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Text Chat Tips

Text Chat Tips You Should Follow for Making the Conversation Intimate

Texting is a part of expression through which you can express your ideas, emotions and many more. Here in this article, you will find best text chat tips help you to know how to make your conversation intimate without any hassle.

Best Online Texting Services for Naughty Chatting

A complete list of best and most popular online texting services around the world. Check it now and enjoy hassle free texting with new friends

Texting - A Better Way to Express Emotions

Expression of feelings to your crush might be a challenging task. Thus, here we are talking about the one way that can make it even more easy. Read on to know how texting can help you express your feelings open heartly.

Best Rules For Texting Your New Crush

Afraid of expressing your feelings for your new crush? Don't be! Follow this best rules of texting and express your feeling to your new crush without any hesitation.

Ways Texting can Help in Sustaining a Relationship

Texting helps in strengthening a relationship. Texting is inevitably the best way to stay connected. Let's find out how texting sustains a relationship.

Texting – Best Tool to Maintain Your Relationship

Maintaing relationship is tricky task. You need to take care of many things to keep your relationship on track. Texting can be a one tool you can use to maintain your love life. Here are few ways on how you can utilise texting for your relationship.

Is Texting Popular Among Teens?

Teens are communicating with friends using different methods and forms of content. Do texting is one of the most popular means of their communication? Read on this article to know how popular is texting among teens.


Gay SMS Chat

Gay SMS Chat

Are you a gay and looking for a gay man online? Texting over some good text chat sites would be the best option to find likewise gay partner online.

How Sexting Can Turn Your Partner On?

Sexting can be a great way to make your partner ready to have fun in bed. Here are few effective ways on how to use sexting to make your partner on.

Does A Phone Sex Chat Work for A Long Distance Relationship?

Are you feeling naughty but your partner is living far away from you, what to do now? Phone sex chat would be the best answer to such long distance relationship. Read on to know how phone chat can work for you.

Sexting and Its Effects On Your Relationship

How you communicate with your partner play a vital role in maintaining your relationship. Sexting is a one way you can use to add more fun and intamacy in your relationship. Read on this article to know how sexting affect your relationship.

Tips to Follow for Effortless Sexting With Your Partner

Doing sexting is a fun while chatting with your partner. It can be even more arousing and effortless if you know some tips. Check this out to get some secret tips for effective sexting.


Infographic - Facts About Teen Sexting

Infographic - Facts About Teen Sexting

Sexting is now a popular way to get intimate with your partner. With an advancement of communication devices, sexting has become even more enjoyable. We have researched for some facts and prepared an interesting info graphic that will give you brief details about what teen boys and girls are thinking about sexting. Check it out our latest info graphic on Teen sexting Facts by FlingTextChat.

Best Android Apps for Hassle Free Sexting

With a huge bunch of Americans sending instant messages, it’s fair to say that USA is surely active. Besides, 56 percent of people claim that sexting has always helped to strengthen relationships.

10 Proven Ways On How To text A Girl

Finding it hard to communicate with a girl face to face? No problem, texting would be the best solution for you. However, it needs few things to keep in mind for successful texting. Read on to know what tactics you can use and what things you should consider while texting with a girl.

How are Smartphones Used Among Teens?

Usage of smartphones has increased among teens since last few years. Here are some details that will help you to know for what teens are using ever increasing smartphone technologies.

A Guide on How You can Turn a Hot Gay On

Are you a gay and want to make your gay partner turn on in bed? Here are few tips that can make it real for you. Check it out now and have fun!

Easy Ways To Seduce A Lesbian

Are you a lesbian and thinking to seduce your lesbian partner who is living far away from you? If yes, then here are few ways you can try to make it work for you.

Best Texting Tips for Gay Men

Gays are usually found communicating and expressing their feelings using different texting platforms. Thus, here is the best piece of information gay men can follow to have successful texting with their gay partner.


Sexting has been in trend since last few years after the evolution of free communication platforms like mobile apps and social media sites. This video will show you some facts and figures regarding the popularity and purpose of using sexting among teens.

10 Tips That Would Make The Guy Come Closer To You

Want to attract a guy? Here are ten tips that will help you to make a guy come closer. Read each tip carefully and try to use it. It’s work.

Pros And Cons Of Sexting

Are you used to sexting over phone or any other devices? If yes, then should know about its advantages and disadvantages. Check this out to know possible pros and cons of sex chatting.

Why Sexting is in Demand Among Teens

With the ever increasing use of mobiles and other communication platforms, sexting gets boost among teens. Check this article to know what makes sexting so popular among teens.

Best Apps for Chit Chat with Random Strangers

Looking for some apps where you can chat with random strangers without disclosing your identity? Here are some good chit chat apps you can try.