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Brydger & Porras, LLP

Brydger & Porras is one of the renowned Fort Lauderdale Law firms that specializing in a wide range of services including divorce, family law and so on. Our goal is to providethe highest caliber legal representation in situations with complex financial implications and significant tax consequences.

Why You Need Family Law Lawyer For Spousal Support

Spousal support or alimony is one of the most contested issues in a divorce case. While many marriages do end with a mutual agreement on terms of spousal support, many are very acrimonious. One party typically wants as much as they can possibly go for and the other party will usually try to minimize the amount as much as possible.

How To Find A Child Custody Attorney

Custody cases are usually tricky. We are dealing with a highly emotional issue where both parties would fight a bitter war to win. An important person in this legal process is the child custody attorney.

Issues that a Child Custody Lawyer can administer

Although there are always exceptions to the rule, but most of the times matters related to child custody can get really complicated between parents after their separation. Since both parents are equally attached to the child and both want to give their child the best, they might experience serious differences especially after separation in deciding what is best for their child.

Issues that a Child Custody Lawyer can administer

As far as calculation of amount of money for child support goes, the court takes into consideration factors such as, the number of overnight stays each parent is having with the child and earnings of each parent, before it finally decides the amount a parent would be entitled to pay for child support or entitled to receive in case of both the parents.

What Your Family Law Lawyer Can Help You With

Families can be tricky to live with. They can be even trickier in law! A family is one of the most essential and important units of a society. Its health and cohesiveness directly effects its members and by extension, the society at large. That is why family laws are extremely important.

Get Effective Advise For Child Support Attorney In Fort Lauderdale

Divorce is a very unfortunate and unpleasant event in any couple’s life. However it becomes a lot easier to handle, if there are no children involved in the equation. Children can be a real bone of contention for divorcing couples, because both parents would share the same affection and affinity for their children.

Key points to remember while hiring divorce lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

If you are planning for a divorce with your partner, it is probably best that you approach this matter in a very serious manner, because whatever you do now is going to have serious implications on your future, mentally as well as financially.

All you need to know about child custody attorney in Fort Lauderdale

No matter what the circumstances of your separation might be, if you have a child out of your marriage then you could easily be looking at a child support case pretty soon in the matter. In most instances of divorce where children are involved, the matters invariably come down to child support issues because both parents are equally worried about ensuring that their children do not suffer due to their separation.

Top Things A Family Lawyer Can Lend His Assistance For

Contrary to the notion that a lawyer can only help with issues that require a legal action or separation, a Fort Lauderdale family law lawyer can help you in many other ways. Know more by calling us at 954-527-2855 more details.

Securing an Alimony Amount: How a Child Support Lawyer Can Help

Children are a precious gift from God. They are what make our lives worth living, and make us laugh with their innocent movements. They make the weirdest of faces, and ask the silliest of questions, which can come out just about anywhere! Their innocence and their love for their parents is what make them so amazing.

The Different Roles a Family Attorney Can Play for You

Family tussles are something that happen just about everywhere. These start right from sibling rivalry in the childhood, or could occur due to some misunderstanding during adulthood. Most of the times, all of such in-family disputes are just a regular thing, however, sometimes things may get out of hand, requiring the services of a middleman.

Divorce Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Want to hire a Divorce Attorney in Ft Lauderdale? Brydger & Porras is an elite Fort Lauderdale law firm that provides high quality legal services including family law, divorce etc.

How A Family Law Lawyer Can Help In Case Of Domestic Violence?

Dealing with domestic violence issue and need help? A family law lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities in case of various family law issues.

An Understanding of Child Support in the United States

Are you going through the process of divorce and have minor children? If yes, then you must be aware of the things that you can expect as far as child support is concerned. Child support is basically the money paid to cover some or all of a child’s basic requirements including food, clothing, education, housing and childcare.

All You Need to Know about Alimony Support

Are you facing spousal support issues in your divorce? Whether you are trying to negotiate your alimony amount or want to change a prearranged amount, an alimony attorney, also known as a spousal support attorney can help. Alimony or spousal support is the payment that an ex-spouse makes to a former spouse after the divorce.