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Health & Wellness

Find interesting stuff on health and wellness in India and for other countries.

Feeling Stressed? Give a try to Wellness Retreat

Wellness retreats in India are really helpful in streamlining health of your mind, body and soul. Find how to tackle stress through wellness.

Fasting in Naturopathy: For better Health and Well-being

Fasting for seasonal allergies provides great relief. It has various health benefits that include improved cardiovascular health and more.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day 2017: How to maintain Bone Health

Rheumatoid Arthritis awareness day 2017 is dedicated by Nimba to apprise you of the Naturopathy treatments for Arthritis and how to change the lifestyle that profusely affects bone health. Read More

Embrace Naturopathy for Stress Management

Naturopathy Treatments are blessing for persons suffering from Stress. Know a combination of different Stress Management techniques.

Fight Allergies – The natural way!

Let us take you through a brief explanation of allergy, its types, symptoms and the natural ways of curing it at Nimba Nature Cure Blog.

Detox your Polluted Lungs, Naturally!

Age-old ayurvedic methodologies and detox treatment for lungs can be used to detoxify your lungs from air pollution. See how!

Transform Your Life from Yoga Retreat!

Yoga retreat is best for transforming your life. Know more about History of Yoga, its evolution in India, Modern day Yoga, best destination.

Heal with Nimba: Your way to Wellness Retreat

Embracing conventional Indian practices of healing the body with the power of its soul, Nimba provides wellness retreats in India, find more!

Why December is The Best Time to Detox?

December means the dreamy sweet beginning of the winter in India. The weather is beautiful, there is festive mood all around and a new year is nearby. This is the perfect time to revolutionize your lifestyle and make a new beginning.

10 Signs This is the right time to Detox

We work and earn to live an enjoyable and comfortable life. In this pursuit of happiness, it is really hard to eliminate toxic materials completely from the body. Even if we try our best, the harmful chemicals from air, water and food will find a way into your body anyways.

Why does massage therapy beneficial for your body in winter?

Nimba Nature Cure Village provides you ideal winter massages which are beneficial to your body during these cold months to boost the immune system and blood circulation. Read More:

[Clinical Case Study] Fighting Alcoholic Hepatitis B through Detoxification at Nimba

One of our guests at Nimba was suffering from Alcoholic Hepatitis B. Find here a real Clinical Case-study on Detoxification Treatment for Alcoholic Hepatitis B offered by Nimba. Read More:

Allopathy vs. Ayurveda is Perception vs. Intelligence - Blog | Health & Wellness Tips | Nimba Nature Cure Village

Let’s dig into both kinds of medications to find out the major differences between Ayurveda treatment and Allopathy, and advantages of ayurveda over allopathy. Read More:

5 Benefits of Naturopathy – The Drugless Healing System | Nimba Blog

Go through the main five benefits of Naturopathy, system of medicine which is based on the patterns of nature and the cosmos. A truly unique drugless healing system! Know More:

Things You Need To Know About Workplace / Corporate Wellness - Blog | Health & Wellness Tips | Nimba Nature Cure Village

The workplace health promotion activities and organizational policies designed to support healthy behaviour and to improve health outcomes in the workplace come under the workplace wellness.

[Clinical Case Study] The treatment for Bullous Pemphigoid at Nimba Nature Cure Village

With the help of Alternative Medicine System Treatments, the guest was empowered to eliminate the Bullous Pemphigoid disease completely from the body. Let's see how.

Yoga Poses for healthy and Glowing Skin - Nimba Nature Cure Village

Achieving that extra glowing skin can give ladies a run for their money. Especially, if you are of a kind that is easily captivated with the greatly marketed, flashy cosmetics and other beauty products to take care of your skin. However, to be really honest, natural glow costs you nothing but a little effort.