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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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05 Emerging Luxury Travel Destinations in Asia – For Extravagant Holidays

Asia is trending as a chic travel destination; more cities are notching up the luxury factor offering well healed travellers a choice of lavish vacations where relaxing in comfort are on the cards. 🏤⛩🎎




The mystery of Mongolia lies within its primitive lifestyle and the fact it is one of the most sparsely populated country's in the world. Home of Genghis Khan and the rustic Gobi Desert this former Silk Road destination is fast changing from its Nomadic lifestyles.

The government plans to turn Mongolia into a more accessible and tourist friendly destination; if not a luxury escapade. Plans are afoot to pave all roads connecting provinces to the capital Ulaanbataar, where one can enjoy mingling with savvy locals.

The chic capital is a fine amalgamation of citizens in designer haute couture as well as shepherds in sandals; quite a treat and experience for the modern tourist. Mongolia may not qualify for The Luxury Travel Channel but it is indeed making strides in the right direction.

Visit between May to September and experience the festival of Naadam – 'three games of men' featuring horse racing, archery and wrestling. Yes! Some primitive habits are still fascinating and hard to beat. 🏕

Photo by By Zazaa Mongolia (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts one of Asia's most diverse eco-systems. The little island is bursting at its seams with allures and attractions. 🌅🌴

You could be chilling at a five star luxury beach resort in one of the coastal towns or be seated in front of a roaring log fire at one of the stylish up country boutique hotels.

Play golf at colonial era grand courses, shop for top designer wear at the best malls and boutiques in Colombo and indulge your taste buds at some of Asia's most chic restaurants.

The nightlife is vibrant and utterly stylish as are the high end spenders you encounter at shops, restaurants and entertainment venues throughout the top cities.

Colombo caters to all walks of tourists it can be one of your luxurious expensive holiday destinations offering tailor-made holiday packages that are well worth the extra dollars while being a backpacker's haven with the right amount of comfort and style for a low cost holiday.

Photo by By Ocsi143 (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons




The stunning island of Taiwan is home to the global Chinese Buddhism Movement, housing its headquarters at the Fo-Guan Shan Monastery; a 100 acre high tech park that's worth a visit.

The energy core of the island is the Sun Moon Lake where one can experience the indigenous culture of the land. The fashionable capital of Taipei has much to offer the modern traveller with designer shops, trendy night markets and stylish tea cafes offering Taiwanese delights.

Enjoy exploring the city rife with little alleys that are lit up with neon lights and colourful lanterns. Taiwan is one destination picked to be on the bucket list of most luxury travellers, not just for its unique culture but for its exceptional foodie trends and hip cities that are a match to any luxurious destination in Asia.

Photo by By Huicheng1967 (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons




Oman is one of those destinations that helps one feel like a prince or princess from the Arabian Nights. The place staunchly retains its Arabic desert magic with ancient forts, bazaars and museums offering an insight into how life was in this stunning destination.

Oman is also for the rich and famous hankering for a luxurious holiday in rustic settings. The Green Mountains may hide 2,000 year old rock art but it also holds one of the Asia's highest placed luxury resorts.

Souks, designer shopping and a chance to enjoy some comfortable lodging royalty style, make Oman a fast emerging destination for the trendy traveller.

Photo by By Andries Oudshoorn CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons




Bhutan is the ultimate exotic destination for many. The most alluring being the sacred concept of the country that adds mystery and a sense of tranquility to the overall trip.

The history rife with flying tigers and deadly demons is one to explore while the rustic destination is fast moving forward to provide the modern traveller with the very best in accommodation and entertainment.

Still, Bhutan on its own is a stylish lifestyle destination for the luxury traveller seeking inner peace, stunning environs to explore and a chance to unwind in comfort at the end of an epic day of self-discovery.

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