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#114 Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week

Posts about using Microsoft tools in the classroom

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Monica Burns says, " One of the highlights from my trip to ISTE in San Antonio this year was meeting the team at Lifeliqe! I had the chance to try out the Lifeliqe HoloLens and curriculum to see their new tool in action. During my demo I was able to move through a set of lessons that included a 3D model of a shark. It was absolutely wild to see the model pop out in front of me. Unlike the Google Cardboard virtual reality experiences I’m used to, with the Lifeliqe HoloLens I could use my fingers to spin the 3D model and navigate this mixed reality space – and access curriculum materials straight from the headset."

Windows 10 New Creators Update & Features | See What’s New | Microsoft

Discover the new Windows 10 Creators Update launched April 11, 2017: Paint 3D, Mixer, Night light, & more. Learn about Anniversary Updates like Sticky Notes, Windows Hello, Windows Ink & more.

Office 365 for Education Webinar Collection - Content available On-Demand

Microsoft in Education has worked closely with a number of teachers and product experts over the last school year to host a number of webinars covering a range of topics and issues. Some fantastic stories have been coming out of both our Microsoft Showcase Schools and the wider education community, and we're pleased to be able to make these available as on-demand webinars.

How to Create Icons in PowerPoint

In this how-to video, Tim Slade shares how to easily design and create custom icons in PowerPoint. Tim also shares a free set of icons you can download from E-Learning Uncovered here:

How to Change Text Sizes and Fonts in Windows 10

Is the Windows 10 default font size too small for you? We'll show you how to adjust your system text size to your liking, along with how to change the default Windows font.

Mystery Skype Links

If you want to get started with Mystery Skype here are some links. If you would like to find people to Skype with and view a MyMap of mystery skypers click here:

Create your own ClipArt and icons in Microsoft PowerPoint Part 1 of 2 Other videos about ClipArt you may be interested in:

Create your own ClipArt lesson 2 of 2
Use icons to tell visual stories in eLearning courses

How to animate ClipArt

How to recolor ClipArt

How to ungroup and modify ClipArt

How to use stop motion with ClipArt

Understanding the EMF format for Microsoft

What to think about when working with ClipArt

Sway vs PowerPoint: What's The Difference? | Presentation Software

Sway vs PowerPoint. Sway: Microsoft Office presentation software. PowerPoint: Microsoft Office presentation software. So what’s the difference? There’s no disputing that there are areas where PowerPoint and Sway overlap. But if you’re thinking Sway is just a web-based clone of PowerPoint, think again – each piece of software has highly specific functions. It’s well worth familiarising yourself with the differences between the two, cos if you Sway when you’re meant to PowerPoint, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Eversdal Primary School – a Microsoft Showcase School where OneNote rules!

The interesting thing about Eversdal Primary is that not only are the school leadership team members all fully on board with the school’s ICT vision, but they are leading the way. Their vision is to equip the staff and supply a one-to-one learning experience to all their learners, without the need of individual attention. “This can only be achieved when our children are actively involved during a lesson and creating their own content, thus creating their own understanding of what has been taught,” says the principal Henk Arangies.