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Science, Technology and Space

All the Best and Latest News related to Science, Technology and Space discoveries and achievements.

The Largest Quantum Simulator With 53 Qubits

Physicists have built a 53-interacting quantum magnets, making quadrillion magnet configuration possible. It’s a restricted type quantum computer using atomic qubits to mimic complicated quantum matter. They measured each qubit with an efficiency of about 99 percent. Physicists at the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have used 53 interacting ... [ ... Continue reading ]

Des objets connectés en plastique sans batterie ni électronique

Une équipe de chercheurs de l'Université de Washington (Etats-Unis) a développé un mécanisme plastique simple, imprimé en 3D, qui permet de connecter des objets à; internet. Et la grande innovation, ... [ ... Continuer la lecture ]

NASA Will Use Disruption Tolerant Networking For Space Communications

> To make delays and losses as minimum as possible, NASA is working on a reliable solar system internet connection, Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) ... [ More ]

Study finds 'dark matter' and 'dark energy' may not exist – here's what to make of it

Image showing where scientists believe dark matter resides in the galaxy cluster Abell 520 – near the hot gas in the middle, coloured green. Chandra X-ray Observatory Center, CC BY-SA

Controversial new study challenges contemporary thinking about what the universe is made of...
Dark matter and dark energy are mysterious, unknown substances that are thought to make up more than 96% of the universe. While we may have never directly seen them, they beautifully explain how stars and galaxies move and how the universe is expanding. But a new study, published in The Astrophysical Journal, suggests they may not exist after all. [ ... Continue reading ]

---暗物质,一个人类追寻多年的宇宙魅影,最近被中国“悟空”发现了疑似踪迹。 [ ... 继续阅读 ]

Mount Agung To Climate Change. NASA Will Stare At The Sun For Science And SpaceX Is Helping

_On December 4th, NASA and SpaceX will be sending a new instrument, the Total and Spectral solar Irradiance Sensor (TSIS-1), to the International Space Station (ISS) to continue forty years of _ [ ... Read more ]

Inspired by origami, artificial muscle can lift 1,000 times its own weight

_Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University have developed a variety of origami-inspired artificial muscles that can lift up to a thousand times their own weight — and yet be dexterous enough to grip and raise a delicate flower.The devices, described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offer a new way to give soft robots super strength, which could be used everywhere from inside our bodies to outer space.Historically, _ [ ... Read more ]

Les taches solaires visibles de la Terre ont disparu, affirment des chercheurs

Aucune tache n’est plus visible à la surface du Soleil. Selon des chercheurs, elles ont également disparu du côté non visible de la Terre de ce corps céleste. Ainsi, le Soleil, plus que jamais, est un «objet parfait». [ ... Continuer la lecture ]

Ford connecte le mobilier urbain londonien

(Crédits photo Ford)

Non content de rendre ses véhicules connectés, le constructeur automobile Ford s’attaque désormais au mobilier urbain. À Londres, une vingtaine de bancs [ ... Continuer la lecture ]

Ford launches new electric vehicles in China

Ford is forging a new partnership with the Chinese automaker Zotye. They will create a new line of electric vehicles (EV) specifically for Chinese citizens. [ ... Continue reading ]

Apple va-t-il développer son propre capteur photo?

En rachetant la startup InVisage, Apple met la main sur une technologie unique de capteur. Et espère sans doute se démarquer avec des modules caméra enfin différents de la concurrence, dans un domaine où tout le monde se fournit chez Sony. [ ... Continuer la lecture ]

Researchers have devised a way to charge smartphones with ambient light

Researchers at Dracula Technologies have devised a method to charge cell phones with ambient light. They have created thin, flexible solar cells that can be printed in any shape or color using an inkjet printer. [ ... Continue reading ]

Ford pilots a new exoskeleton to lessen worker fatigue

This exoskeleton is both easy and comfortable to use. Image Credit: Ford

Working in a car factory in this current era isn’t too physically demanding, with robots doing pretty much all of the heavy-lifting. Yet, despite not having to carry so much weight, factory workers in Ford’s car manufacturing plants still do tedious and difficult work, considering how they have to perform overhead tasks repeatedly, up to 4,600 times a day or one million times a year.
To ease this burden and lessen the chances of injury, Ford has partnered with California-based exoskeleton maker Ekso Bionics to trial a non-powered upper body exoskeletal tool called EksoVest in two of the carmaker’s U.S. plants.
Designed to fit workers from
[ ... Continue reading ]

A Data Bus for Quantum Computers

Illustration: iStockphoto

_ Researchers propose a technique to transfer data between memory and processors in quantum computers_ [ ... Continue reading ]

Et si les mégots de cigarettes servaient à stocker de l'énergie ?

_ L'énergie est l'enjeu majeur du futur. Tous les moyens sont bons pour la générer et la stocker. Les mégots de cigarettes pourraient s'avérer utiles._ [ ... Continuer la lecture ]

Microsoft’s Augmented-Reality Strategy: Pilots Over Zombie Hunters

Microsoft believes its HoloLens headset initially will catch on with corporate trainers, designers and repair technicians in its bid for commanding position in the budding market for augmented and virtual reality. [ ... Read more ]

How Earth’s Outer Radiation Belts Lose Their Electrons

Artist's rendition of the Van Allen Probes within Earth’s radiation belts. Credit: NASA/Goddard

A new analysis of three space storms reveals the mechanisms of particle loss from the Van Allen belts. [ ... Read more ]

Purdue University Develops Next-Gen, 3D Intrachip Cooling Technology

#Researchers based on #Purdue #University have designed an #intrachip #cooling #technology, which will likely pave the way for future generations of high performance 3D microprocessors. The research was part of a DARPA-funded commission for Purdue University's Birck #Nanotechnology Center; a fundamental [ ... Read more ]

Les ultrasons font léviter les objets

_Un dispositif de lévitation acoustique, réalisable par impression 3D, permet l’observation d’échantillons sans les défauts du microscope [... Continuer la lecture]

Collaboration entre LG et Qualcomm sur la 5G et le V2x

#LG et #Qualcomm s’associent pour développer la #technologie #5G et de nouvelles solutions #V2x à destination de la voiture autonome. Cette collaboration prendra la forme d’un laboratoire commun ouvert à #Séoul, fief de LG. L'une des composantes primordiales au bon fonctionnement de la voiture autonome ... [Lire la suite]

Liquid metal breakthrough ushers new wave of electronics

_#Researchers from #RMIT #University in #Melbourne, #Australia have used liquid metal to create two-dimensional materials no thicker than a few atoms that have never before been seen in #nature _ [...]

Nano-Hologram Technology Will Bring 3D Images to Phones, Tablets, and TVs

A newly-developed ultra-thin material tricks the human eye into perceiving highly detailed 3D images without the need for special glasses. [...]

China’s Road to Electric-Car Domination Is Driven in Part by Batteries

#Batteries have emerged as a critical front in #China’s campaign to be the global leader in electric vehicles, but foreign auto makers and experts say it has set up the market to favor domestic suppliers [...]

Improved Solar Cell Technology Makes Solar Panels More Efficient, Regardless of Their Angle

Solar panels are one of the most intriguing aspects of #technology today. More specifically, researchers and scientists all over the world are looking for new ways to make existing solar panels more efficient, cheaper, and appealing to the masses. As it turns out, there is a new type of solar cell which was primarily inspired by the wings of a butterfly. It’s an interesting thing to think about, to say the very least [...]

LG is building Europe's largest EV battery factory

Life's Good for Europe's electric vehicle battery production, with LG building a new EV battery factory [...]