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20 Most Fascinating Travel Experiences in CANADA

People migrates to Canada for better living conditions and infrastructure but Canada is as beautiful as its developing features. There are many stunning travel destinations in the nation. here is the list of best 20 among them.


The Laurentians

The Laurentians, or Les Laurentides in French, are perhaps the best-kept secret of Montréal day-trippers and are just an hour's drive from the city. Here you'll find gentle rolling mountains, crystal-blue lakes and meandering rivers peppered with towns and villages too cute for words. A visit to this natural paradise is like putting your feet up after a long day.




Descriptions of Ottawa read like an appealing dating profile: dynamic, gregarious, bilingual, likes kids and long walks on the river. In person, the attractive capital fits the bill.Canada's gargantuan Gothic Parliament buildings regally anchor the downtown core, an inspiring jumble of pulsing districts around the Rideau Canal.

Baffin Region

Comprising Nunavut's eastern and High Arctic islands, this region reaches from the swampy, forested isles of James Bay to the glaciers and jagged peaks of Ellesmere Island, 3000km north. Encompassing four of Nunavut's five remarkable national parks and with unparalleled opportunities for viewing Arctic wildlife and wilderness trekking, this region also has the best infrastructure.


The 'Polar Bear Capital of the World,' Churchill lures people to the shores of Hudson Bay for its majestic predators, beluga whales, a huge old stone fort and endless subarctic majesty.


Welcome to Toronto, the most multiculturally diverse city on the planet: over 140 languages are spoken. It's estimated that over half of Toronto's residents were born outside Canada, and despite its complex makeup, Torontonians generally get along. When the weather is fine, Toronto is a blast: a vibrant, big-time city abuzz with activity.

Vancouver Island

The largest populated landmass between western North America and New Zealand – around 500km long and 100km wide – Vancouver Island is studded with colorful, quirky communities, many founded on logging or fishing and featuring the word 'Port' in their names.The locals are a friendly bunch, proud of their region and its distinct differences.

St Barbe to L'anse aux Meadows

As the Viking Trail nears St Barbe, the waters of the gulf quickly narrow and give visitors their first opportunity to see the desolate shores of Labrador. Ferries take advantage of this convergence and ply the route between St Barbe and the Labrador Straits. At Eddies Cove, the road leaves the coast and heads inland.


As you approach Drumheller, the road dips down dramatically into the Red Deer Valley, looking like a big layered cake. This community was founded on coal but now thrives on another subterranean resource – dinosaur bones. A small town set amid Alberta's enigmatic badlands, it acts as the nexus of the so-called Dinosaur Trail.

Dawson City

If you didn't know its history, Dawson City would be an atmospheric place to pause for a while, with a seductive, funky vibe. That it's one of the most historic and evocative towns in Canada is like gold dust on a cake: unnecessary but damn nice.Set on a narrow shelf at the confluence of the Yukon and Klondike Rivers, a mere 240km south of the Arctic Circle, Dawson was the center of the Klondike Gold Rush.

Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin (meaning 'Spirit Island' in the Ojibwe language) is a magical and remote place. There's a real sense of being 'away' up here. Jagged expanses of white quartzite and granite outcrops lead to breathtaking vistas and hidden runes, but you'll need patience to find them.


To paraphrase an old line, there are no boring parts of Saskatchewan, just boring visitors. Yes, the terrain lacks drama, there's not a lot of people here, the two major towns define the vaguely complimentary 'nice,' and so on. But that simply means that the savvy visitor can dig deep to discover the province's inherent appeal.

Fundy Isles

The thinly populated, unspoiled Fundy Isles are ideal for a tranquil, nature-based escape. With grand scenery, colorful fishing wharves tucked into coves, supreme whale-watching, uncluttered walking trails and steaming dishes of seafood, the islands will make your everyday stresses fade away and your blood pressure ease.


Undulating, rocky, puddled expanses form the sparse, primeval landscape of Labrador. Home to Inuit and Innu, its 293,000 sq km sprawl toward the Arctic Circle. If you ever wanted to imagine the world before humans, this is the place.The simplest way to take a bite of the Big Land is via the Labrador Straits region, which connects to Newfoundland via a daily ferry.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

To many, Nahanni means wilderness. Situated in the southwestern NWT near the Yukon border, this 30,000-sq-km park embraces its namesake, the epic South Nahanni River. This untamed river tumbles more than 500km through the jagged Mackenzie Mountains. It's a dream destination for canoeing and one of Canada's most spectacular places.

Québec City

Montréal may have more media connections, commercial activity and global cachet, but Québec City has something else: the soul of the province, and the fiercer grip on French Canadian identity. It also happens to be one of North America’s oldest and most magnificent settlements.


In winter, icy fog pours over snowcapped mountains into the rural valleys of Charlevoix, while in summer, the brilliant blue sky is matched by the deep azure of the St Lawrence. At all times of year, this is a stunning outdoors playground. For 200 years, this pastoral skein of streams and hills has been a summer retreat for the wealthy and privileged.

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii forms a dagger-shaped archipelago of some 450 islands lying 80km west of the BC coast, and offers a magical trip for those who make the effort. The number-one attraction here is remote Gwaii Haanas National Park, which makes up the bottom third of the archipelago.


Walkable neighborhoods, drink-and-dine delights and memorable cultural and outdoor activities framed by dramatic vistas.

Niagara Falls

An unstoppable flow of rushing water surges over the arcing fault in the riverbed with thunderous force. Great plumes of icy mist rise for hundreds of meters as the waters collide, like an ethereal veil concealing the vast rift behind the torrent. Thousands of onlookers delight in the spectacle every day, drawn by the force of the current and the hypnotic mist.

Cabot Trail

Driving the Cabot Trail is Nova Scotia's most famous recreational activity, taking you along winding roads, by serene lakes, beneath soaring eagles.