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Helland Agency Inc.

Helland agency inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years. Our agency makes church insurance simple, while passing savings on to your congregation.


Helland Agency Inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years with offices at Minnesota and Montana. Contact our agency today for Insurance Quote!

Helland Agency Inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years with offices at Minnesota and Montana. Contact our agency today for Insurance Quote!

Our Billings church insurance packages are designed specifically for tailoring your insurance needs. Meet our church insurance specialist and get the best insurance coverage today!

Helland Agency Inc. provides church insurance coverage that addresses the unique needs of churches. Meet our Minnesota Church Insurance specialist and get the best insurance coverage today!

Take Workers' Compensation Insurance and Avoid Getting Sued

Like any other non-profit or profit-making business, churches to hire its own set of employees to perform specific tasks assigned to them. They are paid in lieu of the services paid by them and the church holds any responsibility for safeguarding their interests and rights. Churches are legally liable to pay for the medical costs of any injury sustained by its employees while they are performing their duties for the church. In this time when medical costs are so expensive, churches can face a possible bankruptcy in the event of any major injury to its employee, for which it has to compensate.This is why workers' compensation insurance is an integral part of Minneapolis Church Insurance. It provides for a financial compensation to an injured employee of the church, thus saving significant amount of money which is needed to pay for medical bills, recovery costs, and paid medical leaves. Workers' compensation is made mandatory by the federal law that provides employees with insurance protection against physical disability or death that occurs while they are performing duties for their respective organizations. In most states, it is made mandatory by the law for employers to offer this specific protection to their employees while in some states it is elective and employers can opt out of the state workers' compensation system in lieu for the loss of certain liability limitations.Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy provides following benefits to employees in case of a workplace injury.Medical benefits in the form of financial compensation for medical bills that can go on a higher side in the event of a more serious injury.

Why Contact Helland Agency Billings For Church Insurance

To make sure that your church is financially protected against any unexpected and unforeseen damage, you need to get a suitable insurance cover that covers church's financial and legal interests. Helland agency Billings is your door to an effective and affordable insurance coverage.

Insuring Your Church's Building and Property With Commercial Property Insurance -

There are many industry-leading names in church insurance industry and choosing a reputable church insurance agency, like Helland agency Minnesota, is one of the wiser decisions you can take for your congregation. Churches are not immune from potential dangers which can happen anytime. Church's building and property are its most valuable assets and in case these are damaged or destroyed due to fire, water, vandalism etc, churches face a huge financial loss to compensate. Without commercial property insurance, churches face the risk of temporary or permanent disruption in their operations.

Insuring Your Congregation With Billings Church Insurance By Greg Helland

The times are long gone by when churches were considered safe havens of the God. Churches were places which served poor and downtrodden section of the society and any talks of Billings church insurance were laughed off by congregations. But times hav

Helena church insurance has become an essential requirement in today’s context. Gone are days when churches were used to considered safe havens where people used to find solace and help from volunteers and church members.

Buy a Commercial Property Insurance and Stay Safe

It is very important to have a commercial property insurance these days because the owners of commercial property have invested a significant amount in purchasing it and maintaining it. Commercial property provides bread and butter to many families including that of an employer and his employees. From here, people operate their businesses and earn their living. Any type of damage to commercial property can be devastating for everyone who's related to it in some way or the other. For owner, damage to commercial property may necessitate a sudden, unexpected expenditure of building repairs that owners may find it very difficult to afford. Bozeman church insurance does exactly that- offer you financial protection when you need it the most. Protecting the property of the church and its contents becomes the sole responsibility of its owners. You can never take for granted the safety of your commercial property or any property for that matter. It can get damaged partially or completely due to natural tragedies like earthquake, flood, thunderstorm etc,. Fire break out can also cause a significant damage to your church, and it can completely reduce any commercial property to rubble. Then there are other factors like vandalism, robbery and theft that can result in serious financial loss to any church. It is well-know that churches have their own contents for various purposes which are quite expensive. A sudden replacement due to damage or theft can put an unnecessary financial burden on the finances of the church. Commercial property insurance falls under the purview of Bozeman church insurance, and this is not the only insurance that churches need today. Churches, whether big or small, have no other option but to deal with financial losses arising out of property damage. In fact, some churches may even have to shut down or disrupt their operations because of the shortage of funds required to compensate for the financial loss. In this context, commercial property insurance can prove to be a reliable ally that offers fair and reasonable financial help when churches are faced with a sudden financial loss due to property damage. There is no one fixed commercial property insurance for churches because different churches have different insurance needs. There are some factors which are to be taken into consideration by specialized church insurance agencies. These are:

4 Facts Related To Workers Compensation Insurance -

Workers of any commercial or non-profit organization are its lifeline. They work tirelessly to help an organization achieve its objective. They work collectively to carry out specific tasks assigned to them successfully. Any organization owes the majority of its success to the hard work done by its workers, so it becomes the prime responsibility of employers to keep their employees' interests safe and protected with workers compensation insurance under Montana church insurance. Every state has workers compensation laws which are designed specifically to compensate workers for any work-related injuries.

Do You Have Umbrella Insurance Policy?

It can be extremely annoying and frustrating, when in the middle of disturbing and devastating situations, one is bothered by the concerns of costs and legal settlements. Definitely, this hassle can happen with anyone due to unexpected worries and pr

Churches are unique non-profit businesses. They do a great social service the name of God and dedicate their resources and manpower to work for the greater cause of the society. It is due to selfless, non-profit organizations like churches that the flag of humanity still flies high in the sky. There is a range of social services that church undertakes upon itself to help make a positive change in the society.

What sort of insurance does a Church Need? -

Holy places are habitats for group occasions, weddings, festivities, social occasions, and comfort. They have Sunday reveres, preschools, childcares, book of scriptures consider gatherings, and group gatherings. To numerous individuals, holy places have dependably been an asylum, a place for security and reflection. However, this does not shield churches from the numerous dangers it might confront. Despite what might be expected, these qualities they give open them to liabilities that numerous other non-profit associations may not experience. Insurance is intended to give money related solidness to the guaranteed. Minneapolis Church insurance furnishes the Church with true serenity regarding any financial loss it might cause because of unexpected conditions.

Buying The Right Billing Church Insurance

Insurance protections your Church from any destruction and money related trouble coming about because of a sudden occasion. You are dependably there for your Church; and in like manner, you should choose an Insurance supplier that is dependably there for you and your Church. The correct Insurance supplier and the correct Insurance approach can have a significant effect in ensuring your Church and supporting its qualities and necessities if the incomprehensible happens. The accompanying tips will help you amid the procedure to choose the correct Insurance supplier for your Church.

Missoula Church Insurance- Things to know by Helland Agency Inc

Unforeseen things can happen, even in temples. Individuals get hurt, structures are harmed by storms, and so forth. Missoula Church insurance ensures everything that you've buckled down for and covers...

In the present hostile society, it’s more critical than any other time in recent memory to know about the lawful ramifications of the Church. This implies your customers should be proactive about shielding their organizations from financial and legal dangers with an exhaustive Helena Church Insurance Package.

Minnesota Church Insurance Is Must For Churches

Few years ago, a large number of churches felt no need for Minnesota church insurance as church administrators were so sure of church's sanctity that no one would even think of encroaching on God's sa...

Commercial Property Insurance Offers Financial Protection

Commercial property insurance is considered as a vital cog in the whole risk management strategy that should be taken for the coverage. This does not mean that you should have each and every item inside your commercial property to be insured by Helland agency Minnesota, but it is sensible to evaluate all property items that are inside a commercial property to determine the loss/damage of which property can have an adverse effect on your profit or non-profit organization such as churches and NGOs. Churches are non-profit organizations that also need to have a commercial property insurance so that any unexpected, unforeseen loss to property can be compensated for.

A Brief Overview of Worker's Compensation Insurance

Churches are unique small non-profit businesses. Even though their activities are not carried out with the purpose of profit earning, they still have to hire employees for performing certain duties and these employees have a family to run. Churches pay salaries to their employees for the services rendered by them to their organization. Churches are responsible for the actions of their employees while they perform their official duties. Any irresponsible act from them can lead to the filing of potential lawsuit by other party.

Your Congregation Needs a Right Church Insurance Today

A church is not only a house of worship where people offer prayers to alimighty and seek his blessings, it can also be a main center for hosting various events for social welfare almost every day of the week.

Why do you need Church Insurance?

Today, everyone wants to be safe and protected and there is no any other option than getting insured. Even when talking about Church, they are also seeking to get financial insurance against any issue. Keeping this is mind, Minneapolis Church insurance come into being.
This implies your employee, or anyone related to the Church should be proactive about shielding their institutions from financial and legitimate dangers with a far-reaching Church Insurance Package.

Types of Missoula Church Insurance

Churches are places for weddings, festivities, social events, and other community events. They have Sunday venerates, preschools, childcares, book of scriptures ponder groups, and community groups. To numerous individuals, churches have dependably been an asylum, a place for security and reflection. However, this does not shield churches from the numerous dangers it might confront. These qualities they give open them to liabilities that numerous other non-benefit associations may not experience. Missoula Church Insurance is intended to give financial security to the protected.

Choosing the Right Helena Church Insurance Provider

Insurance shields your church from any ruin and financial misery coming about because of a surprising occasion. You are dependably there for your...

What is The Importance of Having Church Insurance Coverage? - ArticleWeb55

The church is a place where people gather to pray and to attend the religious worship of the GOD. It is a place of peace, happiness, and harmony. During the congregation, many individuals gather here to take showers of blessings from the almighty power of the universe. People from different places always feel welcoming and safe while entering into the church but such places often fetch attention of the burglars and robbers for stealing the property of the church, and there are also chances of liability compensation by the congregation attendants in the case of injury and damage. So as a director or board member of the Montana church you should need to discover the importance of having Montana church insurance.