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At Infinity 3D printing, we offer the best-in-class range of 3D printing services in Melbourne that you can choose from and start combining 3D printing with your innovative ideas to grow your business.

5 Things to consider when choosing 3D Printer Filaments?

3D printer is the talk of the town with its whole array of features. It is only with the onset of new technological innovations that the print industry has witnessed this new dimension – the 3D printing. 3D printing is an innovative, advanced printing technology and it produces or prints three-dimensional objects.


3D Printers Store in Australia

3D Printers Store in Australia

Infinity 3D Printing is one of the largest suppliers of 3D printers and filaments across Australia. Infinity 3D Printing stock a range of cheap 3D printers that are high quality, efficient and easy to use to suit your needs.

Fiber, Metal & Bar Code Laser Marking - Services Melbourne

Fiber laser marking is the convenient and hassle-free marking process in our service. The fiber laser itself is capable of carrying out an extensive range of functions such as annealing, carbon migration, foam marking, colora-tion marking, which allows us to perform metal laser marking and barcode laser marking in the speediest way.

Fiber Laser Engraving Services In Melbourne - Infinity 3D Printing

Laser engraving is making deep indentations onto the surface of an object to create a visible print.The new and contemporary fi-ber lasers are ideal for this task as they possess all the elements needed to perform a fluent procedure.They bring a whole new revolution to laser engraving by introducing greater reliability, precision, and efficiency.Infinity 3D Printing offers laser engraving services which undergo vigorous quality inspection to maintain our clients’ trust and a superior grade of prints.

The Right 3D Printer Filament for Your Home - TechSling Weblog

What you do not know is what type of 3d printer filament is best for you to use at home. Which one is safe to use in a homely environment, which one is not too irritating to work with and which one is affordable and cost effective at the same time.

Impact of 3D printing on rapid prototyping costs

3D printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing by many, has been welcomed in all spheres of life to replace the age-old traditional forms of manufacturing. Unlike traditional methods of manufacturing 3D printing does not require cutting raw materials to produce an end product. It is actually a rapid prototyping method that uses digital models created by topping up layers of the raw material to produce a three-dimensional product.

Hot 3D printing trends you should keep an eye on » GOPCSOFT

3D printing has gained a lot of momentum and popularity in techathons around the world and people are eager to find out which trends to look out for in the near future and how 3D printing is about to revolutionize we produce, market and consumer products in our daily lives. Every week there are new developments in this area – whether new 3D modeling apps, newly launched 3D printers or materials – that are getting introduced in the market for us to use.

Today the 3d printing industry is growing at a very fast pace
and different types of 3d printer filaments are available in the
market to meet different types of requirements. Each filament
types comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is
important to study the pros and cons of each filament type
before deciding on the one that best meets your requirements and
will give you the best return on your investment.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a 3D Printer Online

You have already made a list of things you would like to try with your new 3D printer and cannot wait to own one now.What we
have done here is that we have created a list of things you should know before you buy a 3D printer online.

What is the most immediate promise or potential of 3D printing? - 3D Engineer

3D printing is also popularly known as additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping. As the namesuggests, 3D printing can create 3-dimensional objects. It is the process in which the CAD
(Computer Aided Design) is built in a layer-by-layer manner.3D printers create the objects by scheming the placement and adhesion of the layers of a suitable material.

Why to Choose Infinity 3D Printing for 3D Printing Services in Melbourne

The 3D printing technology has started to make its way to in different industries like aerospace, health care, entertainment, fashion, education, and automotive industries to create intricate prototypes of products. Today the 3D printing technology is gaining popularity because of its numerous benefits, for instance, it can create accurate prototypes of complicated products and objects, offers better quality results, customized designs take less time in creating prototypes, accurate prototypes creates less wastage and environmentally friendly.

Differentiate Metal, fibre and Barcode Laser Marking

Fibre Laser Marking Fibre Laser Marking features the latest laser marking technology. With the use of this high-end marking technology, it has become easy to achieve better results. The hassle-free marking process allows executing the exhaustive range of the functions, for instance, coloration marking carbon migration, annealing, foam marking, etc., that allows performing the barcode laser marking and metal laser marking efficiently in a swift manner. The fibre laser marking requires less maintenance and requires no alignment.


Reliable Laser Marking Services - Infinity 3D Printing

Reliable Laser Marking Services - Infinity 3D Printing

Infinity 3D printing takes great pride in offering the best quality laser engraving & laser marking services online. When our advanced approach teams up with new aged tools and applications, a revolutionary result could be foreseen. We assist our clients in creating a real time structure of an idea to evaluate its sustainability and utility.

Cost Effective laser marking and engraving services By

The laser marking and engraving is used for producing the logos, graphics, barcodes, part numbers, and characters. The fibre laser engraving is an advanced technology in which the laser light is focused on the material for producing the marks. The laser marking offers various benefits, for instance, it generates permanent and highly readable marks, the fibre laser marking is very easy to use and completes the job in a short duration, the machine requires minimal maintenance and adjustments and various other benefits.

3D printing is basically a process of placing the material layer by layer to bring the structure come alive in a miniature form. Since this technology comes along with an edge over old conventional technique, it has been warmly welcomed from all over the world. And talking about Infinity 3D printing, it has pulled in the best and the latest technologies in the field of 3D printing in Melbourne to serve its clients in best of the ways.

How popular is 3D printing today? | Best in Australia

Across the globe, 3D printing technology emerged as one of the most talked about topics. With greatest expectations, the technology is touted as an innovation that is intended to transform almost everything.

Which are the Upcoming Trends of 3D printing in Healthcare Industry

3D printing has brought a revolutionary change in many industries. Healthcare is one of them that have got most of the benefits of this advanced technology. With the limitless possibilities, the technological innovations have proved the importance of 3D printing in the healthcare industry. It has been rapidly expanding for uncountable applications of healthcare. In current times, the latest printing technologies have taken a turn to support different industries with its modern printing applications.

Differentiate Metal, fiber and Barcode Laser Marking

The laser Marking Technology is used to produce the logos, bar codes, part numbers, and characters. The Laser marking does not involve any physical tool engraving the surface, nor does it transmit ink or any other substance on the surface. Instead, a laser light is focused on a material, which produces a contrasting mark based on the settings used. The laser marking systems can perform better than a printer by offering notable markings and permanent results.

Top 10 Amazing Creation of 3D Printing Which You Can Create - Best in Australia

Not long ago, printing was just for documents. But with technology moving at such a fast pace, today you can print objects using 3D printers. That’s right; a complete object can be created from a small digital file!

What Is The Impact Of 3D Printing On Onshore Manufacturing?

3D printing technology is a revolutionary technology that turns the 3D model into solid objects by building names them in layers.

Laser engraving applications managed to create a niche for them

Laser engraving Melbourne applications have certainly come a long way and have some great features by its side which are not only impactful but also are versatile on various grounds. These applications can be effectively and efficiently used with latest laser marking machines.

With growing popularity of 3D printing, various resources and tutorials are on the roll as well. These learning with little basic training, skills can be developed by effectively and intelligently exploiting the internet.3D printing Melbourne and all over world has been welcomed with an open heart.

Popular material leaving their mark in the world of filaments

3D printers are creating a lot of buzzes these days because of its versatility and amazing uses it is benefiting different industries and sectors.Most popular and increasingly used materials in 3D printer filament in Australia are Metal, wood, glow in dark, colour changing and Magnetic.

Benchmarks to be considered while choosing best 3D

One may experience a difficulty and confusing state of mind while making a choice between 3D printing service in Melbourne and rest of the world. This is probably because of the kind of additive manufacturing services each company is offering is both advance and progressive at the same time.