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Beauty Cobra

Beauty Cobra

Here are we review the best beauty and personal care products, we provide various service skin care, hair care, oral care, makeup guide and much more.

MakeUp Basics: How To Apply Foundation Concealer And Powder

If you are new then you must read this makeup basics how to apply foundation concealer and powder, Here are we explain tips and techniques for beginners.

MakeUp - Beauty Cobra

Makeup is arguably the beauty area where it is easiest to make mistakes. This section aims to show you how to use the best makeup properly and much more.

5 Best Makeup Routine Step By Step Guide For Beginners

Here we provide you best makeup routine step by step guide for beginners to professional 5 stage makeup routine course tutorial it gives you good results.

A To Z Professional MakeUp Tools And Accessories Products

List of professional makeup tools and accessories products details must have this for the best result, beginners need to know about this for good result.

3 Step By Step Professional Makeup Tutorial With Pictures

How to apply three step by step makeup tutorial with pictures for beginners like a professional, a fresh face for daytime, shine, and light for the evening.

Professional Makeup Lighting - Everything You Need To Know

We'll tell you how to get the right lighting for makeup, the most important tool for a makeup artist is professional makeup lighting it gives the best look.

How Weather Affects Your Looks - Everything You Need To Know

Here are we explain: how weather affects your looks, every woman should know, what does effects of cold weather and hot weather on your skin and hair.

How To Find Your Skin Tone For Makeup 7 Types Of Color Lists

Experts don't want you to know this 7 different skin tone types list choosing right colors and here are we explain how to find your skin tone for makeup.

Expert MakeUp Tips For Over 35-Year-Old Woman Should Know

We'll tell you expert makeup tips for over 35-year-old woman all-important thing you should know how to apply makeup like a professional step by step.

Color Coordinated Outfits Guide - What To Wear With What?

How to color coordinated outfits, sometimes it can be difficult to know which colors you should wear with what? we'll tell you how to choose perfect colors.

How To Have Beautiful Hands And Feet - The Final Touch Pro

We'll tell you how to have beautiful hands and feet, choose your nail polish color, tips for painting nails perfectly, putting on nail polish and much more.

How To Change Face Shape With MakeUp You Need To Know

Here we provide advanced level techniques how to change face shape with makeup step-by-step tutorial that makes it look easy, and the results are fantastic.