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Advanced & Intensive London Photography Courses

At the London Institute of Photography, you’ll learn how to take stunningly creative photographs in your own signature style.

Professional Photography Course

London Institute of Photography offer professional photographer course that can completed in two ways, either tailored to a flexible schedule within 2 to 9 months or full-time over the course of 10 weeks.

Individual Photography Courses

Visit the London Institute of Photography to view our range of individual photography courses. Contact us to select a course suitable for your level.

Photography Taster Workshops London

Attend photography taster workshops in London UK at London Institute of Photography. Our taster courses will get you a broad knowledge in a specific area. Sign up to improve your skills!

One-to-One Tuition

We provide tailored One-to-One tuition from beginner to professional level in a variety of genres and styles. Topics are (among others) DSLR, Studio Lighting, Still Life, Street & Documentary Photography, Lightroom, Photoshop, Portfolio and Webpage Reviews and Portfolio Development.

Mastering Manual Exposure

Would you like to broaden your creative bandwidth by stepping out of auto mode? This 3-hour workshop teaches you how to unlock the power of your camera by controlling the fundamentals of exposure. Key to this is mastering the exposure triangle – the relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Understanding Light

Light is the ultimate photographic tool. We are reading and interpreting light each time we take a photograph. In this 3-hour workshop, we demystify the principles of lighting, revolutionise the way you use it and develop handy techniques for each time you shoot.

Making Money with Photography

Are you ready to make money from your photography, but you’re unsure how to start? Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer, running your own photography business is very demanding in today’s marketplace.

Mastering Depth of Field

Shallow Depth of Field, also called selective focus, is one of the most exciting techniques in photography. It can transform your image by adding depth, beauty and interest. You’ll learn to control which image detail stands out and how to create beautiful bokeh, where the background gently falls out of focus.

LIoP Monthly Challenge

Become a better photographer and join our LIoP Challenge to receive monthly inspirations, tutorials and guidance. Sign-up now!

LIoP Challenge June 2017: Wabi-Sabi – Perfection in the Imperfection

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how light gets in.”Leonard CohenWabi-Sabi is a Japanese word that roughly translates as ‘imperfect aged beauty’. It is a philosophical way of thinking and living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and to try and accept the natural cycle of growth and decay. Wabi Sabi can be found in the everyday, the imperfect.Everything is in a state of transition from or to nothingness. The only thing certainty in life is that we will all (eventually) die.


Images that have reflections as the subject matter could be considered somewhat regular. We have all seen the landscapes with the mirrored reflections but what about portraits?
Selecting the Top 5 Reflection and Portraits encouraged us to re-examine this technique and we have changed our minds.  We hope you become inspired too.

What camera should I buy?

Why do you want a camera?
This might seem like a rather silly question but it is important to think about your end goal.

What is a Polarizing filter and do I need one?

This little object will view reflections and glare on a whole different spectrum plus change the vibrancy of the colours. It works best with water and the sky.

Recommended Photography Bookshops in London

At LIoP, we really encourage you to look at photography books to grow as a photographer. This doesn’t just apply to beginners. It is an important step for all photographers to understand the history, the trends, likes and dislikes and to keep on learning.
Photography Bookshops are super places to soak up the photographic atmosphere, meet other photographers and to enjoy the tactile experience of looking at the image on a page. What’s not to love?

Photography Workshop Improves Your Understand

Photography workshops help photographers to take stunning and flawless pictures and improve career opportunities.

Photography Workshop Improves Your Understand – Holger Pooten – Medium

Photography Workshop Improves Your Understand. Photography workshops help photographers to take stunning and flawless pictures and improve career opportunities.

Learn the Basics of Photography from Experts in London

Embarking on a journey through the beginners photography courses in London can be a fun and exciting opportunity. It is your chance to expand your knowledge and your skills. You don’t need the best…

Beginners & Intermediate Photography Course - London Institute of Photography by London Institute of Photography - Da...

Watch Beginners & Intermediate Photography Course - London Institute of Photography by London Institute of Photography on Dailymotion here

London Institute of Photography Offers Lightroom Course for Beginners

  London Institute of Photography is a leading non-academic institute offering students high quality photographic training courses and workshops that they can rely on and trust. This well-established London based institute provides the finest quality training with superior levels of support to all students. The institute mentioned that they provide an extensive range of courses and workshops, all of which can be viewed on their easy to use and informative website. They mentioned...

Documentary Photography Course from London Institute of Photography 2017 - | UK Free Press Release and Di...

London Institute of Photography is a leading non-academic institution ideally based in London in the United Kingdom. This very well-established photography school offers students an extensive range of quality photographic courses and workshops to meet their particular photographic needs whether they are professional photographers or beginners.

Paris Photo 2017, our photographic report.

We explored Paris Photo Fair and brought back a bit of the atmosphere for you...

Drone Photography.

The word drone has received some good and bad press over the past number of years but we want to encourage you to take some fantastic aerial shots. If you have ever considered using a drone here are some helpful tips to get you started.

What to do when it rains?

On our photography courses here in London we often get asked, “How much rain can our cameras endure?”
On some of our photography courses especially our beginners or intermediate, students are nervous to take the camera outside on rainy days.
We can understand this but here we want to discuss the benefits of photographing in the rain and what we can do to achieve amazing images.