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Types of Kayaks and Kayaking – Leave your Cares Behind

Indulgent kayakers will tell you that this sport is ideal for leaving your cares behind and enjoying peace and solitude. Interested? Here is a list of kayaks to choose from and some types kayaking.


Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are those most often spotted on lakes and other popular bodies of water used for recreational purposes. Often seen on the shores of lake front homes these are kayaks that are up for rent at local parks or sports shops. A recreational kayak will be wide and stable, built for sturdiness these kayaks do not promise speed or comfort; they are however easy to handle for just about every novice hankering for a fun kayaking tour on a safe body of water.


Touring Kayaking

Touring too can be conducted on protected bodies of water however it is not a sport that is limited to novice kayakers and is often enjoyed by seasoned paddlers. A touring kayak is built for use on longer tours and is reasonably comfortable. These kayaks are longer in length and do tracking well – this is the ability for the kayak to go straight. A touring kayak will resemble a sleek sea kayak with the exception of having only one sealed bulkhead located behind the paddler.


Sea Kayaking

As the name denotes, a sea kayak is used on the ocean or large bodies of water that do not guarantee safety. Due to this a sea kayak will have two sealed bulkheads; one at the stern and the other at the bulkhead. Resorts in Abu Dhabi offering thrills of sea kayaking on the Arabian Peninsula offer some of the best quality sea kayaks since touring the coasts off Sir Bani Yas Island, home to Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Resorts offers one a marvellous sea kayaking adventure. Enjoy skimming the water on these crafts which are easy paddle and also includes a rudder for easy steering. Ranging in length from 15 to 19 feet the boats display super aerodynamics and can easily cut through waves. Before your tour make sure to indulge in some practise sessions on safe waters.


White-water Kayaking

A white water kayaker will seek out rivers, streams and creeks offering thrilling rapids or white water. Check out the white water classification system before deciding on a tour as these categorise white water depending on its ferociousness; this is an indicator to kayakers about each rapids difficulty in navigation. A white water kayak trip while being extremely exciting is also very dangerous and requires knowledge and a set of skills that let you tackle the strongest of rapids. Never attempt a white water tour singlehandedly; they must always be with a partner.


Surf Kayaking

A surf kayak although taking place on the sea uses a type of kayak that resembles a white water boat. The concept is very similar to surfing where the paddler uses a kayak instead of a board. This too is a rather dangerous type of paddling and must be attempted once your set of skills is firmly established.

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