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Activities to Do in Maldives – Thrills and Fun on the Waves

The picturesque Maldives Islands have secured a reputation as a premier holiday destination. In these idyllic islands, you will find a host of interesting things to do that will delight the visitor.



Snorkelling is a simple and uncomplicated activity that almost anyone can enjoy in the Maldives Islands. If you choose to go snorkelling in the Maldives you will have the opportunity to enjoy a memorable experience that you will probably never forget. If you are a proficient swimmer and also have adequate snorkelling experience you will have the chance to explore the splendid reefs and lagoons that can be readily found in the islands. Beneath the surface of the waters in the Maldives, you will often be able to spot many kinds of marine creatures, such as corals, dolphins, reef sharks, rays, Napoleon wrasse, moray eels, many kinds of reef fish, squid and many others.



The Maldives have also acquired renown as an outstanding environment for scuba diving. The pleasant alluring waters of the Maldives Islands provide a delightful setting in which to take to the depths where divers will undoubtedly experience a mesmerising dive. Although it is possible to dive at all times of the year in the Maldives, probably the best period for diving would be the duration between November through May. The Maldives Islands boast a splendid undersea marine environment with plenty of coral reefs and attractive sea creatures to be found. You will find that the majority of the dives undertaken in the Maldives are from 'liveaboards' but there are also other options.


Cruising and Boating

There can be no better way to experience at first hand the idyllic surroundings of the Maldives than undertaking an appealing cruise in the islands. By undertaking a cruise you will have the opportunity to sail on the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean which envelope the Maldives. You will be alone with your partner or family in the midst of the gleaming waters, with only your fellow passengers, the sea breezes and the breathtaking scenery for company. Boating is another option that will draw the interest of the curious visitor. You will also have the opportunity to hire a glass kayak for a memorable kayaking experience on the waters.


Jet Skiing

What could be more fun than gliding over the pristine waters of the Maldives Islands on your obedient personal jet ski? Jet skiing is an exciting water sport that is sure to appeal to the visitor who craves activity and exhilaration. Even if you are new to the sport you are likely to find that jet skiing is a relatively easy water sport to master; after a few lessons and acquiring the basic skills of piloting one of these machines you are sure to be racing along the waters and taking twists and turns in no time. A choice of accommodation that you could consider from where you will have the opportunity to enjoy jet skiing and other water sports would be Niyama Private Islands Maldives which may be regarded as one of the conveniently located Dhaalu Atoll hotels.


Water Skiing

Although water skiing may not be the easiest water sport to learn, it is a thrilling and rewarding activity that will provide you with endless hours of exhilarating fun and excitement. In the Maldives, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a splendid setting for the sport, with the tropical climate and picturesque scenery adding to the fun. If you are new to this water sport you will be able to acquire the expert guidance of experienced instructors who will assist you in learning the ropes of this exciting pastime.