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10 Unusual Attractions in Bangkok - Venturing off the Beaten Track

Bangkok is so much more than shopping, massage therapy and street food. Whether you are staying at a luxury resort or an apartment hotel, Bangkok offers some unusual attractions for your next visit.


Pak Klong Flower Market

Visiting the Pak Klong Flower Market is often a chaotic and sometimes overwhelming experience. Flowers come in from all over Thailand to be sold at the bustling market in Bangkok. The best times to visit would when the deliveries start coming in just after midnight and Bangkok's buyers arrive at the market just before dawn.


The Sriraj Medical Museum

Whether you are a student of forensic medicine or an avid fan of CSI the TV show, you may be interested in visiting this museum. It offers a panoply of exhibits ranging from pathology, anatomy and even forensic medicine exhibits. It is a must see for fans of the macabre.


The Grand Palace

Once home to the King of Thailand and formerly the centre of royal government until 1925, the palace grounds span over 214,000 square metres. A taxi ride away from any centrally located tourist accommodation such as Anantara Baan Rajprasong, the area is often thronged with curious tourists and locals who have come to pay their respects.


The Bangkok National Museum

Unlike most museums, this museum was initially started by King Rama V as a means to display the extensive assortment of gifts his father had given him. It is now home to a host of interesting items, ranging from Chinese weapons to traditional masks and puppets. English tours are available on Thursdays.


Muay Thai Fights

Bangkok is home to some of the country's biggest Muay Thai fights as Thai kickboxing is the country's national sport. The excitement is palpable at any large kickboxing fight and quite infectious. If you are a fan of martial arts or simply want to see some remarkable sporting prowess, a visit is in order.


Baan Silapin Artist's Home

Baan Silapin Artist's Home is a hidden gem for anyone interested in watching a puppet show in Bangkok. In traditional puppet shows, the puppeteers are hidden from view. Bangkok puppet shows break out of this norm as the puppeteers are a part of the show. The puppets are so large and well sculpted that roughly three puppeteers are required to control one puppet. The subject of a puppet show is often classic folk tales accompanied by a talented live orchestra. The skill of the puppeteers, the orchestra and the beautifully crafted make each performance come to life.


Jim Thompson's House

Thai silk is synonymous with quality and luxury. Jim Thompson was the man responsible for revitalising the Thai silk industry in the 1950s and 1960s and it was due to his efforts that Thai silk has gained its current reputation. A walk around his stunning teak house would give visitors an insight into The Thai Silk Company and the man responsible for its greatness.


Wat Saket

Also known as The Golden Mount, Wat Saket offers an amazing view of Bangkok for those who willing to climb its 344 steps. The climb does not require visitors to have exceptional fitness levels and thoughtfully fitted water misting machines at the start help the deal with the climb. Apart from what is often cited as one of the best views of Bangkok, there is an opulent temple located at the top.


Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall

The Throne Hall is a stunning piece of Western-Thai architecture and a tour of its interior is a must for anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of Thai art and culture. The Throne Hall contains all forms of traditional Thai craftsmanship; including painstakingly crafted jewellery, embroideries and wood carvings.


The Bookshop Bar on Sukhumvit 38

Often cited as the most fascinating bar in the city, even a teetotaler would enjoy a visit. The bar is extravagantly decorated and fitted with curved cast iron structures, mirrors, books and furniture on the ceiling. The surreal experience is topped off with excellent food and a range of literature inspired cocktails.