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Early Steps Bilingual Preschool

Early Steps Bilingual Preschool provides early childhood education programs and day care services in Vienna, Virginia.


Strategies to Make Learning a Second Language Easy

Many people even the media have backed up teaching the second language to kids. It can’t be denied that children experience an improvement in their academic standing when taught about another language in High-quality Early Childhood Education Program. These children develop a deeper sense and awareness of the global culture. Learning a second language will foster unity instead of divisiveness and phobia against a certain ethnic group.

7 Helpful Tips in Raising Compassionate Preschoolers

One of Greece’s greatest, in the person of Aristotle, once said, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” Your child is a box-full of potentials. If opened carefully, all his potentials will come to fruition. As parents, you should always be there to provide guidance and support for your child. The best way to lead your child to the right path is to teach them the right attitude.

How Music Influences a Child’s Learning Development

What is your favorite type of music? Is it acoustic, pop, rock, or RnB? Regardless of your preference, for sure there are deep sentiments that made you choose the same. As how others would say it, “Music is life.” Music expresses a lifestyle and the feelings of the people creating it. It provides entertainment and relief for the audience. But did you know that such is not the only way to utilize music?

3 Benefits of Being Bilingual: How It Can Help Your Child from Childhood to Adulthood

Did you know that teaching your child a second language starting when they are young can bring them countless of benefits as they grow into adulthood? We want to see your children succeed which is why at Early Steps Bilingual Preschool, we offer Spanish bilingual immersion in Washington DC for all of our young students. We are fully committed to helping our students gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities that they need so that they can achieve success in the future.

Reasons to Prepare Home-Cooked Organic Meals for Your Child

As a parent, you naturally want your child to remain healthy and strong.

3 Organic Meals You Can Prepare at Home That Kids Will Love

With today’s modern ways of farming, almost everything is synthesized. From fertilizer to pesticide, to weeding, many of the mass producers of meat, fruits, and vegetables use chemicals for quicker growth, less hassle repelling of weed and pests. This is in order to meet the huge volume of demand for food. Companies have focused on quantity and jeopardized the quality of its products and at the very least the safety of its consumers. The chemicals they use in the food are putting in danger the lives of many people. That is why the top preschool in Virginia like Early Step Bilingual Preschool is all for organic meals.

2 Reasons Why Organic Meals are Best for Kids

It is very difficult to come by food that is actually healthy these days. Meat, fruits, and vegetables naturally contain loads of vitamins and minerals. However, with the agricultural techniques that mass producers use nowadays, the nutrients that many food contain are nearly inexistent, if not totally outweighed, by the chemicals the suppliers utilize.

The Advantages of Learning Two Languages for Children

Language is a fascinating topic with most countries or even areas having their own language. Through language, we can communicate with one another but only if we understand the same language. This is where the benefits of learning two, three, or multiple languages come into play.

Why Early Education Is a Good Idea

If you want the best for your children then it is a good idea to consider finding a High Quality Early Childhood Education Program. Through these programs, your children will be able to learn about many things that can help give them a head start on their academic careers. This is also a great way to boost the cognitive development of your children.

Why Children Need to Be in a Bilingual School

Learning how to communicate and express thoughts is a blessing. It is in expressing thoughts that ideas are formed, developed, and tested. Communication is a very important tool in your daily lives. That is the reason why children as young as 1 year old are trained to talk in syllables, form words, and produce sounds with their mouths.

How Your Kids Benefit from Play Time

Exercise is such a huge word that you co-relate it to body shape, weight, and fitness. There is a lot more to exercise than you know. Exercise can also mean joy and relaxation. For kids, exercise is a dull word, so we alias it with playing. When playing, kids get to move their whole body, they socialize, and most importantly, they enjoy. That is the reason why schools nowadays incorporate play and learning for young children because this encourages participation. Playing is something that kids always look forward to, so if they think of school the same way, you may not need to wake them up every morning; they’ll be ready and all set every single time.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Healthily

Aside from waking our kids up early, feeding them healthy food can also be a challenge. Eating vegetables and fruits on a regular basis do not really sound appealing to them. For kids, it is better to eat loads of chips and cookies rather than eating the healthy stuff.

What to Expect in Preschool Programs

Are you thinking of sending your child to preschool soon? Are you still indecisive about it because you do not know if a preschool center caters to a bilingual student? Well, put your worries aside as we help you discern the best preschool for your child.

How to Raise Bilingual Children

There are many studies pointing out to the advantages of children learning or speaking another language.

4 Reasons Why Parents of Toddlers Are so Exhausted

For those non-parents out there questioning why parents of toddlers are so exhausted, you may be thinking that the only reason they feel such is because of the baby. Think again.

5 Benefits of Investing in Your Child’s Education Early On

Investing in your child’s education is like planting the seeds for their success in the future.

5 Ways Learning a New Language Enhances Your Child’s Development

Language takes a big chunk of how we function every day. We use it to close important business deals, to share and transfer vital information, and to express ourselves.

Ensuring Good Nutrition in Preschools

A lot of parents, who are very health aware, now prefer to enroll their children in schools that ensure nutritious meals for lunch and snack time. They are comforted in knowing that their children have access to fresh fruits and meals while they are in school.

How Organic Meals Prepared At Home and In School Raise Good Children

Early Steps Bilingual Preschool supports healthy relationships through good eating habits. We do this by preparing organic meals at school for our preschool children. We believe that in teaching them good eating habits, we are also guiding them on how to make healthy decisions in life.

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

A chubby kid may look cute but childhood obesity can lead to many serious health conditions in the future. It is important that we are able to do what we can in order to keep our children healthy. So what can you do in order to prevent childhood obesity or to help your little one get down to a healthy weight?

Expanding Your Child’s Horizons

We all want our kids to reach their full potential and ensure that they have the tools and opportunities they need. There are a number of ways we can do this such as sending them to a preschool in Virginia, helping them learn a second language, and ensuring that they access to everything they need in order to grow. Here are a few ways that can help you expand your child’s horizons

Child Care Provider | Early Steps Bilingual Preschool | Virginia & DC

Child Care Provider - Feel free to reach us at 703-243-1198 to ask about Enrichment Programs, After School Program and Child Care.

Holistic Programs For Your Preschoolers

Our preschool programs are designed to take care of different developmental aspects in children so they get to have firsthand experience on things and not just learn from the books.

How Bilingual Learning Can Shape Up Your Child’s Future

Children naturally find it easy to learn new things since their minds are like new diaries, waiting to be filled with new experiences and stories that will prepare them for their future. Like learning anything new in general, they gain more than just new knowledge out of a skill or topic since like us, they also build their outlook in life based on new experiences and learning that builds their character and makes them more open to different opportunities for their future.

Why You Should Consider a Bilingual Preschool

When you are looking for some good preschools in Virginia, you may want to consider some bilingual options and this is for a very good reason. We all want the best education and opportunities for our little ones and there are few options as great as a bilingual preschool and here is why