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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 10, 2020
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Top Surf Spots near Brisbane - the perfect place for a 'board' meeting

The impressive, cerulean waves in and around Brisbane's coast is sure to bring your long search for the perfect wave to an epic end. Here's a list of beaches to help you on your surftastic adventure.


Main Beach (All Surfers)

Main Beach, located around 60 km south of Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, is one of the most popular surf spots in the State of Queensland. The extremely gentle beach-break type waves are consistent, are between 1.5 to 3 meters in height and are ideal for beginners (there are many surf schools along the beach for anyone who wants to learn). The waves offer a fun, leisurely surf for experienced surfers and is a great place to relax in general.


Noosa (All Surfers)

Noosa, located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, is an extremely popular surf spot and can get rather crowded, especially during weekends and summer months. Even if you do go during this time, there's a roughly 12 km stretch of shimmering blue along Noosa, with a range of beach and point breaks, for you to choose from. The swells at Tea Tree, Noose First Point and Granite Bay can hit over 3 metres in height whereas the waves of Noosa Beach, North Shore and Sunshine Beach reach only about 2 metres.


Pinkenba (Intermediate Level Surfers)

Pinkenba offers a unique surfing experience, where surfers actually catch the swells coming off the back of cruise ships and tankers coming into Brisbane; for this reason, it is also known as 'Tanker Wake'. The surf spot is found at the mouth of Brisbane River, in the heart of Brisbane city, and is easy to locate. There are dangers of sharks and rip currents/undertow in the area so, while the waves can be handled by surfers at the beginner level, it is better if you are more experienced.


Burleigh Heads (Intermediate Level Surfers)

If you are serious about surfing, then a visit to Burleigh Heads should definitely be on your bucket list! Surfers from across the globe travel down to Burleigh Heads, located on the Gold Coast, in hopes of landing a 'Burleigh Barrel'. The Gold Coast often has massive crowds of people coming in to enjoy the beach and surf; there's plenty of accommodation from luxury hotels to budget B&Bs and hostels available for tourists in and around the area and in Brisbane. Serviced apartments designed for extended stays and larger groups of people, like Oaks Casino Towers are also available. Intensive tourist activity is often taxing on locals so remember to be mindful and respectful when visiting.


Boulders (Experienced Surfers)

A hidden gem found near Cape Moreton on Moreton Island is best suited for the more adventurous and experienced surfer. The spot offers powerful, point-break waves ranging between 100 to 300 meters in length. Getting to Boulders is a little more complicated than the spots mentioned above, you will need to take a 4wheel drive across on the vehicle ferry and then start heading to Cape. About 100 metres before the Cape Lighthouse you'll see a rough, almost invisible, path that leads down to the beach. There are sharks (especially during September) and the waves often break extremely close to the huge boulders along the point, which can lead to injury, so do not surf here alone. Boulders offer a truly thrilling surfing experience so if you are lucky enough to find yourself there, prepare to have the time of your life!


Cylinders (Experienced Surfers)

Cylinders, located on North Stradbroke Island, about 50 minutes from Brisbane on a barge, offers up some absolutely world-class, point break waves that range from 50 metres to 500 metres in length. The beach is almost empty during the week, with a few surfers present during the weekend. The waves should only be attempted by experienced surfers, as the swell size can sometimes hold up to 3 meters and there is a particularly dangerous rip current. Also sharks.

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