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Just Lose Weight MD

Welcome to Just Lose Weight MD and Physician Wellness Center. We are a multi-faceted weight loss, anti-aging and Primary Care practice. Our expertise is helping patients lose significant weight and maintaining the weight loss. We also assist in reversing the aging phenomenon and attend to all your Primary Care needs.

How to Lose Weight Healthily in Three Easy Steps

Do you ever just look in the mirror and wonder why you have so much weight without even realizing it? Do you ever just feel so insecure about these models on TV wearing their two pieces and asking yourself “Why can’t I have that?”

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Medical Weight Loss Program in Maryland - Please call 301-434-0075 or 240-780-7442 to request for B12 Injections, HCG Diet and Lipo Light programs.

B12 Injections | Just Lose Weight MD

B12 Injections - Drop by at 7513 New Hampshire Avenue Takoma Park or 501 N. Frederick Ave., #204 Gaithersburg or call 301-434-0075 or 240-780-7442.

Weight Loss: Is Medical Weight Loss For You?

Do you feel like that no matter what you do, you just simply cannot lose weight? You exercise every single day, you are eating well-balanced and healthy meals, and you are even taking weight loss supplements but you are still not burning that fat. So what are you supposed to do in order to stop your weight gain? One way is through medical weight loss; however is this procedure right for you?

About our Weight Loss Program

About the Company
Just Lose Weight MD is a multifaceted weight loss center providing a comprehensive medical weight loss program designed to assist patients in losing significant amounts of weight. Besides helping our patients lose pounds, we also provide them the support, education and resources that are necessary to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of their lives. We are all about getting healthy and staying healthy!

Just Lose Weight MD | Medical Weight Loss

Our Medical Weight Loss Program in Maryland enables you to lose weight quickly, safely and affordably. In addition keeping off the weight lost is done using our time tested maintenance plans.

Running Toward a Better Weight

There are many ways to lose weight from superb medical weight loss programs in Maryland to an almost limitless array of diets. However, you cannot go wrong with the most simple and basic option available, exercise.

Just Lose Weight MD | Hormone Therapy

A lot of health issues could be traced to hormone imbalances. For some people, a healthy regimen that consists of regular exercise and eating healthy could amount to very little weight loss because of their imbalanced hormone levels. In most cases, hormone imbalance starts to happen at age 30. By the time we reach middle age, half of our hormone functions are no longer as efficient as they were in our youth. Our metabolism declines, we easily get tired and our libido is reduced.

Self-Care Tips While Losing Weight

In your journey to losing weight, don’t forget to care of yourself. When you’ve gained unnecessary extra weight, losing it is paramount for your overall health. However, it’s also vital that you lose weight the healthy way. While you can abide by a Weight Loss Program to shed the excess pounds, the healthy way of losing weight is always better.

Dieting Tips for Effective and Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss can feel like an uphill battle at times. No matter what we do, it seems like we are not losing weight. One of the most common reasons why people struggle with weight loss is because of their diet. They are either not eating enough, which slows down their metabolism or they are eating too much. In order to lose weight effectively and healthily, you need to pay attention to your diet and adjust it accordingly.

Is Medical Weight Loss Right for You?

The decision to get medical weight loss in Maryland is a big step. This is something that you will want to think twice before committing. This is typically a weight loss program, suited to individuals who have tried everything but are still not seeing results. So here are a few things that you will want to consider before you start thinking about medical weight loss procedures:

Keep on at Your Goal and the Results Will Amaze You

Having a healthier diet on your to-do list is definitely a good idea, most especially if you are continuing a diet that you have previously started. All the delicious food around you may have added to your weight and kept you away from your diet goals but keep on at it.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism is a crucial component to healthy weight loss and it is something that many people tend to overlook. They focus solely on exercising, trying out healthy diets, or even fasting, without much consideration to their metabolism. In order to lose weight and to keep it off, you need to improve your metabolism and this is something a good weight loss program can help you do.

Why is it SO Hard to Lose Weight?

You’ve already tried almost everything! But, still! Nothing has been working out. Perhaps it’s time for you to examine the situation at a closer angle. You may not be aware of this, but there might be several obstacles blocking your patch to effective weight loss.

6 Delicious Fruits for a Lean and Healthy Body

Aside from the help of professionals from a physician wellness center in Gaithersburg, Maryland, you need a balanced diet to lose those unwanted fats in your body. This means a combination of healthy foods such as fruits and veggies. You can actually enjoy a few fruit varieties for a lean and healthy body.

Tips: How to Help a Loved One Battle the Bulge

We all have that one person in our lives who is struggling with weight issues. Whether they tell you about it or not, you can just see the manifestations of health consequences due to the extra unhealthy weight. Yet, if we love this person, we would really want them to shed off those extra pounds.

How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

We’ve all heard of fad diets and how people claim to have lost weight because of them. We’re not saying their claims aren’t true, just that losing weight the healthy way takes so much more than that – and it also doesn’t mean starving yourself.

How to Push Yourself to Lose Weight

No matter what types of Weight Loss Programs you take, if you lack the motivation to finish it, you will not really get to the end. Many people face this struggle. They want to maintain their weight, but they just can’t bring themselves to do it. If ever they start, they can’t get the will to continue.

Celebrating the Holidays Without the Added Fat

In the society we live in, losing weight and holidays don’t mix. With the celebrations all around, a lot of diets are sure to come to a halt. If you’re worried about endangering your weight loss program this coming holiday, we have some good news for you. We can put your worrying at ease.

Healthy Food Choices Best for the Post-Holiday Season

The joys of the holiday season are still fresh. It’s still a great time to get together with friends, colleagues, and family members, especially those whom you haven’t seen in a while. When it comes to gatherings, food is almost always a staple. Good conversation is best shared over good food, after all.

Make Losing Weight and Staying Fit Your Goal

Exercising regularly and maintaining fitness doesn’t only make you look and feel good, but it also helps promote your overall health. You see, when you are physically active, it improves your blood circulation and increases your energy levels. On top of that, it boosts your immune system that works against attacking diseases.

Cheat Meal Strategies: Do They Really Work?

According to an interesting theory of a diet doctor in a wellness center in Virginia, incorporating a cheat day once a week or every two weeks creates a reward-based diet strategy for people who are easily tempted to stick to their prescribed diet most of the time. Whenever they know their cheat day is coming up, it motivates them to hold off from breaking their diet plan.

Diet, Exercise, and Medical Weight Loss

According to weight loss doctors in a primary care center in DC, many people become enthused with achieving their desired weight when they realize that doing so will help improve their overall health. It also increases their fitness motivation when they understand that being fit can make them look healthy, not to mention more attractive!

How Yoga Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Compared to other exercises, yoga isn’t as intense. However, the activity can still help people to lose weight in ways that you may find surprising. According to weight management doctors in a primary care center in DC, people who practice yoga are said to have a certain level of discipline. For that reason, they are less prone to mental stress and more mindful of their diet.

Qualities of a Reliable Weight Loss Doctor

Because of the increasing awareness of the possible complications of obesity and what it means to be physically fit, healthy living and healthy lifestyles are undeniably becoming priorities for people who seek to improve their quality of life. That is why with programs such as medical weight loss in Maryland, losing excess weight has never been this attainable. People can now easily do more activities because their bodies are in optimum condition.