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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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06 Ideas for Men's Beach Wedding Attire – How to Look 'Cool' on your Big Day

A beach wedding is a thrill, it's a man's ticket to dress down and be comfortable with no fingers pointing in disdain. Here are a few ideas to look good while being cool and casual at the same time.


Casual Yet Chic - Open-Button Up Shirts

A beach wedding is generally held in the summer and in order to look good be cool and comfortable at the same time you could go for this look. Select a formal button up shirt and leave the top button undone; this way you look good feet comfortable and exude those stylish beach vibes.


Be Cool yet Formal – Tie and Jeans

The classic beach wedding attire, jeans can be worn to your big day by simply pairing it with a button up shirt and smart tie. Choose a stylish dark coloured pair of jeans add a formal white button up shirt and complete the look with a tie. This way you look formal enough without worrying about the tide and sand spoiling your expensive suit. Just about every Maldives wedding ceremony will have the groom dressed this way which does create a striking appearance against the backdrop of sun bleached sand and sky blue ocean.


Add Some Summer Cheer – A Hat and Bowtie

Say you are standing on a glowing white sand beach against a glistening ocean and turn to your soon to be wife and – squint! Well it does happen especially if loads of dazzling sunlight is in your face. Avoid all this and look smart by complementing your attire with a hat. The bowtie completes the ensemble and adds a subdued glamour to the look. A fedora is often a favourite head gear in the tropics but you could play around and choose one that complements your face.


Stay Light and Cool – Choose Breathable Fabrics

Maybe you and your partner have chosen to be whisked away on a dhoni by Adaaran Club Rannalhi or plan to spend the rest of the day drinking cocktails and celebrating with friends and family; either way making sure the jacket you wear is of a breathable fabric will make sure you stay cool and comfortable. Seersucker, cotton and linen are favourite choices for stitching summer time jackets that are breathable and cool.


The Smart Compromise – Grey Suit

Analysing recent beach weddings a common favourite is the grey suit. It makes one look smart and handsome without the formality of black tie attire. The casual grey blends well to create a compromise between laid back chic and smart casual.


Embrace a Maldivian Vibe – Add Some Sherbet Accents

In order to bring out the fun and casual vibes of a beach wedding try to add a bit of colour to your attire. If you choose to wear a suit consider something in a sherbet colours, mint, pink coral or similar shade. This takes away the seriousness of the suit while keeping you looking chic at the same time. A real winner especially if it's a Maldives beach wedding the coral pink will definitely highlight and accentuate the archipelagos biggest lure – the coral atolls.