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#113 Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week

Posts about using Microsoft products in the classroom

Six Microsoft in the classroom ideas to try out this term...

As the third term springs to life in our classrooms in South Africa, have you thought of adding any new technologies to your lessons or your professional development? Here are some useful Microsoft in the classroom ideas to try out this term.

Minecraft: Education Edition - The #SmallSouthAfrica #Minecraftedu map created by Stephen Reid is finished

Recently in Joburg, the Microsoft Education Exchange (E2) Africa Forum bought together almost sixty MIE Experts and representatives of Microsoft Schools for two days of hands-on learning, networking, and trying out some of the latest Microsoft tools at the Microsoft offices in Bryanston. One of the highlights of the event was a keynote on Problem-Based Learning presented by Stephen Reid from Immersive Minds in Scotland. Stephen introduced teachers to the basics of Minecraft in the context of developing a group work project which involved coming up with a South African problem and then modeling a solution in a Small South Africa Minecraft world.

Teach Like Minecraft: 5 Strategies To Craft Creative Students

Crafting in video games is an important trend that may indicate the future of not just video games, but how we approach digital technology. Take first a game like Skyrim for example.

In Skyrim, players can collect seasonings, foods, flowers, insect parts, and scores of other fundamental ingredients that can then be combined to produce something new. Not just anything can be combined, however. Certain products–potions, for example, require specific ingredients. The player can discover these combinations through research, using a guide, asking a friend, or trial-and-error.

Minecraft also has crafting, allowing the player to combine certain elements to produce others–sticks can be combined with coal to create torches or bundled to make fences, signs, or weapons. Gunpowder and sand can be combined to make TNT–which can then be used to destroy what you just spent time creating. In both games, this micro crafting parallels the trend in the game itself, where players literally create their own playing experiences within the confines of the game’s natural tools, rules, and ingredients.

The new OneNote for Windows 10 is great in the classroom

Introducing the new OneNote for Windows 10 app. It is easy to use and it’s regularly updated with new features. The new user experience was built with teachers and students around the world to improve ease of use, accessibility and consistency across devices. Use OneNote for Windows 10 to try new features like ink effects and ink math assistant.

What's New in Microsoft EDU | July Edition

Hey you! Are you curious about where you can learn more? Come visit our blog or follow along below! We hope you tune in again next time! This month on “What’s New in EDU” we’re talking about Teams, Forms, Educators reflecting on #ISTE17 and OneNote... Plus we'll highlight a new device that staff and students will love.

Bringing the classroom to life with Lifeliqe and Windows 10

See how developers and teachers are harnessing the power of Windows 10 to engage a whole new generation of students. Learn more about Lifeliqe here: https://...See how developers and teachers are harnessing the power of Windows 10 to engage a whole new generation of students. Learn more about Lifeliqe here:

10 great education tools I got to know at ISTE 2017 by Stony Evans

I had the privilege of attending the ISTE 2017 (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in San Antonio, Texas, from June 25 – 28. Though it had been many years since I last visited such a conference, the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Travel Program helped me be there in person, for an event that I’d describe with two words: overwhelmingly awesome.
These are just 10 of the modern education tools I got to know at ISTE

Introduction to Microsoft Teams - the digital hub for teaching and learning in Office 365 for Education

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Educators can create collaborative classrooms, connect in Professional Learning Communities, and communicate with school staff all from a single experience in Office 365 for Education. This course will provide educators with the necessary steps for getting up and running with Microsoft Teams.

Class Hack Contest Winners

In preparation for the Hack the Classroom Microsoft ran a competition to see who can develop the best lesson that includes the use of Sway as a creative method for delivering content to students. The below winners were announced on June 27, 2017. Hopefully the winning lesson plans will inspire you to use Sway as a creative method for delivering content to students, or that you will encourage your students to create Sways to demonstrate their learning. Be sure to click on the link below each set of learning objectives to see the full lesson plan the educator has shared.

Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

This module will provide educators the basic overview and structure for how to start using Teams in a school setting. Click here to take the full course on the Microsoft Educator Community: