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Helland Agency Inc.

Helland agency inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years. Our agency makes church insurance simple, while passing savings on to your congregation.


Helland Agency Inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years with offices at Minnesota and Montana. Contact our agency today for Insurance Quote!

Helland Agency Inc. has specialized in church insurance for 25+ years with offices at Minnesota and Montana. Contact our agency today for Insurance Quote!

Our Billings church insurance packages are designed specifically for tailoring your insurance needs. Meet our church insurance specialist and get the best insurance coverage today!

Helland Agency Inc. provides church insurance coverage that addresses the unique needs of churches. Meet our Minnesota Church Insurance specialist and get the best insurance coverage today!

Take Workers' Compensation Insurance and Avoid Getting Sued

Like any other non-profit or profit-making business, churches to hire its own set of employees to perform specific tasks assigned to them. They are paid in lieu of the services paid by them and the church holds any responsibility for safeguarding their interests and rights. Churches are legally liable to pay for the medical costs of any injury sustained by its employees while they are performing their duties for the church. In this time when medical costs are so expensive, churches can face a possible bankruptcy in the event of any major injury to its employee, for which it has to compensate.This is why workers' compensation insurance is an integral part of Minneapolis Church Insurance. It provides for a financial compensation to an injured employee of the church, thus saving significant amount of money which is needed to pay for medical bills, recovery costs, and paid medical leaves. Workers' compensation is made mandatory by the federal law that provides employees with insurance protection against physical disability or death that occurs while they are performing duties for their respective organizations. In most states, it is made mandatory by the law for employers to offer this specific protection to their employees while in some states it is elective and employers can opt out of the state workers' compensation system in lieu for the loss of certain liability limitations.Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy provides following benefits to employees in case of a workplace injury.Medical benefits in the form of financial compensation for medical bills that can go on a higher side in the event of a more serious injury.

Why Contact Helland Agency Billings For Church Insurance

To make sure that your church is financially protected against any unexpected and unforeseen damage, you need to get a suitable insurance cover that covers church's financial and legal interests. Helland agency Billings is your door to an effective and affordable insurance coverage.

Insuring Your Church's Building and Property With Commercial Property Insurance -

There are many industry-leading names in church insurance industry and choosing a reputable church insurance agency, like Helland agency Minnesota, is one of the wiser decisions you can take for your congregation. Churches are not immune from potential dangers which can happen anytime. Church's building and property are its most valuable assets and in case these are damaged or destroyed due to fire, water, vandalism etc, churches face a huge financial loss to compensate. Without commercial property insurance, churches face the risk of temporary or permanent disruption in their operations.

Insuring Your Congregation With Billings Church Insurance By Greg Helland

The times are long gone by when churches were considered safe havens of the God. Churches were places which served poor and downtrodden section of the society and any talks of Billings church insurance were laughed off by congregations. But times hav

Helena church insurance has become an essential requirement in today’s context. Gone are days when churches were used to considered safe havens where people used to find solace and help from volunteers and church members.