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Top 5 Diving Sites in the Maldives – Undersea Marvels for the Diver

The lovely Maldive Islands have secured a reputation as a premier environment for divers. In the waters of the Maldives, divers will encounter a host of outstanding dive sites, like those below.


Maaya Thila

The well-reputed Maaya Thila may be regarded as being amongst the most renowned dive sites to be found in the waters of the Maldives. This site is a protected area of the sea situated within the North Ari Atoll. Divers will find that this location features a depth ranging from 5 m up to 30 m whilst having a diameter of approximately 80 m. You will see that Maaya Thila boasts an abundance of corals and other marine creatures, including grey and white-tip reef sharks. Divers will also encounter some large caves and outcrops of coral that are interesting to explore. In these, you will come across angelfish, great barracuda, clownfish and parrotfish.


Fesdhoo Wreck

Anyone who has desired to explore a sunken wreck whilst diving in the ocean will be enthralled by the Fesdhoo Wreck. In fact, this is one of the Maldives' most famed dive locations, and is situated at Fesdhoo Island. Divers will find that this wreck is located at a depth of 29 m beneath the ocean and lies upright on the floor of the sea. You will see that the ship's exterior is encrusted with corals, sponges and starfish creating an intriguing sight for the diver. This dive location is also an outstanding environment for undersea photography, being frequented by moray eels, groupers, lionfish and sharks.


Banana Reef

The appealing Banana Reef is situated in North Male Atoll, and has acquired its name due to the shape of the island when seen from overhead. At this dive site, you will have the opportunity to explore various overhangs, caves and formations of coral. Here you will be able to view many kinds of interesting fish such as schools of fusilier and bannerfish. Divers may also have the chance to observe many other exotic creatures such as groupers, sharks and large morays. However, it is more advisable to visit this dive site when the ocean currents are gentle, in order to avoid excessive turbulence.


Dhevana Kandu

The attractive Dhevana Kandu is a popular dive site that is also located in a protected area. Found at Felidhe Atoll, this location is renowned for its lovely corals and abundance of marine creatures. Fish that can regularly be seen frequenting this dive site include such marine denizens as pufferfish, lizardfish and angelfish. You will see that the reef's edges feature overhangs and caves where you will have the opportunity to observe sea life such as rays, reef sharks and other pelagic creatures. This dive location is considered to be an outstanding environment for those who desire to encounter sharks. As you enjoy these outstanding dive sites a choice of accommodation that you could consider would be Adaaran Club Rannalhi which offers diving and other water sports in Maldives.


Rangali Madivaru

The popular Rangali Madivaru is an excellent reef dive location situated in South Ari Atoll. Rangali Madivaru may be regarded as being amongst the best locations in the islands at which to view manta rays. At the time of the monsoon period, you will find an array of mantas here as they arrive at this site in order to feed and clean themselves. Divers will also find a host of other fascinating sea creatures here such as firefish, snappers, lionfish and squirrelfish. Although the powerful currents that are experienced here draw in manta rays, they can also adversely affect dive conditions. Your guide should inform you of whether the ocean currents are too strong at the time of your dive.