Cloverdale Financing Advice: Get a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Getting a bad credit auto loan in Cloverdale can help improve your credit score. Call the licensed finance experts at Dick’s Auto Loans today.

Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Bankruptcy Auto Loan in Seattle

Raising your credit score and getting a trustworthy co-signer are just some ways to boost your chances of getting a bankruptcy auto loan in Seattle.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy Auto Loans in Tacoma

Considering bankruptcy auto loans in Tacoma? Find out the truth about the different misconceptions surrounding bankruptcy and getting car loans.

Insider Information on Acquiring Bad Credit Auto Loans in Everett

If you’re considering a bad credit auto loan in Everett, you’ll want to know everything from where to get the loan to what type of car to choose.